• Published 6th Apr 2019
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Letters to Cozy Glow - Fluttercheer

Time after time, Twilight Sparkle tried to find out the reasons for Cozy Glow's actions and got rejected. But maybe a special team of ponies and creatures could succeed where she and her friends have failed. She was not going to give up so easily.

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A Letter to a Showmare who deserves Forgiveness

Dear Great and Powerful Trixie!

Wow, I'm so sorry that Princess Twilight did all of those horrible things to you! You didn't deserve this. The princess can be so nasty sometimes, isn't it? Poor Trixie..... But Cozy would never do this to you! Cozy is your friend! Your real friend, no manipulation this time!
There are some ponies who don't forgive you, Trixie, but Cozy forgives you for conquering and enslaving Ponyville!
And I hope you'll forgive me, too, Trixie. I really don't want to be a villain anymore, it's bad and it caused so much trouble and pain... I hurt many ponies by making them think they are my friends before they found out that I only used them for my selfish plans... This was so bad, I feel like a monster for doing this. But I want to receive forgiveness, I want to show that I'm a better pony and that I deserve to be forgiven!
Will you help me, Great and Powerful Trixie? I forgive you and you forgive me? I'm sure the two of us can achieve so many great things together if we forgive each other. Like you and Starlight!
Please respond soon, Trixie, I wanna be your friend and talk with you about everything!


Cozy Glow

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