• Published 6th Apr 2019
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Letters to Cozy Glow - Flutterscare

Time after time, Twilight Sparkle tried to find out the reasons for Cozy Glow's actions and got rejected. But maybe a special team of ponies and creatures could succeed where she and her friends have failed. She was not going to give up so easily.

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To Princess Nightmare Moon

Hello, Princess of Dreams.

It is me, Cozy Glow, the insane filly you and your old dumb sister locked up down here in this filthy hole!
Oh, it's so amusing how you sent me a letter just to INSULT me by calling me “insane”, when you are the one who almost killed her sister!
Oh, what do you say? You are surprised that I know about this? Aww, I'm so very sorry to shock you to the core, princess! Gee, it must suck for you that it was your stand-in cardboard princess who let me know about this! Headmare Twilight told me exactly what she saw in her vision; how you shot your beloved sister in the chest and made her crash through a roof of your castle!
What? You say this was only Nightmare Moon who did this? Not you? Haha, aww, but of course it was you! It was all you who lost control.
I only tried to make friends and to become a good Empress of Friendship for everypony, even you! But you plunged our world in darkness because you were jealous of your sister and hated her and you even tried to murder her... Gee, I wonder who is the more disgusting villain, you or me?
And it's even worse, you even pin all the blame on some night demon that lives in your mind! Golly, princess, do you have any shame at all? I at least admit that I tried to send all of Equestria's magic away. But you are just a thousand year old sicko who lies to ALL of her friends and her older sister.
You know what? I just got a very good idea! YOU should be sitting here in Tartarus in my stead... Princess Nightmare Moon!
But you aren't... It's just poor old me who got locked up here! I've got to say, you really are an awful pony and princess that you allow yourself to run free while you let me rot in here... You really are a horrible, shameless pony and ruler.
I'm sure you know what's the word for somepony like you. For a pony who locks up the innocent ones while staying in power herself. What is it? Now? Oh, come on, princess! Really? Aww, too bad. Guess you have your wires crossed... as usual! But don't worry, let Cozy help you!
The word your stupid, retarded princess brain can't come up with is “Tyrant”. Sorry, that was too fast... Let me spell it out slowly for you. “T-Y-R-A-N-T.” A tyrant! Remember that good this time, princess. Because that's what you are, a tyrant.
Forget how I called you “Princess Nightmare Moon”. You are TYRANT Nightmare Moon! That's a much better title for you, so accurate. It couldn't be more accurate for a lying scum who nearly destroyed her kingdom and the entire world, almost killed her sister and abuses her power to avoid the eternal punishment she deserves. Who feels so great and superior because she is older than a thousand years and bigger!
I wonder, are there many ponies you boss around with your power? I bet there are. I mean, so much power and so little brain mass, a good tyrant needs to compensate for this somehow, so they make everypony believe they are stronger by abusing their power! That's how it works, right? You don't need to answer that question, I know that's how it works!
But there are so many things you don't understand... After wetting your coat on the moon for thousand years after your own sister banished you, I bet you still have issues to grasp how Equestria works today! I can only imagine how embarrassing it must be to constantly step on other ponies' tails because you are still stuck in your old, awkward ways... but I really like to imagine that! It makes me feel so good down here, imagining how you are Equestria's laughing stock.
Princess, princess, there are so many things you don't realize... Like, how much I hate you.
You know, I don't want you to spy on my dreams, like you do it with all those other foals who you manipulate. But right now, I really, really wish you would come into one of my dreams tonight. In my dreams, I can do everything! Including beating down on your head until I can see just how little brain there is inside of it! Wouldn't that be fun? No, not for you. But for me! For me, it would be the most funny thing I've ever done!
I invite you to come, princess. Just this one time. Then you can find out how power feels when it's aimed at you.
Come into my dreams, Tyrant Nightmare Moon. Me and my sharp toys will wait for you.

Your faithful, insane filly,

Cozy Glow

Luna let the letter sink. She frowned, wrinkles on her forehead. There was a deep concern in her face, so much, that the pony sitting next to her immediately noticed.

“Sister?” Celestia asked. “Did you get concerning news?”

“Indeed. The little one suffers more than I imagined.” Luna's voice was strained. She looked to the side.

Princess Celestia wrapped the letter into her magic, levitated it over and began to read. As she was done, her expression was the same.

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