• Published 9th Jul 2012
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Like a Broken Record - HeartBeat

I never would have guessed that a relationship that ended so tragic, led to something that makes me feel so good to finally have close to my heart.

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Chapter 6: At the Gala

Chapter 6: At the Gala

I sat in my room taking deep breaths. I hadn't been to a dance in many years. I never really knew how to dance, especially in front of a crowd. The last time I attempted at dancing, I ended up tripping on my own feet and loosing my chance to have the mare I liked from school. Putting that in the past, I think the gala could go down easily. I just hope Vinyl doesn't like to dance as much as I don't. Then again, she is a DJ so, she will probably want to. I took another deep breath and stood up, determined to make sure Vinyl has the best night ever. I looked around and grabbed the red bow-tie off the dresser. Not knowing what hay I was doing, I struggled for a while trying to remember how my dad taught me how to tie it. Eventually I got it tied and straightened it out. I gave me mane another couple of brushes, just to be sure it will stay straight. I grabbed my red scarf and headed out the door.

I began to grow more nervous as I saw the many people at the train station waiting to go to Canterlot. Vinyl said she would meet me by the ticket booth for the train tickets. I went inside the small office and looked for the ticket vendor.

"Yo! Snow!" I heard over the many excited ponies.

I looked around and saw Vinyl stretching her hoof up and waving me down. Trying to make my way through the crowd, I heard some of the ponies talking. They spoke of a snow storm coming in around the end of the gala, which made me even more nervous. I made my way around and finally was standing next to Vinyl. She held out one train ticket and I picked it up, then placed it in my shirt pocket, along with the gala ticket. Than I looked back up at the beautiful mare who was my date. Vinyl was wearing a beautiful blue and teal dress, just like her mane. Her eyes glowed under the light of Celestia's setting sun. She began to blush intently when she realized I was looking at her. Her cheeks flushed red and I laughed a little.

"You look very beautiful tonight, Vinyl." I said, sitting in front of her.

"And you look handsome." She said, blushing.

"Thank you, do you have your gala ticket?" I asked, patting my pocket where my ticket was.

She nodded and pulled the ticket out, insuring me that she didn't forget it.

The ponies became louder as we heard the train arriving at the station. The train doors opened and the ponies gathered at the doors. In a line, they boarded the train to a box. Vinyl opened the doors to ours and sat next to the window. I closed our box's doors and sat next to her. Vinyl was almost jumping out of her seat, she was so excited. I heard a sudden tapping on the glass of the doors. I turned to see Octavia, who was excited to see that we were going. Vinyl stood up and opened the doors for her roommate.

"I hope you don't mind if I share a box with you two. All the other ones are full." She said sitting on the bench in front of me.

"Nah, it's okay, Tavi." Vinyl said sitting back down next to me.

"Heading to the gala?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Of course! But I hadn't planned on going with anypony, but it turns out I had been gotten an invitation from a secret somepony in a box of assorted chocolates." She said, showing us the invitation.

"Tavi's got a secret somepony." Vinyl said, teasing her.

Octavia turned a bit red and gave a sheepish smile. The trains horn roared and we began to move. Vinyl took a deep breath and a smile grew on her face. I looked out the window and watched the town slowly pass out of view. Octavia and Vinyl talked about the past galas. I was shocked to know that Vinyl has never gone to one before. Octavia plays her cello every year, but never had a date. Just like Vinyl, I've never been to a gala, so I don't know what to expect. The train had entered the tunnels through the mountain and everything around us became dark. I rested my head against the window and waited for the rest of the ride to pass. Vinyl pointed a hoof out the window and I turned my head to see the beautiful city of Canterlot. I sat up and watched as the train station came to view. The train came to a halt and the doors opened. We left our box and made our way to the nearest set of doors.

Trotting into the cold, snowy streets of the town, we followed the ponies who were heading to the gala. I looked around and saw the town decorated in a festive manner. The streetlights hung high and light up the road to the palace, where the gala was held. Vinyl began to hop for a short distance, than Octavia told her to stop or her dress will get ruined. I looked up and saw the snow picking up. My worry about the snow storm grew.

We approached the doors to the castle and the guard looked at our tickets. After Vinyl stepped inside, I showed the guard my ticket and trotted through the doors. We looked at the large ball room where the winter gala was held, and Vinyl let out a squeal in excitement. I trotted along with Vinyl to the open doors of the ball room. The music could be heard from outside in the courtyard. We trotted to the mass of ponies who were standing around talking with their dates.

"I'm sorry to say, but the invitation told me to meet him by the bar." Octavia shouted, to let us be able to hear her over the music.

Vinyl nodded her head and Octavia waved goodbye. Vinyl turned to me and gave me a hug.

"Whats this for?" I asked her.

"For letting me come with you! I had always wanted to come here!" She told me, letting me go.

"Well, you're here! What would you like to do first?" I asked her.

She was about to answer but then the music stopped and an orchestra began to play. She turned back to me and smiled. I returned her smile and pointed a hoof to the dance floor.

"Lead the way." I told her.

