• Published 2nd Jul 2014
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Godzilla in Equestria - Algernon97

The king of the monsters goes on a rampage across Equestria.

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1100 HOURS

"What do you mean, 'he hasn't sent a report'?"

Chalky Sky was not a happy pony. Well, he had been happy, until his brother had failed to send a report from sea for a whole week. If his big brother was anything, he was punctual, and he always sent a report each day at noon, unless he was sick. And even then, Red still sent a report as soon as he could, along with an apology for how late he was. He had only missed one day the previous week, and that was apparently due to some 'teething problems' with that submarine the two of them had built last summer. But a whole week without any reports at all? That just didn't make any sense.

"I meant exactly what I just said, Mr. Sky. Red Sky, or, well, anypony on the Mir, has not sent any reports since last week," The brown unicorn droned, more interested in a clump of dust that had somehow appeared on her desk than the grey and blue earth pony standing in front of her little shack. She lazily lifted her head from its balancing point on her right hoof, and said, "The proper authorities have been alerted and are currently searching the area around the Mir's last known location."

Chalky snorted, and said, " Okay. So, do you want me to just, I don't know, wait here until they get back?"

The mare returned her attention to the odd little clump of dust, and grunted indifferently. It was around this moment that Chalky Sky decided he did not like this mare whatsoever. He placed his fore hooves on the mare's desk, causing her to shift her attention back to him.

"Look, I just want to know if my brother's okay. Isn't there something you can do?" Chalky said.

"If it really bugs you that much, I'll see if I can send somepony to tell you when the patrol boat gets back." She said, before once again focusing on the dust clump.

Chalky took his hooves off the mare's desk, sighing. Clearly he wasn't going to get anywhere by talking to this mare. He turned and walked down the little street between the city of Manehattan and the wooden piers that stuck out into the ocean. He wasn't particularly fond of the city, but it had grown on him since he had moved there to help Red build that submarine. He had a nice little apartment, a construction job with steady pay, and there was that cute waitress in the cafe on seventh street. One of these days he'd work up the nerve to ask her out, and then Red would stop teasing him about it. Or, wait, wouldn't he just move to teasing about Chalky's activities with her? He hadn't thought about that.

Chalky also didn't pay much attention to an odd bulge out in the ocean, barely visible even if he had tried to look for it, that was steadily getting bigger and moving closer to the docks. Had he cared, he might have figured that such an oddly shaped wave would reach the shoreline in about an hour.


1200 HOURS

Chalky sat on the old brick sidewalk, leaning against the wall of some office building. He made a mental note not to run the entire length of the city next time he wanted to exercise. He had, in a fit of sheer brilliance, run from the dockyards to his apartment complex, and then straight to downtown, without any breaks. It was a wonder he hadn't keeled over from exhaustion. On the plus side, he had finally figured out what he would say to the waitress the next time he saw her. Now if he could just figure out how to deflect Red's innuendos he'd be fine. Chalky was so focused on what Red would say and how he'd respond that he didn't notice the slight tremors going through the ground. He did notice, however, the countless ponies screaming behind him, in the general direction of the dockyard, followed by the sound of a building collapsing. Ponies started running around him, flocking towards the edges of the city. He slowly turned around, and immediately wished he hadn't.

He saw something, he wasn't sure what, moving in a debris cloud.

It was taller than the biggest skyscraper he had ever seen.

It surged forward, and nudged said skyscraper with a short forearm.

And Chalky saw the Glass Tower, the crown jewel of Equestrian architecture, the tallest building in the world, destroyed by this behemoth in a motion akin to a pony swatting a fly.

Chalky froze up, eyes wide and mouth open in shock.

He had to move, he knew that in order to survive he needed to move.

Everypony else was galloping as fast as they could, all trying to get away from the monster shrouded in smoke.

He had to do the same. He had to. He needed to move. He needed to move right now!

But his hooves refused to listen to his brain, and he remained rooted in place.

The beast moved out of the smoke, and Chalky's brain neatly shut down, the only thought coming to mind now being the word 'dinosaur'.

And then it leaned its head forward, opened its maw that looked big enough to swallow the sun, and roared.

Chalky felt the thick, humid air blast him for what felt like an eternity, and was fairly certain that a warm liquid was now running down one of his rear hooves.

Once more, he ordered his body to move. And once more, his hooves refused to obey.

The titan was moving towards him now, the ground lurching with each step the monstrosity took.

His eyes slowly moved up as the creature towered over him.

For some reason, he thought of the mare at the dockyard.

There was a moment of intense agony, and then Chalky Sky was no more.

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