• Published 18th Jun 2012
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A Burning Passion - Stasys

You are a part of the Wonderbolts, and you are secretly loved by Spitfire... But do you love her?

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On a Wing and a Prayer

(YES!!! I know that it was projector not protector! My computers stupid automatic spell check can go haywire at times, thank you all for pointing it out though. I also need you guys to vote on something for me, do you want me to turn this into a clop, or do you want me to keep it teen. I need you guys to decide because the next chapter will either contain clop or not. If most of you vote yes, I will make it skippable for those who don't want it)

Spitfire was pacing back and forth in her room, thinking about the situation she had been put in by the boss. Rainbow Dash was also in the room, lying lazily on Spitfire's bed and trying to comfort her worried friend.

"Calm down captain, this isn't the worst thing that could happen."

"It is the worst thing that could happen Rookie!"

"I'm sorry, but I don't see what the problem is. He is only bunking with you for a while, and your both very good friends."

"It's not him I'm worried about! It's me."

"I still don't understand."

"Ugh," She stopped her pacing and stared at Rainbow, "You already know my feelings for him and... well-"

Rainbow Dash's face lit up, "Oh... my... gosh. You've had fantasies about doing it with Ducky haven't you!"

"Shut up Dash!"

"Admit it," She said in a playful tone, "You totally want him in bed with you."

Spitfire scowls, "Shut it! I already have enough to deal with, and I'd rather not be teased about something so personal to me."

There was a moment of silence, "...So how did you want to do it? You on top or-"

"Go buck yourself Dash,"

A knock then came at the door, followed by a familiar male voice.


You had to grab a few straggling items from your room before you completely moved in to Spitfire's room. Now equipped with your toothbrush and pajamas, you are standing in front of Spitfire's door. There was a fairly loud argument coming from inside, but it was inaudible.

You decide to knock on the door, "Everything alright in there?"

Spitfire answers, "It's open Ducky." You turn the gold handle and open the door.

You enter the room and see Rainbow Dash lazily sprawled out on her belly, "Am I interrupting something?"

She giggles, "Don't flatter yourself."

You look at Spitfire, "So where am I staying? Couch I'm guessing?"

"No, you can sleep on the bed... I'll sleep on the couch."

"Oh hell no." You couldn't remember much from your world, but you knew that only men slept on couches. "You get the bed, I get the couch."

"Ducky, are you sure?"

"Positive, you are a beautiful mare and you deserve to sleep in your own bed."

Spitfire blushes and looks down, "Aw Ducky... you shouldn't say things like that to me."

"Bah!" Rainbow Dash interrupts, "Get a room you two."

Spitfire looks up at Rainbow, "Your in my room rookie, now get out."

"Ugh, fine Cap." She turns around and makes her way to the door as you set up a few blankets on the white couch. "Oh wait... Ducky!" You stop making your couch and turn to face Rainbow, "I... I could really use a massage tonight."

You were surprised. It wasn't the fact that she wanted a massage from you, It was the fact that Rainbow Dash wanted a massage in the first place. She has always considered herself above prissy things.

You were always glad to help out any Wonderbolt who was sore from practice, "Alright, I'll be right over in about five minuets."

"Alright... see you then." She then opened the door and left the room.

You finished laying out the sheets and decided to go brush your teeth. It was a quick two minuet brush, but when you came back to your 'bed', Spitfire had jumped up on the couch and messed up the sheets you had just laid out. She was lying on her back and staring at you with a playful smirk on her face.

"Oh your asking for it now." She sticks her tongue out, "Thats it!" You lunged forward and pin Spitfire to the couch. Her smirk was still present, but you were going to change that.

While Pegasi had wings, you had one advantage that nopony could ever have... fingers. You push your right hand into her furry chest and start your merciless attack.

"No no!" She begins to laugh uncontrollably as you tickle her, "P-p-please Ducky, Aa!! S-stop!" She thrashes around as your run your fingers through her orange coat.

You then move your hand down to her soft belly. She squeals, signifying that you found her 'soft spot', "Nono not there! Aaa! Nonononono!" She continues to thrash around and squeal as you continue your tickling onslaught.

She laughs start to crack, signifying that laughter was probably hurting her. You stop, allowing Spitfire to catch whatever breath she lost during your attack. She took a few deep breaths and stared into your eyes, captivating you. You were friends with Spitfire from the beginning, but something new was burning inside of you... something more deep and personal for the orange mare.

You remembered your appointment with Rainbow Dash, "I got to get going now, I'll be back in about half an hour to torture you again."

Spitfire was still trying to catch her breath when she spoke, "Y-you are soooo going to regret doing that."

"I'm so scared." You then exit Spitfire's room and make your way to Rainbow's.


Mrs. Wonderbolt was in her office, filling out whatever paper work she had. A cream colored pegasus opened the door and entered.

