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'To whoever gets this message, we're in desperate need of help.'

'Equestria...Equestria is on the brink of being destroyed. Sombra, Tirek and many other villains are taking over our world. The Ambassadors of Harmony are nowhere to be found and Celestia and Luna...Faust, Celestia and Luna. I don't know who you are and I don't care, just as long as you can save us. And if you can't do that, then at the very least...'

'Avenge us.'

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Captured by your enemy. It's something that no soldier wants to think about, much less experience. Unfortunately for one U.S. soldier fighting in Equestria, that's exactly what happens. At the mercy of the ponies, he will have to resist their attempts to extract information from him, and hope that he'll see freedom again.
(Language warning for those who care.)

Many thanks to my prereader, Cosmic Cowboy, for letting me bounce ideas off him, and not letting me upload garbage.
Cover art by the awesome (and patient) Erindor.
Appeared in the feature box for a brief time on 10/11/2015. I have no words...

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Okay, it goes like this.

I was supposed to get married today, but fate had different plans. Those plans included me inexplicably appearing on an alien world of sapient horses who speak an entirely different language. Not only am I totally screwed with my wedding, but these sparkling horses are apparently hostile.

Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but I'm not the kind of guy who can make up something like this.

Chapters (15)

A human designed colonization probe carrying all the components required to create a colony for the human race has detected a planet within parameters to begin terraformation and colonization. There's just one problem, an unknown radiation covers the land making it too dangerous for humans. The planet itself is fine, but the radiation must be removed before colonization can begin. Meanwhile in Ponyville a large object lands on the outskirts of town. Other objects can be seen flying through the air and orbiting the planet. Twilight Sparkle soon notices something peculiar, something very strange. Something horrifying. Wherever the objects go, magic is removed. This could get problematic.

Chapters (1)

A year after a child was born, Andrew Watkins, was having his first birthday. Things go bad after a while of being at home, and gets transported somewhere else, being saved by the horrible accident, by a young unicorn Twilight Sparkle. Who was working on a different type of magic. Equestrian teleportation magic. Who had accidentally brought Andrew to Equestria, but saving his life in the process. Now it is Twilight's responsibility to take care of him, and/or find a way to bring him back to wherever he came from.

Yes, I know this is my third human in Equestria story, but that should be all you expect from me. It's my favourite type, so don't expect and only pony stories. So I hope that you enjoy this story, its something that I've been thinking about for a while, so I'm not positive that it will be successful. So feel free to give me any tips!

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Back home from "The Sandbox", one soldier tries to rebuild and restart his life. Though broken and depressed from battle, he is unsure about his place in life. Still living inside the bottle, he discovers MLP:FiM, which gives him hope and motivation to carry on. But his trip to the Central Library one day is what seals the fate of this soldier's future.

A small salute to those who have put themselves on the line and those who are going to.

I love the feedback and i'll try to respond to everything

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Peter Collins. Full-time copy clerk; part-time competitive shooter and sketch artist. Not the most glorious life, but for an independent 26-year-old looking to make his way up the corporate ladder, it's not a bad start.

But the thing about one-in-a-million chances is that somebody has to be that one. And Pete has just found himself the winner of a bizarre cosmic lottery, giving him a free one-way trip into a land of magic and wonder: Equestria.

Unfortunately, the locals are skittish, distrustful of anything not their own, and outright terrified of whatever might be threatening to them. And with no way to speak to or understand them, what might have been a trip through paradise becomes a journey through a living hell, where the simplest of misunderstandings can bring the most dire of consequences. Alone, confused and desperate, Peter wages a one-man battle to escape a land seemingly out to get him, searching for a way back home, while the forces that protect this magical nation- ignorant of his goals and terrified that he may be a threat- do all they can to capture him.

How far can fear push us apart, what can it push us to do, when communication is impossible?


Partial rewrite finished. See this blog post for details.


Rated Teen for language and violence. This story was inspired in part by A Voice Among the Strangers by Tystarr, as well as Over the Edge and Through the Wood by JarOfHearts. Cover art graciously provided by the talented Sonson-Sensei! Also look here for the original cover art provided by Armalite.

Now with its own TV Tropes page due to the heroic efforts of redandready45.

Chapters (35)

The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things.
The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice versa the bad things don't spoil the good things, or make them unimportant.
When the opportunity to care for a small, blue alicorn arises, I give her the kindness that everyone and everything deserves.
After all, the loneliest people are the kindest...

Link to sequel: The Worlds End

(This is my first ever fanfic. I don't think my own writing skills are any good, but I want to try contributing something somewhat good to the fandom.)

Edit: Many months after I initially posted this story, I never thought it would get this popular. To date my first story is the biggest, statistics wise, and it even made the features box on the front page! Thanks to all the viewers and followers <3

Chapters (16)

In a unknown location in Equestria, or even maybe Earth, a man lies awake. In his arms he squeezes close to him his mate; his partner, his love, his pony. Being insanely in love with his pony mare, this man takes time to go through the many thoughts of what it is like to be with a mare from another world. Using her as a muse, he will try to understand all the positives and negatives of their relationship.

Cover Art By: Void Heart

Chapters (1)

My name is Aedan and I'm your average run-of-the-mill guy from Missouri. I served in the Marine Corps for about four years, now I've been out for a year and I'm making a living on the edge of St. Louis. It's not the best of conditions for a guy like me to have to deal with, but I adapt and overcome. Then one Saturday morning on my daily jog I ran into something (well in truth she ran into me) I'd never thought possible. She calls herself 'Princess Luna'. She's alone and confused, but most of all, she wants to go home. And guess who the poor guy is that decided to help her.

rated Teen for talking like a Marine and some... 'Adult' situations...

Chapters (25)
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