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After doing some research into the history of Alicorns, Twilight finds a dead end. When she chooses to pursue it against Celestia's wishes, she finds herself entangled in a messy history that some want forgotten. An Alicorn's position comes with sacrifice. And when given power, one will always be in want of more...

A complicated explanation for the history and intricacies of the My Little Pony universe. If you're reading this, be ready for the long haul.

A rewrite, or rather, the heavily revised and actually worth reading version of The Struggle for Power, my earlier work. Think of that as an alpha build, and this as the "released-to-the-public" program.

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this Noir tale follows Lonefree Bowcart: a down-on-his-luck artist living in the streets of Manehattan, who has a lot to mourn in his life, after years of hardships.

My first attempt at Noir.

Noir-Style inspired by BoardGameBrony. Go check his stuff out!

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When Cheerilee asks to talk with Big Mac after her classes are over, the stallion's nerves skyrocket as his assumptions seem to be correct.

Little does he know that it won't end like he thinks.

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Even though it's only been days since the Storm King's invasion of Equestria, Tempest has now been tasked to start learning about friendship. After an encounter with Starlight Glimmer, she joins the Reformed Unicorn Mares group. Surely interacting with a few ponies can't be too hard, right?

Thanks again to AShadowOfCygnus for editing.

Cover art is Where's the Rum? by DocWario.

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Several days ago, Twilight had the idea to write a short story with all her friends together. Specifically, they decided to write what's known as a Round Robin: a story where each of them takes a turn writing it.

This story is the result.

This silly little one-shot was originally written for the prompt "WRITE" in the Hazardous Writing Materials Group.

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Pinkie comes home after a visit to an old friend, but something seems to be bothering her. Something has wounded her, and Cheese wants to know what.

But he never could have prepared himself for what he was about to hear.

Gift for Summer Dancer

Special thanks to Tranquil Serenity for editing input.

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A damaged robot pony, unlike anything ever seen in pre-industrial Equestria, is found in the orchard. Before it collapses, it says only two words: "Twilight Sparkle..."

Twilight fixes the mechanical mare and gives her a new directive: "Make friends." Now a robot must learn what it takes to be a good friend and, while she's at it, what it means to live...

Featured on Equestria Daily (11/22/15) and The Goodfic Bin! (3/20/16)!
Featuring illustrations by Colby Green (Illustration Gallery found HERE.)
Editors: GaPJaxie,The Knight Templar, GenerousGhibli, E3gner, and Reese.
Technical Consultants: Artichoke Lust and JFalk.

Now with its own TV Tropes page!

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1.OUT! Twilight gets stung by a bee: Exactly what it says on the tin. Twilight has a close encounter with an insect.

2.RELEASED! Rarity Evicts a mouse: I'll give you three guesses.

3. GOGOGO! Fluttershy has a serious conversation with a bowl of milk: A really sad story, actually.

4. READ IT! The song of the sea: A pony poem I wrote, on a whim.

5.IT'S THERE The Gopher: WARNING SAD: My first attempt at flash fiction.

6. (SAD WARNING) The Dust Beneath My Feet: Another sad, flash fiction, this time with Luna as the central character.

7. (Sort of silly) A thing-explainer simple story. Go read it, it's really interesting. Hard to explain though.

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Discord is firmly planted as Ponyville's Number One Frenemy. The draconequus has gone from foe to friend and back again enough times in recent years to make that apparent. However, after a spirited weekend in the company of most of the Elements, Discord has found himself solidly in friend territory.

So then, there is little question or concern when Fluttershy invites him out to a group picnic with the others. Or, at least, there was no concern until Discord saw the newest member of the entourage: Starlight Glimmer.

Discord knows what Starlight has done. And he is far from happy.

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(First Person)(Mythical Timeline)
What would you do to be brave, courageous, or kind? For one mare she will save the world, or that is what she wants to do; but she can't do it alone, and that is where her friends come into play. Her new friends.

Night Zone will need to be strong when a certain, ancient, enemy returns. She has the help of her friends, or does she? She, however, does all within her power to achieve her dream: to be a hero. Is she alone, or does she have the aid of her friends?

Edited/Proofread by: Pencil Melody

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