• Published 9th Jul 2012
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Like a Broken Record - HeartBeat

I never would have guessed that a relationship that ended so tragic, led to something that makes me feel so good to finally have close to my heart.

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Chapter 2: Getting to Know Her

Chapter 2: Getting to Know Her

My head instantly began to throb as I opened my eyes. No doubt the drinks were coming to bite me back. Letting out a yawn, I trotted to the kitchen to look for medicine. I grabbed the green bottle of pills and swallowed two down with a glass of water. The pantry had a selection of food, but I instantly went for an apple. The apple didn't last long, because I hadn't eaten in quite some time. I was so tired from last night, I skipped dinner. I laid out on the couch and knocked over my bags. The contents spread over the floor and I looked down at a familiar piece of paper. I picked it up and unfolded it. I felt an unexpected smile grow on my face as I looked at the address of Vinyl's home. Setting the paper down, I sat up and held my hooves behind my head. The thought of something like another relationship burned in my head. I hated the thought of this ending up like Daizy and I. But I felt something with her. Something that I haven't felt with Daizy. The paper fell off the table and landed right in front of me.

"Alright... Buck it." I said grabbing the paper and moving towards the door.

The town seemed full of happy ponies who were enjoying their day. I occasionally got a "good afternoon" from some of them. I trotted down the street that was listed on the paper. Counting the houses, I found Vinyls's at the end of the road. I should have know it would have been the house with music that can be heard from a block away. I gave the doorbell a ring and the music seemed to fade. A unfamiliar pony answered the door. It was a light brown pony with purple eyes.

"Hi. Is Vinyl here?" I asked, the mare.

"Of course, just a second." She closed the door and a few moments later, Vinyl appeared at the door way.

"Hey! You decided to stop by!" She said, looking surprised.

"Of course. I thought that I should get to know a little more." I said, feeling a little strange at what I said.

"Oh. Well, I'm kinda busy at the moment. But, if you want, we can catch dinner tonight. Maybe we can catch up then?" She said, letting a little blush color her white cheeks.

"That could work." I said, smiling at her.

"Alright come back around 8, okay?" She said looking happy.

"Sure thing! See ya then."

I turned away and heard the door close. The music picked back up again and I began to trot down the path back to the dirt road. Suddenly I was stopped by the mare who answered the door.

"Listen, I hope your good enough for her. Her last few relationships, were torn to shreds and I was the one who always has to help her back up." She told me, looking completely serious.

"I assure you, that there will be no problem. For what I can tell so far, she is a really nice mare." I assured her.

"Somehow, I am having a hard time believing you. And if you tear her heart out, I'll come for you." she threatened and turned back.

I stood in the road, speechless and somewhat afraid. I shook my. Head and began to trot back to my house. My head was fogged with worry and doubt. I felt a hoof tap my shoulder and I turned to see my good friend, Flare.

"Yo! I've been saying things to you for about 3 blocks. You okay?" He said with a raised brow.

"Yeah, I just got... A lot on my mind." I lied to him.

"Okay? I heard what happened to you and Daizy." I was amazed at how fast things get around this town, especially relationships.

"Yeah... But I've met a new mare. And I think this can go somewhere." I said with a smile

"Okay, so do you want to get a few drinks?" He said pointing down to a bar.

"Oh, hay no." My stomach began to churn at the thought of more drinks. "Maybe some other time."

"You're missing out, I'll see ya round." He said trotting to the bar.

"See ya!" I smiled and continued to my house.

The snow had finally began to fall around me, sprinkling on the roads of the busy town. I loved winter because of the holidays and the weather. I may be the only one who enjoys the cold air, than just the snow that comes with it. I reached my house and lit the fireplace inside. The fire shot up the chimney and glowed in the partially dark room. I looked out the window and saw the little ponies play in the snow. They remind me of when I was a young colt, having the best of time in the snow.

I looked over to the clock and saw that it was about 6:30. Time flys when you doze out and reminisce in memories. I hopped in the warm shower and let the water soak my mane. After a few minutes, I get out and comb down my mane. The air in my house was warm and comforting against the cold outside. I watched as the time ticked to 8. Excited, I hop off the couch and put out the fire. I grabbed a scarf from the rack and threw it around my neck. I picked up my saddle bags off the floor and tightened it around me. I opened the door and a bast of cold air flew into the house. Locking the door behind me, I took a deep breath and watched the burst of fog come from my muzzle.

I trotted to Vinyl's house with a big grin on my face. Even though I felt nervous, I felt more excited. I guess that I'm pretty confident things will work out. But then worry took over and I begin to pray that I wont buck things up. I arrived at her door and heard no music this time. The knock on the door was responded with a little squeal and quick hoof-steps. The door swung open and I saw Vinyl's glowing red eyes.

"Hey! Let's get going!" She said excited.

"Sure!" I said with a smile.

