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"The Iron Horse" Gallery! · 4:08am Sep 1st, 2015

Possible spoilers for anyone who hasn't caught up all the way, but I decided to do a little ode to my trustworthy sidekick/artist by showing off the art pieces he's done for "The Iron Horse" so far. More will come, and some will be colored! Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Discovery

The CMC discover the automaton...

Chapter 2: The Future Soon

Gadget (Updated Version)

Gadget (Older Version)

Chapter 3: The Machine Awakes

20 Seconds to Comply (new version)

20 Seconds to Comply (old version)

Chapter 4: The Uncanny Valley

Vanderbull and Gadget at the Train Station

Chapter 5: Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology

Twilight Teaches Magic to Turing Test

Chapter 6: Electric Ladyland, Part 1

Turing Meets the CMC

Chapter 7: Electric Ladyland, Part 2

Sad Turing in Puddle

Unused version of above

Even Sadder Turing in Puddle

Chapter: Harder Better Faster Stronger

Heavy Lifting

Chapter 9: Aerodynamic

The Race

Chapter 10: Priority Queue, Part 1

Dropping In

Chapter 11: Priority Queue, Part 2

A Robot's Tail is Warm

Chapter 12: In Two Minds, Part 1

Gadget in the Fountain

Chapter 13: In Two Minds, Part 2

"Please don't say that..."

Chapter 14: In Two Minds, Part 3


Chapter 14.5: An Exception Has Occurred

Oh, Turing-chan...

Chapter 16: Giggle at the Ghost in the Machine, Part 2

"Now slip on it!"

Chapter 17: Giggle at the Ghost in the Machine, Part 3


Chapter 18: Giggle at the Ghost in the Machine, Part 4


Chapter 19: Deep Blue, Part 1

Nightmare Night

Chapter 20: Deep Blue, Part 2

Grace (right) and Glory (left)

Chapter 21: Deep Blue, Part 3

Run, Bon Bon!

Chapter 22: Rhinestone Eyes, Part 1


Chapter 23: Rhinestone Eyes, Part 2

The Iron Butterfly

Chapter 24: Rhinestone Eyes, Part 3


Chapter 25: Prime Time of Your Life, Part 1

Turing's Brooches

Chapter 26: Prime Time of Your Life, Part 2 (UNUSED SKETCH)

At the Museum...

Chapter 27: Prime Time of Your Life, Part 3

Blue Blazer and Gadget

Chapter 28: Nightvision

Grace is Faking

Chapter 29: Technologic, Part 1

Talon Turing

Chapter 30: Technologic, Part 2

The Bombe Machine

Chapter 31: Technologic, Part 3

Trixie Meets Turing Test

Chapter 33: Apple Computer, Part 1

It's gonna be okay, Applejack

Chapter 34: Apple Computer, Part 2

Apple Family Dinner (plus 1!)

Chapter 35: Apple Computer, Part 3

You stole my hat!

Chapter 36: Apple Computer, Part 4

Turing Test Clocks the Hydra

April Fool's Day: Human After All

Turing Toast

Chapter 37: Love Machine, Part 1

Glamour Shots

Chapter 38: Love Machine, Part 2

Hey, Sailor

Chapter 39: Touch

Robot Rock (with and without lighting effects)

A Robot Stargazes (I Remember Touch)

Chapter 40: 01110001 01110100

Button Belle Bit

Chapter 41: Music Sounds Better With You

Vinyl and Turing's Collab

Chapter 42: The Day the Sun Stood Still

"Cloptu berada nikto..."

Chapter 43: Broken, Part 1

The Fall

Chapter 44: Broken, Part 2


Chapter 45: Face to Face

004 Appears

Chapter 46: Steam Machine

Arriving on the Scene

Chapter 47: Monody

Scientific Equestrian

Chapter 48: Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Part 1

Professor Cobbler Mustang

Chapter 49: Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Part 2

Hello there...

Chapter 50: Welcome to the Machine, Part 1


Chapter 51: Welcome to the Machine, Part 2

Tabula Rasa

Chapter 52: Machinations, Part 1

Three Robots

Chapter 53: Machinations, Part 2

Georgia Peach

Chapter 54; Shelter, Part 1

The Golem

Chapter 55: Shelter, Part 2

Sweet Georgia Peach

Chapter 56: Shelter, Part 3


Chapter 57: Brainflush


Chapter 58: Chase, Part 1

Gadget and Umahara almost kiss...

Chapter 59: Chase, Part 2

Applejack Meets 001

Chapter 60: Chase, Part 3


Chapter 61: Chase, Part 4


Original Sketch and Unused Original Illustration

Chapter 62 - "Television Rules the Nation"

The New Dawn

Chapter 63 - "The Lionhearted, Part 1"


Chapter 64 - “The Lionhearted, Part 2”

In Being Different, We Are Special

Chapter 65 - “The Lionhearted, Part 3”

You’ve come such a long, long way...

Chapter 65 - “Digital Love”


Family Breakfast (Commissioned by Circuit Breaker!)

She Would Live

Textless Cover Image

Original Cover Image

Unused Cover Image

Cute Turing

Thanksgiving Holiday Bonus

Turkey Test

Hearth's Warming Special

The Iron Ho-Ho-Horse: Everything's Merrier With Robots!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Special

"Beep boop arr. Who be up for electronic piracy, mateys?"

1000 Likes Kiriban!


"Turing Test" by Zaponator

"What is Love?" by GenerousGypsy

"Turing and the Art of Seduction" by databit

"Star Sky" by GenerousGypsy

"Turing Test and Alchemilla" by krowzivitch, Commissioned by TheDriderPony

"Blueprint Style" by Spiral-bound

Expect more to come! Hope you enjoy them!

Last updated August 17, 2018

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Comments ( 6 )

Hehe, so cool.

So I was just watching a recent episode (7x24: Uncommon Bond) and there's a statue that is shown briefly in an antique store that looks an awful like Georgia Peach. Three swirly hair curls and all. In all likelihood a complete coincidence, but still neat.

Comment posted by Circut Breaker deleted Oct 22nd, 2017

I saw that episode recently, and I totally see it! :pinkiegasp:

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