• Published 9th Jul 2012
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Like a Broken Record - HeartBeat

I never would have guessed that a relationship that ended so tragic, led to something that makes me feel so good to finally have close to my heart.

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Chapter 3: Fun with Snow

Chapter 3: Fun with Snow

I trotted around the house trying to find my old jacket. I figured a scarf wouldn't hold me up for long if we were going out. I looked in the closet and finally found my coat. I threw it around me and put my hooves through. The collar was snug against my neck, to keep in the warmth. I noticed that there was something in the pockets still. I reached in and pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it.

Dear Snow Storm,

I realized that I want to be together still. We have gotten through worse and I want you to give me a chance again. I want-

I stopped reading and threw the paper in the trash. It was always about what she wanted, never considering what I wanted. It pained me to see her pleading, even though she was always the one to end it. I don't know why I got back together with her that day. I trotted out of my room and grabbed my scarf off the rack. Outside, the snow had stopped and all of the ponies were out with their families. The schools were out today and the hills were covered with ponies sledding. I smiled and hummed to myself while trotting to Vinyl's house.

The path was covered in snow, which made it hard to get to her door. I gave the doorbell a ring and waited. After a minute of waiting I gave it another ring, yet still no answer. I shrugged and turned back. While I wondered why nopony answered, suddenly something cold bursted against my neck. Quickly shaking the cold snow off me, I turned to the laughing ponies behind me. Octavia was giggling and Vinyl was in an all out burst of laughter. I smiled and figured out what our plans were for the day.

I leaped behind a pile of snow for cover and picked up a hoof-full. Forming it into a ball, I leaped up and threw the snow at Vinyl who was still laughing on the floor. In one quick movement, Vinyl dodged the snowball as she saw it coming. An evil grin appeared on her face and she slid her glasses over her red eyes.

"Oh, it's on! C'mon Tavi!" She said digging her hoof into the snow.

Octavia did the same and waited for Vinyl, who was making a much larger snow ball. At the same time, they launched the snow right at me. As Octavia's missed me and hit a tree, Vinyl's felt like a brink hitting my chest. I was shocked at the power this mare had. I dug my hoof in the snow and threw it in the air. Turning around, I bucked the snowball and it launched at Vinyl. The ball exploded into powder against her face. Octavia was shocked and Vinyl was dying of laughter. I picked up another hoof-full and launched it at Octavia. She turned to me with anger in her eyes. I felt a sudden fear as she glared daggers at me. She dug both of her hooves in the snow and began launching snow-balls at me like a machine. I did not expect this at all from a pony who plays a cello. The snowballs whizzed over my head and shattered against the tree. The snowballs stopped and I peeked over the snow wall. I saw the chest of a white mare and I looked up. Vinyl was holding a huge snowball over her head. The size of it could have been as big as a train's wheel. An evil grin appeared over her face again and she dropped the heap of snow over my head. The snow exploded against my head and nearly covered my whole body in snow. Digging my legs out, I saw Vinyl in the snow laughing. Octavia was giggling again and leaning over her wall.

"That was fun!" I said sitting on the pile in front of Vinyl.

"Sure was!" She said spreading her hooves out to make a snow pony.

"Now what?" I asked, landing in the snow next to Vinyl.

"How about some hot cocoa?" Octavia said, trotting up to us.

"That sounds good to me. How about you Snow?" She said, sitting up in the snow.

"A good cup of cocoa sounds nice right now." I said, getting up to my hooves.

I followed them inside their home and sat on the couch next to Vinyl. I looked around the beautiful house. The fireplace crackled as it burned in the chilly room. I watched as Octavia returned with the cups.

"It's hot, Snow." Vinyl teased me.

"I know." I laughed, giving her a playful shove.

Octavia sipped her drink with her eyes closed and sat in a rather large chair, big enough for 2 ponies. I looked over to Vinyl who looked over to me and smiled. I almost bursted out of laughter to see some foam was covering her upper lip.

"Um, Vinyl? You got a little foam on you lip." I told her, trying to contain myself.

"Oh?" She looked down and used her small, pink tongue to lick off the foam.

After a few minutes of drinking the rest of the cocoa, all three of us talked. We just had idle chitchat of basic things. I looked at the clock above the fireplace and saw that it was almost 7.

"Well, I guess it's getting late. I'd better get going." I said throwing my jacket over me.

"Oh, okay. You think we can catch dinner sometime?" Vinyl said, walking me to the door.

"Sure! When are you free?" I said, putting on my scarf.

"How about Friday?" She said with a smile.

"Okay, I'll see you Friday." I said opening the door.

She stopped me and turned me around. I looked into those red eyes and again my heart began to beat out of my chest. Vinyl left a small kiss on my cheek and nuzzled my neck. My head began to spin as my body began to warm. The cold air from the open door seemed to vanish. I smiled and looked down to Vinyl who was looking up to me.

"Goodnight Vinyl." I said nuzzling her back.

"Goodnight, I'll see you Friday." She said.

I waved goodbye and Vinyl shut the door. I heard the two mares talking and a squeal sounded from inside. I laughed a little and began to trot home. The setting sun warmed my coat and the snow crunched under my hooves. I trotted to the door to my house and unlocked it. The house was dark and cold. I lit the fireplace and sat on the couch. I laid my jacket and scarf over the arm of the couch and relaxed. I looked out the window and watched the sun set behind the many mountains outside of the town. I began to feel really anxious for Friday to arrive.

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