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Several days ago, Twilight had the idea to write a short story with all her friends together. Specifically, they decided to write what's known as a Round Robin: a story where each of them takes a turn writing it.

This story is the result.

This silly little one-shot was originally written for the prompt "WRITE" in the Hazardous Writing Materials Group.

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Well done. I'd say you made their writing styles believable and enjoyable. I especially like your use of Applejack, she can be much deeper than she presents herself and this is a great example.

6958862 Thanks! I kind of imagined her being a bit more like the Hemingway of the group: simple, plain, but nonetheless articulate. :ajsmug:

Really good. I liked specially Applejack's section :ajsmug:, but Rainbow, Fluttershy and Pinkie's were hilarious! :rainbowlaugh::yay::pinkiehappy:

Well, I've upvoted and favourited all your other stories here, and this one does not appear to be breaking the pattern. :)

And Applejack's bit was rather surprising. :)

i would have kinda liked it if there werent those icons telling me who wrote which parts so i can guess and kinda feel smart even if its really obvious

6959555 I'd considered it, but, like you said, it is pretty obvious. However, I didn't want it to be ambiguous because knowing Applejack wrote the piece at the end was part of the effect I was going to the story: the twist :twistnerd: is that everypony else's work is in line with expectations, but AJ's aren't. Still, if a lot of others comment on it, I might take the icons out altogether. (Just be glad I axed the original idea of having the text colored to match the respective ponies. Wasn't easy on the eyes.)

oh, nothing is worse than yellow text. glad you didnt take that route

6959586 Agreed. I tried to make it a little more legible, but nothing I did made it look decent. :pinkiesick:

you couldnt. you just cant put a bright color on a bright background and make it not suck. (dark/dark doesnt work either)
thats why every writing tool writes in black or dark blue, everything else doesnt work

Nice enough. It's nothing special, but it doesn't need to be, its just a fun story illustrating the ways ponies think. I like how Applejack is good at being a writer. It makes a certain amount of sense that she would be good at that. Wasn't it stated in Spike at your Service that she was writing a novel?

6960585 No, it was Rainbow who said she was writing an unfinished novel. And judging by her description, it's going to be a self-insert work. Hence, why I wrote her part as being more amateurish. Applejack, for all the joking that she's a bumpkin, is apparently well-read, has shown on numerous occasions that she's a lot smarter than she lets on, and has a fairly wide vocabulary (she did know what "uncouth" meant, after all).

But yeah, this isn't anything special. It's just a fun little thing I wrote for amusement in between chapters of my main project, "The Iron Horse." Thanks for reading and for commenting!

Thanks for the comments, you three! I'm glad you liked it. I had tons of fun writing this thing in between chapters of "The Iron Horse" and it seems the readers enjoy it too.

I have but one word to say as far as this story:


Pinkie! It's bad enough that you always break the fourth wall, but do you have to do it from both sides of the wall?

Brilliant work all around. Every character shines through her prose, especially Pinkie. Even Applejack's capstone felt like something she could write if she chose to. Thank you for a great little experiment.

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