Letters to Cozy Glow

by Fluttercheer

A Letter from a Naive Old Stallion

Dear Cozy Glow,

my name is Starswirl, the Bearded. It has come to my attention that you strayed from the right path, a lost soul in need of guidance.

“Nope!” Cozy Glow exclaimed, then shook her head. “I'm exactly on the right path! Not down here, but just wait until I get out, then I will have a new plan and Empress Cozy Glow will rule over you!” She cast her eyes back on the curvy lines that adorned the paper. “Now let me see what you have to say, Starswirl, the Beardo!” The smile on her face turned into a perky grin.

And I shall provide this guidance, as Princess Twilight Sparkle asked me to.

Cozy raised an eyebrow. She cocked her head. “How Princess Twilight Sparkle asked you to, hmm? Well, doesn't that sound familiar!” Sarcasm creeped into her voice again. “Gee, the principal must really think there is hope for me to fulfill her great friendship vision..... So bad I'll have to disappoint her.” Cozy poked her lower lip to the outside and let it quiver. Her face gave the perfect impression of a filly who was about to tear up any moment.

I already defended Equestria over a thousand years ago, when the princesses that rule it now were still young and unexperienced fillies.

“That old, huh? Golly, I really hope writing this didn't break your hooves! It would be so terrible if I wouldn't get another letter by you!”

And as such, I have seen many foes who tried to take Equestria by force. I and a group of ancient heroes, the Pillars of Equestria, defeated them all. Except for one...
Our strategist (or the brain of our group, as you will likely call it), a scholar named Stygian, listened to the whispers of an evil that is perhaps older than time itself. He invited it to take over his mind and body and when he returned to us, Stygian was all but gone and there was only The Shadow.

“How dumb.” Cozy smacked her lips. “What's the worth of getting power by someone else who will only control and abuse you for their own gain? That's so ridiculous. If you want power, you need to take it for yourself and get rid of those with more power than you!” Cozy sighed in disapproval.

But it was not Stygian's fault... it was ours. I and the other Pillars sent Stygian away. He had taken our six powerful artifacts and attempted to create duplicates of them. We all agreed that he had evil intent with this plan, so we cast him out. And we banished him and the monster that controlled him into another dimension, together with us, to keep Equestria and the world safe.
But we made a grave mistake. For all that Stygian wanted was to be like us, a hero, to fight alongside us as an equal. Equestria has seen a thousand years come and go before we learned the truth and could see our mistake. It was thanks to your teacher and your guidance counselor that we became aware of Stygian's true intentions.
Stygian was our friend, but we have assumed the worst of him. And we all have paid a great price for our distrust.
I vowed to not make this same mistake again and I shall not make it with you. Stygian has taught me an important lesson. And maybe you can teach me something, as well, young Cozy Glow.

Cozy pursed her lips and her pupils shrunk. Then she broke out in maniacal, amused giggling. It lasted for about a minute before she wiped some tears out of her eyes and continued reading.

I am aware that you are different than Stygian. Stygian sought power to fight the forces of evil in our world, but you sought power solely for your own benefits, to rule over Equestria and its citizens with an iron hoof, as their empress.

Cozy Glow frowned. “What do you know about my intentions, you freaky, old stallion?” she asked between clenched teeth.

But, regardless, I have faith that there was something more noble than this about your intentions.

Cozy squinted her eyes.

By Stygian's example, I learned to see things from the perspective of others even when their actions are ambigious. I shall not judge you before I know you better, young one.
I have to end this letter now, but more will follow. Know that I believe that there is some good in you, like it is in everyone.

Yours faithfully,

Starswirl, the Bearded

Cozy Glow folded the letter carefully and laid it on top of the other three letters in the corner of her cage. “So you want me to stop craving power. Let's see if you won't bite out your old teeth trying, Starswirl,” she spoke in a menacing voice.