• Published 2nd Jul 2014
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Godzilla in Equestria - Algernon97

The king of the monsters goes on a rampage across Equestria.

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1000 HOURS

Red Sky was still trying to figure out just what the tube-bulb thing inside the megaspell was. He briefly considered asking Seri again, but since she'd refused to explain it every other time, he decided not to. He glanced over at the pink unicorn, who was studiously going over the contents of a little notebook floating in front of her. Red looked back down at the tube-bulb thing. Upon further inspection, he found that the megaspell had no payload. Instead, the timer and detonator were clumsily wired straight into the recently-completed device sitting right in the middle of the megaspell. As for the device itself, Red couldn't figure out why such a simple-looking device was worth being kept a secret, or why the bomb's components were wired to it. A narrow tube with a large bulb in the middle, connected to a couple of small tanks at the bottom of the megaspell's insides, that's all it was. So why was it inside the bomb instead of the payload?

He glanced back up. Seri was still going over something in her notebook. Red looked back down at the device. The bulb in the middle of the tube looked like it was supposed to split in two... Why would it do that? He leaned in closer to get a better look. If he could just-

"Are you finished with your inspection yet?"

Red froze. Slowly, he looked up to see Seri looking straight at him, her notebook still floating beside her head. Red stepped back from the workbench holding the bomb, saying,

"Uh... Yes?" Seri trotted over to the workbench, and quickly checked the bomb's contents. She told Red to come back to the workbench, and he trotted over to stand next to her. She said,

"Red, I need the timer and detonator wires properly attached to the device here." -Seri pointed at the tube-bulb thing inside the bomb- "I'm awful with wires. Simply attach the wires here," -she pointed to a small receptacle where the wires were connected to the device- "and let me know when you're done. I need to test this to make sure it'll work."

Seri trotted over to her cot on the right side of the tent, leaving Red to work on the megaspell. Red looked down at the innards of the bomb, and saw that the wires were in a giant ball that had been crammed into the receptors. A small tug showed that they were firmly lodged in that spot. Offhoof, Red estimated that it'd take him almost an hour just to get the wires out in the first place. Then, he'd have to separate them all and reconnect them where they belonged.

Red was almost certain he heard Seri suppressing a laugh when he tried to untangle the wires.


1100 HOURS

Lucky Strike watched as the line of six huge guns rolled past him, each pulled by four-pony crews. When they stopped in the field just outside the camp, Lucky looked on from the edge of the camp. He saw the two generals, Patter and West Point, trot out to the field, and talk to somepony who Lucky assumed to be the commanding officer of the eighth artillery unit. Lucky had entertained the thought of trying to sneak out and follow the artillery unit, but that'd be a bit too drastic. While he had sworn he would see that monstrosity die, that didn't mean he had to march out and fire one of the guns. He just had to see that monster suffer and keel over, and he could do that with a good pair of binoculars, especially if the guns were going to be deployed on Foal Mountain.

The spot where his wing used to be itched like crazy. It wasn't like the 'phantom limb' stuff the doctor had told him about, that was when he felt like he still had his right wing. This was in the actual spot where that thing bit Lucky's wing off, and it was itching like he'd rolled in poison ivy or something. Lucky tried to ignore the constant itch and turned back, heading for the mess area. If his memory was right, then he ought to be able to see the monster with his binoculars in a day. That left him plenty of time to come to terms with some recent events...


1350 HOURS

Red plugged the last wire into the proper receptacle on the tube-bulb device. He turned his head to the right, and said,


Seri got out of her cot, and trotted over to the workbench, stopping next to Red. She gave the device a quick inspection, and nodded in approval. She said,

"Good work. Now we just need to finish the bomb itself."

Red sky coughed. He said, "Yeah, uh, about that... Why isn't there a payload in this thing? Isn't that, I don't know, critical for the whole thing to work?"

Seri turned her head to look at Red. She said,

"I thought I told you the megaspell's original design wouldn't kill Gojira."

"Yeah, you did... Wait..." -Red's eyes widened- "Oh, please tell me you didn't-"

"Modify the megaspell? Yes. Yes I did."

Red glanced at the bomb sitting on the workbench in next to him. He pointed at the tube bulb device, saying,

"Then that's..."

"Something capable of killing Gojira. I call it the 'oxygen destroyer'."

"The...'oxygen destoryer'?"

"Yes. A terrible creation that never should have seen the light of day."

"Why? What's it do?" Red asked, looking between the one-eyed unicorn and the oxygen destroyer. Red had a good idea of what something called the 'oxygen destroyer' would do, but it didn't hurt to ask. Seri looked down at the device nestled inside the megaspell, and sighed. She said,

"It's powerful enough to stop Gojira. That's all you need to know."


1350 HOURS

Lucky Strike was sitting in the mess area, thinking about anything that popped into his head. The thoughts that came to his mind the most were rather elaborate ways of making the monster suffer a slow, painful death. That, or frustration at the itchy spot where his right wing used to be. The constant itch was starting to worry him. For a moment, his mind turned to a pulp novel he'd read where somepony turned into a fifty-foot monster just because an alien bit them, or something like that. Or those superhero comic books Ember used to read. Lucky smiled at the thought. Then he actually considered the fact that a giant monster of unkown origin had actually bitten his wing off.

Lucky got up and started trotting towards the field hospital. Better safe than sorry, he thought. He was almost out of the mess area when he felt a small, barely noticeable tremor run through the ground under his hooves. Lucky froze. A short time later, and he felt it again. Lucky ran to the edge of the camp, picking up a pair of binoculars on the way. When he reached the edge, he lifted the binoculars, looking out at the valley near Foal Mountain.

He could see the eighth artillery stopped mid-way to the mountain, rushing to load the huge guns. He could barely hear a faint thudding sound, perfectly timed to the faint tremors he felt. Then, one of the huge guns flashed, with a loud crack! startling almost everypony in the camp. Lucky shifted his gaze to the left.

Lucky lowered the binoculars. He could see the creature without them. He watched as the titan marched towards the eighth artillery, caught in the open. Lucky raised the binoculars again, silently urging the gun crews to run as he did so. The gun crews stayed with the cannons, firing shells at an incredible speed. For a moment, Lucky thought they might have had a chance at hurting the creature.

Then, through the binoculars, Lucky saw the jet of blue flame sweep through the gun line.

He saw the gun crews burn.

A moment later, he heard the screams.

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