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Like a Broken Record - HeartBeat

I never would have guessed that a relationship that ended so tragic, led to something that makes me feel so good to finally have close to my heart.

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Chapter 5: A Proper Date

Chapter 5: A Proper Date

I glared down at the tickets as they teased me to run straight to Vinyl and ask her to come with me. I put the tickets back down on the table and continued to eat my breakfast. I set the empty bowl in the sink and turned to the window. The sun had began to shine through a break in the clouds. I saw ponies decorating the town for the festival that will be held here. Unfortunately, the gala was at the time of the town's winter parade. I smiled and looked over to my coat rack. I threw the hood over my head and began to trot to the market.

I decided that I should probably look nice for our date tonight. So I entered a small clothes shop that had many shirts and coats for sale. I looked around and found a nice collard shirt for 55 bits. As much as it was, I think it was worth the money. I trotted outside and folded up the shirt and placed it in my bag. I noticed a familiar face in a coffee shop sitting with some mare. Moving a bit closer, I see that Flare was having a lively conversation with her. I laughed a little and continued down the road.

Back at my house, I brushed back my mane. Which didn't look good at all. So I brushed it back down and put my hooves through the sleeves of my new shirt. I buttoned it up and fixed the collar. I wasn't very fond of long-sleeves so I rolled them up. Looking at myself in the mirror, I decided that I didn't look too bad. Shrugging, I turn to the hallway to grab my scarf and bits. I looked in my bags and grabbed the tickets and put them in the shirt pocket. I opened the door and trotted down the road under the sunset.

I knocked on the door and began to look behind me, just to check for any more sneak attacks. I set out a small laugh as I heard frantic giggling from inside the house. Vinyl opened the door and greeted me with a big smile.

"Hey, Snow. Nice shirt!" She said feeling the collar with a hoof.

"Thanks, I just got it today." I said sitting in front of the mare.

"Oh that explains it. Hang on, is that the tag in the front pocket?" She said pointing to a corner of one of the tickets in my shirt pocket.

"Oh, um... Nah that's for later." I said, trying to push the ticket back down.

"Okay?" She said confused.

"Shall we get going?" I asked pointing a hoof out to the path.

"Alrighty." She said, looking at me with her glowing red eyes.

She shut the door and we began our trot into town. We watched as the town had finished decorating and the large tree in town square glowed. Every block held a festive theme that warmed the hearts of ponies who trotted in their roads. We found a nice restaurant that was light entirely by candles. We entered the door and a pony took my scarf and hung it on one of the many racks. We were shown to our seats and sat across from each other in a booth. The other source of light was a large fireplace against the back wall.

We looked at the menus for a while and I heard Vinyl mumbling to herself as she frantically looked around the menu. I leaned in closer and heard her softly reading out numbers. It took me some time to find out she was reading the prices of the food. I tapped her on the shoulder.

"Get what ever you like. I'm buying." I said, tapping my pocket.

"But I don't want to make you spend so much." She said, looking at me with worried eyes.

"Nah, it's okay. Get what you want." I said, giving her a smile

Vinyl gave me a small smile and looked back down to her menu. I chose a panini that had onions and some assortment of flowers on it, and Vinyl got the potato salad. The waiter gave us our plates and I looked down at the toasted bread. Vinyl looked at the large bowl in front of her that was full of salad. She gave a coy smile and began to eat. We finished our meals and sat together as we finished our wine. I began to feel a little awkward as the date turned out a little too romantic than it should have. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the two tickets and set one of them in front of Vinyl. She almost spat out her wine and held a hoof to her mouth. She swallowed down the wine and looked up at me.

"How in the hay did you get these?" She asked softly.

"I got them from a friend. Would you like to go with me?" I asked, trying to be smooth.

"I'd love to!" She said, kissing my cheek.

My face suddenly get very warm and I tried to keep calm. Vinyl had a little blush on her cheeks as we sat up. I placed the bits on the table and we left out the front doors. A sudden flash of white brightened my eyes. Blinking many times, I tried to regain my vision and looked around.

"Look it's DJ-PON3!" I heard from down the street.

"Oh no..." Vinyl said softly.

We tried to escape down the street but it was too late. Ponies began to gather around her and flash their cameras. They began send a barrage of questions at her. She was trying to cover her eyes and find a break in the large circle of ponies. She was struggling in the center, being blinded and pounded with questions. I felt the need to do something so I kicked up a pile of snow on the photographers and they stopped their flashing.

"Enough!" I roared at them. "This mare clearly doesn't want to deal with this garbage at the moment. So I suggest you leave her be, or I'll break every one of you cameras."

The ponies gave me a snarl and backed off of Vinyl. They spread out and returned to their business that they had before they found her. Vinyl looked over to me and ran up to me.

"Thanks!" She said, giving me a hug.

"No problem. C'mon lets get you home before somepony else decides to blind us." I said leading Vinyl to her home.

We reached her door and she turned to me, looking down at the ticket again. She opened the door and used her magic to bring out a quill and paper. She put them in front of me and I looked over at her.

"Can I get your address?" She asked.

"Sure thing." I said, taking the quill in my hoof and began to write on the floating paper.

I let go of the quill and she used her magic to place them back inside. She was about to go inside, but then she turned back to me and closed the door. She looked up to me and began to blush again. I noticed that look when she gave me my scarf the first date. I lifted her head up and looked in her eyes.

"What's the matter? You seem so pent up." I told her.

"Well, I have had... An urge to do something for a while." She said sheepishly.

"What's stopping you from doing this?" I asked, concerned.

"I don't know. I just think it could have a bad effect." She said scratching the back of her head.

"Well, I'm sure whatever it is, the bad effect could be fixed overtime." I said smiling at her.

"I don't know..." She said blushing intently.

"You'll never know if you don't try." I said putting a hoof on her shoulder.

"Goodnight, Vinyl." I turned to the path and began to trot away.

Suddenly I was brought back, now facing Vinyl. She looked at me and closed her eyes and leaned in. My muscles tensed up as our lips collided, but soon I relaxed and kissed her back. My mind began to fog and I could no longer concentrate on anything. My body became warm against the cold night air. Her hooves were wrapped around my neck and she broke the short kiss. She looked up at me and I gave her a smile to insure her that everything is going to be alright. I hadn't expected that her problem was just a kiss.

"Goodnight, Snow." She whispered, nuzzling me.

"I'll see you around." I said nuzzling her back.

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