Like a Broken Record

by HeartBeat

Chapter 1: Sad Songs

Chapter 1: Sad Songs

"Just get the hay out of here!" Daizy yelled as she threw my bags out the door.

"Please! Why can't you believe me?" I begged.

"I just can't anymore! We're through!" She finished, slamming the door in my face.

I took a deep breath and began to trot away from Daizy's house. This was the 5th time we had a fight. And there is no chance of us getting back together this time. I looked in my bag to see my house key and some bits. My first instinct told me to head home and forget the rest. I followed that and continued to trot to my house. I suddenly heard loud base thumps that echoed through the night's street. Looking around for the source of the sound, I see a neon sign hanging above a set of open doors. "The Sugar Club" was displayed on the blue and purple neon sign. I occasionally came here for a drink, if I ever felt the need of one. My head was pounding with anger, so I thought a drink would be my medicine tonight.

Trotting through the open doors, I ignore all of the happy ponies and hop onto a barstool. I look at the barpony and I give him a nod. He turns to the rows of bottles behind him and begins making my drink. He turned back to me and poured the light blue liquid into the glass. I set down the bits for the drink and he scooped them up. Taking a sip, I feel the burning in the back of my throat from the strong liquor. I guess some things can drive you to drinking. My reason, is that my relationships aren't going as well as they used to. Daizy, my most recent ex, had got into an argument with me, for some reason she thought I never loved her. As much as I tried to please her, she was never satisfied. But I'm trying my best to move on, by dousing the sorrow in alcohol. This is never a great way to forget my problems, but for some reason, I never went anywhere else for a drink. This club was always filled with many ponies of the night-life. Every time I come here, there is live music. Tonight is a famous DJ who is pretty well known in Ponyville. Her stage name is DJ Pon3, and nopony knows what her name really is. Maybe I just come here for the music instead of the drinks.

I finish my drink and push the glass away. The barpony returns to me and takes the glass up. I turn in my chair to see the dance floor crowded by all of the happy ponies. The room was full of purple, green, and blue lights. Some of the ponies had glowing bracelets and necklaces that would glow when the lights flashed on and off. I looked around and saw Daizy entering the club. I felt the need to confront her, until I saw her turn to the doors behind her. A large blue stallion entered the door and he smiled at her. He wrapped a hoof around my ex and I felt like jumping off a building. Trying my best to ignore them, I turn back to the bar and place more bits on the counter. The barpony placed another glass in front of me and filled it again. This time, I knock my head back and drink the whole thing down. My stomach didn't take too kindly to that, because now it felt like exploding. I closed my eyes and set my head on a hoof, trying to calm my throbbing headache.

"Hey, pal? You alright?" The bartender asks.

"Huh? Oh. Yeah I'm okay." I lied setting my head back on my hoof.

"Alright, just tell me if ya' need anything." He said, returning to the many bottles behind him.

I began to calm down again and heard Daizy's voice near me. I heard some giggles and a chuckle next to me and I opened my eyes. I look slightly to my left and see Daizy laughing with her date. He tapped his hoof on the bar and the barpony set down two glasses and poured in the liquid. The stallion gave the barpony a smile and a wink. He nodded and put something in one of the glasses. I let out a small chuckle at the sight. He didn't love her, but just wanted her wasted enough to get in Daizy's bed. Playing the "Cold-Hearted Pony" card, I just let it happen. Something burned in me to stop it, but I wanted her to know how it feels to really not be loved. They both drank down their shots and Daizy instantly looked drunk. I turned my gaze away from the "happy couple" and looked down at my empty glass. I closed my eyes again to just try and forget the past few months I spent with her.

"Hey... Hey, pal. Wake up!"

I felt nudging on my shoulder and I looked up. Apparently I had fallen asleep and most of the ponies have left the club. I looked around and saw on the clock how late it was.

"Closing time, Friend." The barpony told me.

"Ah... Okay, I'll be on my way." I mumbled shaking the sleep out of my eyes.

I hopped of the barstool and saw a mare going back and forth on the stage. I began to move to the stage and thought it was just the stage-hoofs moving the DJ's equipment off. She had been trying to move this rather large speaker off the stage. I climbed up and approached her.

"Need a helping hoof?" I asked the mare.

"I'd really appreciate that." She said turning to me.

I saw that it was the DJ herself. Her red eyes glowed in the lights as she looked up to me. I smiled and nodded to her. The speaker box seemed to weigh as much as a house. After a few attempts, we got the speaker backstage and I leaned against the box as soon as we set it down. My stomach began to churn and I closed my eyes and leaned over.

"Hey, are you okay?" She asked, placing a hoof on my back.

"Yeah, the drinks were just getting to me." I said, sitting back up.

"Yeah, they can do that. You must have drank alot, so whats the occasion?" She asked with a smile growing on her face.

"Well, lets just say that some relationships can end better." I said looking at the floor and frowning.

"Oh..." Her smile faded and she began to scratch the back of her head. "Hey, maybe we can hang out sometime?" She asked.

Hope began to fill my head, but faded as quickly as it came. I thought that the only reason she wanted to hang out, was because she felt sorry for me. I lowered my head.

"I don't want you to do things for me because you feel sorry for me." I said sitting on my haunches.

"That's not why I wanted to hang out! You seem like a pretty cool dude." She said lifting up my head.

"I don't know..." I said looking away again.

"Well can I get your name?" She asked me.

"I'm Snow Storm." I told her.

"I'm Vinyl Scratch." She said, holding out a hoof. I gently shook her hoof with a smile on my face. "

"Well, it's been a pleasure meeting ya. If you change your mind, here's my address." She said handing me a piece of paper with an address scribbled on it.

"Um, thanks." I said, placing the paper in my bag.

"Yep, well I'll see ya' around." She said waving and leaving through the back door.

I waved back and got off the stage. The club was now empty and all of the ponies are gone. The lights have turned off and the only source of light were the dim stage lights. I trotted to the door, and for some reason, I couldn't keep a smile off my face. The trot home was cold, but I didn't mind the fresh air. My head was now cleared and I had began to feel sober. Although I told Vinyl I wasn't that interested, I began to wonder if I should take her up on that offer.

I threw my bags on the couch and slowly trotted upstairs. I looked at my comfortable bed and collapsed on it. I was far too relaxed to even pull the covers over me. Luna's moon glowed through the window as I began to drift into a peaceful sleep.

>Author's note:
Okay, so here is what I will be working on for a while. I hope this will satisfy some of you readers out there, and if not, PLEASE tell me. I appreciate all of the feedback that I get, because it helps my horrible writing become something decent. Please leave comments and suggestions. Everything is much appreciated.