• Published 6th Apr 2019
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Letters to Cozy Glow - Fluttercheer

Time after time, Twilight Sparkle tried to find out the reasons for Cozy Glow's actions and got rejected. But maybe a special team of ponies and creatures could succeed where she and her friends have failed. She was not going to give up so easily.

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A Letter with no Value...


In the middle of her cage, Cozy Glow was lying on her left side, boredom written on her face. She flashed a look at Tirek, scrunched her mouth and looked down on the cage floor again. Cozy tapped with a forehoof on the solid metal, continuously, and drowned her lethargic mind in that activity like it was an exciting game that offered joy by distraction.

The pegasus filly remained like this until the ground began to shake and heavy steps approached her cage, which brought new life and spirit into her. Cozy shot up from her position and rushed to the bars of her cage, from where she could see Cerberus stomping towards her. The letter he held between his lips could be seen from afar, standing out from his dark fur.

“Give me this!” Cozy shouted into his direction. She reached outside between the bars with her forehooves like that could seriously shorten the distance between her and the beast who carried the letter she anticipated.

As Cerberus finally stood in front of the cage and leaned down towards her, Cozy got ahold of the letter and snatched it away from him. She sat down on the floor and began to rip the letter open, no care or diligence in her movement, just rush. She was not even looking at the return address.

“You better be a letter from Commander Tempest! That's all I need!”

To her dismay, though, the first lines of the letter indicated that it wasn't from the pony she had hoped to read from. Cozy Glow dropped her ears as she began to read.

Dear Cozy Glow,

wow, I have to say, your response letter really took me by surprise! The way you talked there was happier than I expected and friendlier too. Really reminded me on that filly who came into my office one day~

Cozy Glow frowned. “Free me and I come into your office as often as you want.....” She perked up, slightly. “I'll even bring the artifacts we need, then we can conquer and rule Equestria together!” A malevolent grin built on her face.

I could tell from your letter that what I told you really helped to make you feel better. Who wouldn't feel better, really, if it's kites you're talking about?

“Did it make me feel better?” Cozy's frown returned. “All you do is distracting me.”

Unfortunately, I can't bring you out of Tartarus just like that. Twilight says no and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna do, too. And, I actually have to agree with them... You aren't evil, but you were trying to conquer Equestria and become its new ruler and if we allowed you to be free right now, you would try it again somehow.

“That's correct!” Cozy Glow beamed and grinned.

But the last thing I'd want is that you are sitting in there forever... We can't risk that you team up with any more enemies of Equestria or find another magical property to try and bring doom over the kingdom, which is why we have to keep you there for the time being. But know that the letters we send you and the conversations we have only serve the purpose of turning you from an enemy to a friend of Equestria.

Cozy Glow snickered and rolled her eyes, now a smug smile playing around her lips. “Oh, Starlight, Starlight..... But I am a friend of Equestria. I have done so many things to become a good ruler of Equestria, a ruler so much better than these pesky princesses who do nothing but farting into their thrones all day. A ruler of true friendship, what can a princess do that an empress can do even so much better? Equestria would have been in such good hooves with me, it's not nice to call me an enemy.” Cozy poked out her lip. “Did any of my efforts even matter, Starlight?”

And I know you can do this, Cozy. I know you can change and become a true friend of us all.

“But I already am.” Cozy's voice and eyes turned pleading.

I will always believe in the good in you, Cozy, and so does Twilight. And Starswirl thinks the same.

“Just another old farter.” Cozy Glow's features did not indicate any impression.

My work in the school is a little tight this week, suddenly, there are so many students who need my help! It's nothing I'm complaining about, but it means I have to make this week's letter shorter than I want to.

“Nothing of value lost.” Cozy Glow shrugged.

But I am sending something else to you besides this letter, which will probably take more time to arrive, but will help you pass the time down there in Tartarus.
Don't give up, Cozy. I know things have been rough for you lately, but whatever it is that ails you, we will help you make it become better if you trust us and listen to us. I believe in you, Cozy.

Lots of love!


Cozy Glow put the letter down. A frown built on her face again, then the boredom creeped back onto it. She crumpled the letter, whistled and threw it out of her cage. Then she lay down and started with the tapping again.

“Almost sounds like music if you do it for a while,” she drawled, with only a slight trace of cheer in her voice.

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