She let out a small squeal and grabbed my hoof. Nearly dragging me to the crowd of ponies dancing, I tried to remember how to dance. I found myself standing in front of Vinyl who leaned to the right. I remember seeing some ponies do this before, so I leaned to the left and we locked our heads around each other's neck. I felt Vinyl rest her head on the back of mine for support and I did the same. Together, we moved fluently to the music. I felt a sudden warmth all over my body. My mind was spinning and I could hardly thing straight. I felt her gentle breathing on the back of my neck and continued to dance with her. We moved together in unison and I was shocked that I hadn't messed anything up yet. I closed my eyes and continued to move with her.

The music faded to a stop and I nuzzled the back of her neck. We let go of each other and I looked into Vinyls eyes. She gave me a smile and was blushing. A smile rose on my face and looked into her beautiful eyes. Her eyes closed and she leaned in. My heart began to race a mile a minute. Not knowing what else to do, I leaned in and closed my eyes. Our lips touched and I felt Vinyl's body become stiff. She relaxed and we continued our kiss for as long as we could. A few ponies had been watching us and we heard a few "Aww" or some even stomped their hooves in applause. We broke our kiss and I looked back into her eyes again. She nuzzled me and thanked me again.

After a few minutes, Vinyl decided that we go and find Octavia and see who her secret date was. We were half way to the bar when we found Octavia with her date. Vinyl said we should probably keep our distance, because they seemed to be having a good time. I looked at the stallion and my blood began to boil. I recognized that stallion from many nights ago. He was with Daizy and he slipped her that dirty drink. I had to stop it this time. Octavia was a great friend to me, and especially to Vinyl. I couldn't let it happen, not this time.

"That's a bad stallion. He dated my ex and slipped her a bad drink. I got to stop him before he does the same to her!" I told her.

Vinyl's face turned to worry and followed me to the bar. I watched as he gave the same smile and wink to the barpony. He nodded and added something to the one of the drinks. Octavia almost picked up her drink and I placed a hoof over it to stop her. I glared at the stallion and he gave me a quizzical look.

"You think you can just drug up any mare and get away with it?" I asked, trying not to make a scene.

"Rustle, what is he talking about?" Octavia asked the stallion.

"Get out of here kid, I ain't done nothing wrong." He said sipping his drink.

"What did you do to her drink?" I asked the barpony.

He respond with a guilty smile and turned away from us, returning to the many bottles behind the bar.

"Octavia, go with Vinyl." I told her.

Octavia quickly got up and moved away from us. The stallion snarled at me and I ignored him. He trotted through a large crowd and I hated myself to let him go. I moved over to where Vinyl was sitting with Octavia, who was crying. I sat down and held my hooves to my head.

"I'm sorry." I apologized to her.

"Sorry?" she asked, lifting her head up.

"I should have stopped him a long time ago. He drugged my ex and I was a heartless bastard to let him get away with it." I began to feel sorrow.

"You basically saved me from that lunatic. Thank you. I knew I should have gone with that nice stallion who asked me not that long ago. At least he was upfront about asking me." Octavia said, cleaning the tears away.

I began to wonder who that other stallion was. Than it hit me. I had to talk to somepony once I get back into town. I looked over to Vinyl to see her comforting her friend. She gave me a smile and continued to rub Octavia's back. I looked around and saw that the snow outside had definitely picked up. My head began to fill with thoughts of what happened to Daizy that night. My stomach churned and I felt like passing out. I took a deep breath and tried my best to enjoy the rest of the night with Vinyl.

The gala was soon over, because the snow had cut it short. If it had gone on any longer, we would have been snowed in. We arrived at a train station and some guards informed us that the trains are shut down for the day. If the trains were to run in this much snow, they were surely to get stuck and de-rail. I turned back to Vinyl and Octavia and told them the bad news. They both sighed and I reached into my shirt pocket and counted my bits.

"Okay, I have enough bits to get a room or two at an inn." I told them.

"I'm going to chip in bits too. It's the least I can do for what you did." Octavia said to me.

We arrived at a nearby inn and got two rooms. I handed Vinyl a key and she handed it to Octavia. I had to get my thoughts together, because I knew Octavia was in no position to sleep alone for the night. I approached my door and slid the key in. Octavia passed by me and I noticed that Vinyl was right behind me, waiting for me to open the door. I unlocked the door and opened it. I turned to Vinyl who was looking up at me.

"Vinyl, I can't tell you how happy I am that you choose to stay with me. But I think Octavia needs somepony to hold. You should go stay with her for the night." I told her, trying my best to not sound like I didn't want to sleep with her.

"Oh... I understand." Vinyl sighed and slowly trotted to Octavia's room.

I couldn't let her go away thinking that I didn't want to sleep with her. I grabbed her and spun her around back to face me. I leaned in and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss and wrapped her hooves around my neck. I pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

"Goodnight, Vinyl... I love you." I hadn't even planned on saying that last part. My mind just forced the words out of my mouth.

"You do?" She asked, with wide eyes.

"Yes, Vinyl. I love you." I told her, not keeping my emotions in.

"I love you too, Snow." She almost screamed.

Our embrace lasted a while longer before she let go. I nuzzled her and she blushed at me. I turned back to my door and saw that Vinyl had already gone inside with Octavia. A smile grew on my face and I had a warm, fuzzy feeling grow inside of me. I told Vinyl I loved her, and she loves me.

"Best night ever." I whispered to myself.

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