• Published 6th Apr 2019
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Letters to Cozy Glow - Fluttercheer

Time after time, Twilight Sparkle tried to find out the reasons for Cozy Glow's actions and got rejected. But maybe a special team of ponies and creatures could succeed where she and her friends have failed. She was not going to give up so easily.

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A distraction to make my boredom go away


Cozy Glow's incessant hoof-tapping on the bottom of her cage came to an abrupt halt as Cerberus approached her cage once more, only two days after Starlight's letter and therefore much earlier than Cozy Glow expected. Cozy first looked up tiredly, then her eyes became huge and began to sparkle and she left her lying position and shot to the cage bars. She stuck a foreleg out and made grabbing movements again, like she did when Starlight's latest letter arrived.

Cerberus was carrying a package in his mouth this time, not a letter. It was just thin enough to fit between the bars of Cozy's cage. As it lay in front of her, Cozy Glow ripped open the package's cardboard, in an almost violent fashion, and hastily unearthed the content that was inside.

A colorful, thin box made of metal came into view. It was adorned by the picture of a filly who had a red colored pencil sticking between her lips. It was long and reached from the filly's left cheek all the way over to her right cheek. The filly displayed a happy smile, slightly contorted by the pencil, and her cheeks were puffed up. Next to her was an assortment of colored pencils that took up the rest of the space on the box' lid.

Cozy Glow's eyes began to sparkle more, brighter than the eyes of the filly on the package did, and she rushed to open the lid. A set of twenty-four pencils greeted her inside of it with a spectrum of bright colors that would put a rainbow to shame. Cozy Glow lifted the box out of the package and giggled.

“Oh, Starlight, that's the best thing you could have sent me!” There was no snark in Cozy's voice and no sarcasm as she spoke the words. “Now I finally don't have to be bored anymore!”

Under the box was a stack of paper. Not a particularly high stack, but high enough to keep her occupied for a good while, Cozy deducted by taking a short glance at the stack. And she could always use the backside of each paper, as well, if one side wasn't enough.

Of more interest than the drawing paper was another piece of paper that was fixated on the inside of the lid with simple tape. Cozy removed the tape carefully, took the paper out and turned it around. Her widening smile indicated that it was a note by Starlight.

Here is a little gift for you, Cozy. The days in Tartarus are dark and lonely, but now you have something to fill your place with happier colors.
And I hope this will help you to fill your mind with colors, as well. I would be very happy to see some of the kites you are going to draw, I hope you will add a few of your drawings to your next letter. They would look great on the corkboard in my office, right next to the drawings by the students who came to me for help.

With love,


Cozy's eyes collected water as soon as she had finished reading the note. She gulped and her lower lip quivered. Tears of joy running down her cheeks, Cozy folded the note neatly and placed it on top of her stack of letters. Then she carefully put down the box with the colored pencils next to her and one of the drawing papers in front of her. The package also contained a sharpener and an eraser, which she took out, as well, and situated on the right side of the paper. Cozy discarded the empty package by leisurely tossing it out of her cage, before she flopped onto her belly and reached for the first colored pencil.

Kicking her hindlegs into the air, Cozy began to make a drawing. She shivered while she made it and her hooves were slightly shaking as she drew the irresistible picture that had forced itself into her mind all of a sudden.

But very soon, Cozy's skilled hooves had drawn a bunch of purple grapes and a strawberry to the right of them..... The two fruits touched each other ever so slightly.

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