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A crisis with a strange creature pulls the Mane Six and Spike out to the edges of the Hollow Shades Forest by Fillydelphia. What they expected to find was a baddie needing a beat down, not an ancient with knowledge of Spike's heritage.

Against their wishes, Spike runs away with the Nature dragon to a realm far from the reaches of civilization.

The image used is called Legend by Kaytara on deviant art.

Prereader is RadicalDishonesty

Featured on 10/22/2014!

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A creature has risen out of the waters near Manehattan and seems to be hell-bent on reaching the capitol city of Canterlot, destroying anything in its path.
It must be stopped, no matter the cost.

Chapters (10)

Rarity finds out that she is in fact a Changeling,and more then that, a member of a Changeling Royal Family,who was sent away for her own safety and so that she should not get spoilt.

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For almost a year now, Trixie has been sending letters to Twilight. The only problem is, Twilight hasn't gotten a single one... until today. But now that she has, Twilight is left with more questions than she knows how to answer. Fortunately, she has a plan. Unfortunately, she doesn't know if that plan will work.

Featured on Equestria Daily
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"My lady once wrote in her very personal and very secret diary that I have problems appreciating personal space. I beg to differ on that sentiment." - A Butler commenting on Professional Discretion -

I'm a Butler. My friends, the imaginary ones at least, call me Butler. My job, looking after my lady, can be...challenging at times, but rewarding. Lately the job's become a little more difficult, especially after my lady's sister returned from the moon and the parliament decided to try and pass an entire bill just to be able to legally get rid of me. But managing the chaos is part of the job description, even if it means I must secretly become my lady's knight captain of her personal bodyguards in order to keep my job. Though even I could never have anticipated having to train knights cunningly disguised as maids to stay one step ahead of the nobles. Ah, the things I do for my princess.

Featured 9 - 12 August 2014. Many many thanks to everyone who kindly made this possible! You guys have doubled the fun!

Now featuring the editing talents of our resident editor Dumbgamer99. Be sure to thank him by checking out his page and giving him a follow!

Butler tag kindly made by undead003. Many thanks! (You'll find it actually works if you click on it.)

Cover Art: This picture totally contains ninjas. You just can't see them, cause they're that good.

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Cadance isn't Sombra. But Sombra's leadership is all the crystal ponies remember, a ruler they had to love at all costs, with the final payment being their own lives. And as they gradually come to see their new Princess as leader instead of savior, too much of that residual fear is being transferred to her. They praise her, adore her, refuse to correct her no matter what she does -- because they live in terror of the consequences for doing anything else. They have yet to find their own voices, and may go on repeating hers until Celestia and Luna switch shifts. So how can she make them tell her when she's wrong, see that there's nothing to be afraid of, and take the next step in coming back to themselves once and for all?

Forbidding them to do anything other than criticize her should do the trick, right?


(Part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group -- but can be read as a stand-alone, and no knowledge of the other stories is required. New members and trope edits are welcome.)

Now with author Patreon page.

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This story is a sequel to Triptych

The war touched everypony, even those far from the fighting. Compass Rose was affected more than most when gryphons appeared far behind the front lines, and the aftermath left her unwillingly in the company of an enemy soldier.

Set in the same universe as Off The Edge Of The Map, Apotheosis, and Triptych.

Editing by Kaorin.

Chapters (21)

One changeling is going to become a martyr for her entire race. How, you ask? Well, by becoming friends with ponies, of course!

She's doomed...

Don't expect very long chapters with this, as it's just a short set-up for what will be a much longer sequel.

Chapters (9)

Transformed into an alicorn against her will, Twilight’s peaceful world is shattered when she discovers that she’s considered a threat to the throne of the Two Sisters. With her friends nowhere to be found, Twilight must set off on a journey to find the truth behind her transformation, and why her own country considers her an enemy.

Old wounds will be opened, new friends will come forth from the shadows, and Twilight will discover a truth that will shatter her view of her mentor forever. Yet unbeknownst to her, this was her destiny all along.

This fanfic is heavily based on Equestria-Prevails artworks and fanon material. Any credit for the Characters, Locations, and Art that belongs to him must be directed at his page on Deviantart. Any other art will be credited to the respective owners on the author's note section of each chapter.~

I also have to give my thanks to a few guys who are helping me with this:
The awesome Bulder for Proof-Reading chapters seven through thirteen;
The amazing Vexy for revamping the long description;
The fantastic ymom2 for proof-reading from chapter two towards six;
The lovely Divine Path for helping me with rephrasing.

Cover art credits must go to ~Nalenthi

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[Featured on EQD 21/4/2014] [Now on TVTropes]

When Luna gifts Twilight the town of Ponyville and its surrounding countryside as her demesne she's initially confused. Then, after double checking her dictionary, more than a little concerned.

All her friends are, legally, her possessions. The town that took her in is her plaything, if she so wishes. She has been given responsibility.

Can Twilight's vision for a modern renaissance outrun the harsh realities of the shadowy figures pulling strings behind the scenes, nobles jockeying for her attention, and an irritatingly metaphorical love triangle?

Special thanks to the insatiable Blue_Paladin42, the incorrigible Maskedferret, the intuitive Southpaw and the indestructible newbiedoodle for all their hard work, past, present and future.

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