She closed the door and she began to trot down the snow covered road. The streetlights turned on one-by-one and lit up the streets. The snow had slowed to small flutters.

"So, where are we heading?" I asked her.

"Hm... Well, we could go to this pretty cool shop that I know about." She said scratching her head.

"Sounds good to me." I said feeling a little excited.

We trotted together in the cold night to the shop. The snow crunched underneath our hooves. Some ponies were still out playing in the snow. A few couples sat together and nuzzled one another for warmth. We arrived at a coffee shop that had a pretty big fireplace in it. We trotted inside and headed to the counter.

"Hey Opal. Can I get my usual cup?" Vinyl said to the pony behind the counter.

"Sure thing. And what would you like sir?" He said turning to me.

"Hmm... I'll just have a cup of hot chocolate, please." I said looking at the large menu of drinks.

"Alrighty, go ahead and have a seat and I'll bring you your drinks." He said turning to the machines behind him.

Vinyl turned to a large red couch that was against the wall. I sat next to her and she turned to me. I looked into her red eyes and smiled.

"So, what do you like to do?" She asked me.

"Hmm..." I brought a hoof to my chin to think. "Well, I like to relax and watch the weather outside. Like just earlier, I sat for a few hours watching the snow fall. Kinda boring I guess."

"Not at all! I do that sometimes to just think about things." She said smiling.

"Okay, what do you like to do?" I asked, feeling kinda lame for asking the same question.

"I like to make music." She said plainly.

"Right, your a pretty famous producer." I laughed, remembering how I met her.

"Nah, I'm not that big." She said modestly.

"Are your kidding? I hear about you all the time!" I told her.

She smiled and her cheeks flushed red. The waiter placed the cups in front of us and placed the receipt on the table. I reached down to grab the piece of paper and so did Vinyl. I quickly snatched it up before she could and I looked down at the paper. I was a little surprised at how cheep the drinks were. The scenery should add a little to the price, but it was only 15 bits. I reached into my bag and placed the bits on the receipt. Vinyl smiled at me and used her magic to bring her cup to her mouth. I reached down for mine and took a gulp. Almost spraying the burning liquid off my tongue, I put a hoof over my mouth and let out a small groan in pain. Vinyl covered her smile with a hoof and giggled at me. My face had turned red and the pain finally died down.

"I forgot it was going to be hot." I told her, taking a much smaller sip.

"Yeah, I could tell." She laughed again.

"So you have met Octavia, my roommate?" She said taking another sip.

"Yeah, wait... Octavia, the famous Canterlot Cellist?" I asked placing my drink down.

"That's the one." She said with a smile. "Why?"

"No reason, it's just that you two are really famous and I've never would have guessed that you two live together." I said, picking my drink back up.

"Oh... Hm, ya know, I never thought of that!" She laughed.

Its a lot of fun talking to Vinyl. We told each other a lot of things before we relaxed. We finished our drinks and left the shop. The night's air had really gotten colder. The moon had began to shine through the thin clouds above. We began our trot back to Vinyls home and the wind blew hard against our fur. Vinyl let out a long shiver and clenched her teeth from chattering. I looked over to the freezing cold mare and got an idea.

"Here..." I took off my scarf and wrapped it around her neck. She let out a small sigh and she smiled at me. The smile soon faded and a frown appeared.

"But what about you? Aren't your cold now?" She worried.

"Nah, I don't mind the cold. I grew up in Manehatten, so this is nothing compared to the winters there." I said to her.

"Oh, well thank you." She nuzzled my neck.

My muscles tensed and my hooves turned to jelly. A sudden burs of warmth covered my body and shivers raced up my spine. Struggling to stand up straight, I looked in her red eyes as they glowed in Luna's moon and smiled. We reached her house and I sat at her front door. She turned to me and winked at me.

"Thanks, I'd like to go out again!" She said blushing again.

"Sure thing! How about tomorrow afternoon?" I asked.

"It's a date. Goodnight Snow." She said and opening her doors.

"Goodnight Vinyl." I said softly.

I turned to the path back to the dirt road and began to trot. I heard the door open again and the light from inside shined through the path.

"Hang on! I forgot to give this back." She said holding out my scarf.

"Thanks." I told her. I hadn't actually forgotten about it. I just thought she may want to keep it.

"Um..." Vinyl sat in front of me and her cheeks flushed red.

"What is it?" I asked her.

"N-Nothing... See you tomorrow!" She said dashing back inside the house.

I wrapped the scarf around my neck and turned back to the path. I felt confused as why she didn't tell me what was wrong. I felt a little bad about it, because I thought I had done something wrong. The cold air beat against my coat and I began a faster trot back to the warmth of my home.

>Author's Note:
Man, it took me forever to write this chapter. I hope its not total crap. I, for some reason, want to write a crap ton of fics now. So I have a whole page so far full of ideas of fics. Please leave comments and suggestions!

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