• Published 6th Apr 2019
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Letters to Cozy Glow - Fluttercheer

Time after time, Twilight Sparkle tried to find out the reasons for Cozy Glow's actions and got rejected. But maybe a special team of ponies and creatures could succeed where she and her friends have failed. She was not going to give up so easily.

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A Request to my Master, Commander Tempest

In the middle of her cage, lying flat on her belly as usual when she was writing, Cozy Glow just wrote down the last few lines of a letter.

Just make sure to send more paper soon, okay? Because I'm already running really low on it!

With lots of love!

Cozy Glow

Cozy put the quill away and pushed the letter into the envelope she had prepared, together with her drawings of the last few days. She wrote Starlight's address in Ponyville on the frontside of the envelope, then turned it around, reached for a pink pencil and wrote down her name. After she wrote “TARTARUS” on it, in eight different colors, she whistled for Cerberus and flung the letter at him. Cozy smiled satisfactory as the three-headed beast carried it away.

“Just a little more,” the young villain chirped. “Once Starlight has read this letter, she'll be wrapped around my hoof and then I will get out of here very soon.” A vile and dastardly grin appeared on her face and her eyes glistened menacingly. And immediately after speaking the sentence, Cozy laid down again and started to write another letter.

Greetings, Commander Tempest Shadow, Spearhead of the Supreme Army of Your Highness, the allmighty and fearsome Storm King!

I still remember your first letter, Great Commander, and I read it every day while I wait for new lessons by you. The guidance counselor is sending me a lot of letters lately, but I'd rather hear from you again, Master. I desire your lessons, but I have a humble request to make and I know I can trust you with this.
I have reason to believe that my time of freedom will come soon now and once I am out of this prison, I want to leave Equestria and pay a visit to Griffonstone. There's this wanna-be friendship expert, Gilda, and she told me how much griffons struggle with friendship. They are perfect for my next plan to unite all of Equestria under my friendship rule. But I know that getting to Griffonstone won't be easy...
Once I am free again, they won't immediately trust me. They will guard me, probably give me a room in the friendship princess' castle, and they will make sure I'll stay there. I can find a way to sneak out and leave Ponyville at night, but once they notice that I am gone, they'll write my name on a wanted list. All guards in Equestria will have my picture and name then and they will search for me and check every pony that looks suspicious.
I could make it to the east coast of Equestria just fine if I only travel at night, but from there, I'd need to get onto a ship that leaves for Griffonstone and that would be a huge risk of getting discovered. To make it out of Equestria without being seen, I'll need another pony to help me...
I know you have connections to the Storm King's fleet, Great Commander Tempest, and that you can make a safe escape route for me. I assure you that we are on the same side and my request for help comes from my great admiration for your abilities, Master.
In a few weeks, I will live in Ponyville and I will make my way to the Crystal Empire in secret. I will join you there and I hope you will grant my request for help and bring me out of Equestria in one of the smaller airships of the Storm King's fleet.
It won't be to your disadvantage if you help me, Master. Once I rule Equestria, I will make sure to give you a position of power that the Storm King can't offer.

Your loyal student,

Cozy Glow

Author's Note:

Therapizing and reforming a high-class villain takes a long time.

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