• Published 13th Jul 2013
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Twilight gets stung by a bee (and other short stories) - GrouchoMarxDisciple

Twilight has a close encounter with a stinging striped insect.

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The Gopher (flash fiction)

Fluttershy cried at the prospect of never seeing him again, and on his birthday too.

Before that, the gopher rolled away from the heat, as the rest of the hutch burned.

Before that, Fluttershy evacuated the Rabbit Hutch, and all the animals inside.

Before that, the hutch began to smell of smoke.

Before that, the fire started when a crimson ember escaped the nearby campfire and landed on a dry leaf.

Before that, Fluttershy agreed to take care of the CMC's for a night.

Before that, the Cutie Mark Crusaiders decided to try for a camping cutie mark at Fluttershy's.

Before that, Angel Bunny invited Gopher to his birthday party later that evening.

Before that, it was a normal summer day.