"Um... ma'am, you asked for me."

Mrs. Wonderbolt took off her reading glasses and looked at the secretary, "Indeed I did. I need you to go find Spitfire and bring her here."

"May I ask why Madam?"

"No you may not. Now get out there before your flank is on the line."

"Y-yes ma'am." The secretary bowed and exited the room.

The boss sighed an levitated over a expense file. She flipped through the papers and noticed that they were all filled out by Ducky. She was always pleased with the amount of hard work that the human put into everything, and the quality it was done in. "Why can't I have an entire staff of humans. I doubt humans are even lazy... unlike Soarin'."

Mrs. Wonderbolt continued to sort through the many files, until she heard a knock at the door, "Come in-"

The door was flung open, revealing a wet orange pegasus with a towel around her neck, "Why is it that I can't take a shower in peace in my own room!?" She trotted up to the desk and slammed both of her hooves on it.

"I don't like your tone Captain. And your job is to do as I say when I say it... clear?"

Spitfire scowled, "Crystal."

"Now sit." Spitfire leaned back and sat on a red pillow in front of the desk, "I called you hear to warn you."

"Warn me of what?"

"Airheart told me about your plan to, 'interrogate', Mr. D."

"I... I don't know what your talking about," Spitfire looked away from her boss.

"First, If you lie again I will cut out your tongue and feed it to my eagle. Second," She stood up and walked over to Spitfire. She pushed Spitfire's head so that their eyes meet and stared in to her soul, "If your little stunt causes Mr. D to quit, I will personally see to it that you are sent to the depths of Tartarus." Spitfire gulped in fear, knowing that her boss could do it without thinking. Mrs. Wonderbolt sighed and went back to her seat. "I'm sorry if what I am saying is coming across as harsh, but I am serious. Even though he loves his job and the people he works with, he is still sensitive."

Spitfire wiped away a drop of sweat from her brow, "I didn't know you cared about him so much."

"Personally, I could care less about him. But professionally, he is probably one of the greatest assets this team has seen in a long time."

"That seems a little harsh."

The bosses stare was unmoving, "I'm here to run a team, not make friends captain." Spitfire looks down and sighs, "Spitfire, look at me." She complies, "I know that you care deeply about Mr. D and your only trying to figure out if he feels the same way about you... but if you ask me, I know for a fact that he loves you too." Spitfire's ears perk up, "He just needs confidence to acknowledge his feelings for you. And if I were you, which I would never wish for, I would try to push him into the right direction."

"And how would you do that."

"Well you have a few choices captain, you could try to seduce him."

"I don't think so."

"I'm glad you at least have common sense to not do that. Your second option is to, 'work your way' into his heart."

"I'm afraid I don't understand ma'am."

"Hang out with him like you usually do, but at the same time, gently start to show your love for him. For example, you and the rest of the team have a 'Monthly Horror Movie Marathon' in the briefing room tomorrow night, right."

Spitfire was intrigued, "Correct."

"Sit next to him, socialize, and... just be you. The rest should come naturally for the both of you."

"But what do you mean?"

"You will see soon enough... now get out of my office."

Spitfire made her way to the door, but before she left, she looked back. "Thank you ma'am."

"I not doing this for a thank you captain."

Spitfire silently giggled and whispered, "You cold cold mare... that's what makes you great."


"OW!!" Rainbow Dash screamed.

You were still holding your hands above Rainbow Dash's back, "I haven't even started yet."

"Ya, well it still hurts!"

You shake your head and sigh, "Are you going to let me work or do you want me to leave you big baby." Wrong choice of words.

Rainbow Dash rolled over and grabbed your white shirt. She pulled you close to her scowling face, "Say that again!"

You gulp, knowing what the black-belt pegasus could be capable of, "T-take it easy."

Rainbow's scowl was replaced with a sinister smirk, "You know what... I have a better idea than a massage." She then wrapped her forearms around your neck and pushed her hind legs into your stomach. With one swift motion, she bucked her legs, which sent you flying into the wall behind you.

You slide to the floor, "Ow!!" You rubbed the back of your head, "What the hell was that for!?"

Rainbow Dash walks up to you and uses her hooves to pin you to the wall, "What, you say that you don't want to wrestle with me?"

You gulp, "No! Thats not what I'm saying at all!"

"Well tough luck! Your in my room now, and you have to play by my rules." She brings her forehead to yours, "And I say that we're going to wrestle."

"Oh sweet mother of God."

(Aw snap! You fighting a black-belt pegasus... that's going to end well. I'm sorry that this chapter is so short, I need you guys to vote before I go any further. The Las Pegasus visit is going to be pushed back a little to make room for other fun situations like the horror movie marathon the entire team will be enduring through in the next chapter)