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Your name is... well you forgot, something with a 'D' you think. That crash landing you had in the back of the Canterlot Club, caused you to forget a few things. You have a new job as the Wonderbolts 'Handyman' and develop close relationships with the members of the team... specifically Spitfire

(Picture is by secret-pony, http://secret-pony.deviantart.com/)

This is going to be a small series I will do on the side every once in a while when I need a break from my other stories. This is my first second person fick, and I hope you like it.

Chapters (5)

Twilight gets a feeder to study birds.

She also bought a ton of seeds for it.

While she's frustrated at the fact her supply seems to be disappearing into thin air, she's about to realize that she has a much bigger problem on hoof.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Post Nuptials

Side story to the Nuptialverse

As she rides off into the night with her husband, Cadence takes a moment to reflect on how lucky she is, and to assure Shining Armor of how great he is.

Chapters (1)

Chrysalis has been defeated, now Shining Armor and Cadance can be wed. Or can they?

...Well, no. It seems the bride objects to it. Is this Cadance a changeling too? No, that would make far too much sense...

From a concept by defender2222 comes a tale of love...really, really screwed up love.

Image by SwanLullaby.

Chapters (12)

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's wedding didn't exactly go off without a hitch - in more ways than one. But with the day's excitement over, the pair head to the honeymoon suite in Canterlot Castle for a different kind of excitement. However, Princess Cadance has something she needs to tell her husband...

A/N: Started "one-shot" fic, written after reading "Adventures of a Teenage Foalsitter" and realizing there was a decided lack of romantic and knowing/consenting Shining Armor x Queen Chrysalis. The first chapter can be read as a standalone story, but, well I suppose it's obvious, the story does go on.

Chapters (13)

Currently being rewritten to fix all grammar issues and story inconsistency

I always thought life was a bit dreary and after losing everything I had nothing to live for. So after an unfortunate accident whilst drunk I find myself here in Equestria, I think is the name, with a butt load of talking cartoon like talking ponies. They have magic, which is nearly impossible for me to do, but still attainable, but that isn't the strangest part. I have conversed with a deity of light, one of dark, one of love and another of chaos, but that isn't the strangest part. I met the saviors of this place, The Elements of Harmony, six fun loving and caring mares. And the worst part is I think I fell for one of them.
My name is Evan Wright and I am now living in Equestria.

Edited by zubafa and as of 2/24/2013 MLP Lover
As of 2/1/13 Proof read by Nekosama321, Cold Spike, and The Grim Reaper

Chapters (7)

I found her, she was hurt. She says she's not from here, I show her a map and she says she's no where here. I believe her, for starters, she's different. Not like that, in appearance, like for example; wings.

I don't know what to expect, but I think something's finally happening in this hellhole.

A/N: this isn't GildaxDash shipping, no fear, just read the. Fix :3

A/N: This story DOES NOT have Alicorn Twilight in it, I started this when she wasn't op as hell, and personally I think for stories like this, it's just too hard to write a story where your characters best bud is a f*cking princess, so yea. No Alicorn Twilight, I'm personally fine with the new Twilight, but in this story, we're pretending like that never happened lol

Chapters (16)

Be it the result of breaking physics or mysterious magic, Rainbow Dash winds up in our world as a human! Saved from the harsh wilds of urban earth by a 20 year old carpenter, Rainbow Dash must now learn to cope in this new realm full of walking talking magicless hairless and merciless monkeys. With the help of Ray and others will the grounded pony turned human soar the skies again? Will Rainbow Dash help lighten up Ray's serious and carefree attitude? Will Journey ever get old? Does throwing a wrench into a sputtering engine fix it? Probably not.

Chapters (9)

I thought that every relationship would last for my lifetime. But it always gets thrown back at my face. Daizy dumped me in the cold streets, and I felt the need for a drink to calm my nerves. But when I arrive at the club for a drink, I meet a lovely mare named Vinyl Scratch. Putting my other relationship behind me, I think that there is something that can really work between us. Am I wrong?

-First Person Vinal Scratch & OC fic.

Chapters (8)

After taking a job at a club in Ponyville, Neon Lights runs into an old acquaintance, Vinyl Scratch. Soon he realizes that, much like Ponyville when he first arrived, there is more to his fellow DJ than meets the eye. As the two grow closer through their work, Neon finds her to be not only a great musician, but a good friend, and maybe even partner.

Cover image by PluckyNinja.
MLP is property of Hasbro.
Any music I put links to is the property of its respective owners.

Chapters (4)
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