• Published 2nd Jul 2014
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Godzilla in Equestria - Algernon97

The king of the monsters goes on a rampage across Equestria.

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1540 HOURS

Red Sky had to put his fore hooves on the table to keep himself from falling over. Even though it sounded like a last resort, the very thought that this 'megaspell' device was even considered for use terrified him. And then he realized something: If the other ponies from the team were dead or in the hospital that meant...

"Red, we have one of our best scientists trying to finish the megaspell as we speak, but she needs help in order to meet the deadline. We want you to help her complete it. After all, you should know it better than anypony else."

Red looked at the pegasus across from him, horrified. He opened his mouth to say 'no', but the unicorn to his right, wearing a smug grin, spoke first.

"Before you say anything, Red, I think I should explain what Ms. Point isn't telling you. You see, our pony simply will not be able to complete the megaspell without help from somepony who's already worked on it and knows everything about it. Now, if we have to force you to do it at spear-point, believe me, that's exactly what will happen. So, what do you say?"

"I...I don't have much of a choice do I? ...Fine, I...I'll help you build it."

The pegasus, Point, grinned.

"Good. Now, here" -General Point pushed one of her files, bigger than the rest, over to Red- "are the notes from the Manehattan Project. The megaspell is being developed in the large tent with hazard markings on it. Turn right once you're out of this one and keep going until you see it. That will be all."

Red took the file, holding it in his mouth, turned around, and trotted out of the tent. The moment he was out, the generals started talking. The brown earth pony said,

"West, I don't care how close that thing gets to Canterlot, I'm not changing my mind."

West Point looked down at the map on the table, moving her hoof to a small town between Manehattan and the camp's position. She tapped the name with her hoof, before saying,

"Pat, do you see this spot? This little town, 'Hollow Shades'? My parents live there. And right now, that monster is razing it. Do you think it'll stop once it gets to Canterlot? Without the Princesses there, it'll tear the place clean off the mountain. What happens if we can't stop it with anything other than the megaspell? Do you want us to just sit and watch it run wild across the country?"

"Have you ever stopped to consider what would happen if the megaspell doesn't kill it? We could cause the worst ecological disaster in history, and still have a monster tearing the country apart!"

Before West Point could reply, the unicorn to her left said,

"General Patter, surely you realize that if we can't kill it in four days, then we're just going to use the megaspell, regardless of your concerns. Honestly, you should just agree to it so we can do it without all this hassle. The Princesses' orders clearly state-"

"I know what our orders are, you arrogant twit!" -Patter was leaning over the table, practically yelling in the unicorn's face- "And I don't care if you're her nephew, if you try to tell me how to do my job one more time, I swear I'll-" Pat was interrupted by West Point pushing him back to his side of the table. She said,

"Pat. Calm down. If any of the soldiers out there overheard us fighting like foals..."

Patter glared at the unicorn, then, turning to West, he said,

"I'm calm. I'm calm. It's just..." Patter glanced over at the unicorn, then trotted to a corner of the tent a short distance from the table. West Point followed him, leaving the white unicorn at the small table. When she was standing next to him, Patter said in a low voice,

"West, I've been through a lot in my career. Desert foxes in Zebrica, hydras, the changelings, and now this thing. I can deal with that stuff, it's part of the job. But putting up with him"-Pat tilted his head in the direction of the table, where the unicorn was trying to clean Patter's spit off his brand new uniform- "is driving me insane. Does he really need to be here?"

West said,

"Yes. You know how the Princesses are always trying to get him to do something important. I don't like it any more than you do, but we're stuck with him."

"Yeah, 'stuck with him' sounds about right. Hey, why don't we-"

"Believe me, I already tried to get him transferred to Canterlot, but apparently one of the ponies in charge of the defenses there hates him more than you do. She sent the transfer request back with the word 'no' stamped all over it, and also wrote that sending him there would be 'the worst possible thing'."

Patter sighed, "Great. Figures we're stuck with him. My mane's going to turn white by the end of this week, I just know it..."

"At least he's not completely incompetent at strategy. C'mon, he's probably starting to think we're plotting an assassination or something."

"Fine. But he stays out of the briefings."

The two of them trotted back to the table, and sat at their respective positions. The white unicorn, having cleaned his uniform to his liking, said,

"I'll just pretend that whole mess didn't happen. Now then, shall we continue discussing plans for the attack?"


1550 HOURS

Red Sky found the large tent with hazard markings rather easily. He ducked inside, and found several tables arranged in a square around a central workbench, along with two cots, one on each side of the tent. While the tables in the outer square held what must have been millions of spare parts, the central workbench held the megaspell device. It looked like someone had taken a large pipe,sawed the top half off and set it to the side, added a cone to the front, and a box kite to the back. But the inside seemed...different from what Red remembered.

A pink and blue unicorn was standing in front of the workbench, using both magic and hooves to work on the guts of the device. Occasionally, she would stop and float a notebook in front of her, before she continued her work. Red set the file he had down on the nearest table, wiping any spit from his mouth off of it, and coughed to get the pink unicorn's attention. The unicorn twisted her head around, and Red saw that the pony had an eyepatch over her right eye. The unicorn waved Red over to the workbench, then continued her work.

Red trotted through a gap in the outer square of parts-tables, and moved to where he was standing next to the mare. The pink and blue unicorn, still focused on the megaspell, said,

"I'm very busy. What is it you want?"

"I'm Red Sky. I was told you needed-" Red was cut off by the unicorn putting down her tools and turning to face him, saying,

"Apologies, I didn't recognize you. You're the one who was on the Manehattan project and designed the megaspell, yes?"

"Uh...Yeah, I helped design it...and you are...?"

"Ah, where are my manners? I'm Seri. It will be an honor to work with you, Mr. Sky."

"Just...Just call me Red, okay?" Seri nodded.The eyepatched pony levitated her notebook over to Red.

"These are my notes on the megaspell. I believe you'll want to look over them." -Red sat down and grabbed the notebook with his hoof- "I have done some calculations based on the megaspell's projected power, and I've reached a disturbing conclusion. I'm afraid that the megaspell, as currently designed, will not be enough stop Gojira."


1600 HOURS

Captain Ironclad was sitting in the large field just outside the camp. Around him, sitting in disorganized rows, were the armored pegasi of the Royal Air Corps. Ironclad had been reassigned to the thirteenth squadron, comprised of twelve ponies, including himself. Along with some other units, his squadron had marched out to this field, where a large projection screen had been set up, along with a makeshift stage. The only things missing from the briefing were the generals themselves.

Ironclad looked around at the ponies in his squadron. Due to a rank difference between forces, he now held the title of 'group captain', which meant he was now the leader of the the eleven pegasi clustered around him. Ironclad was starting to miss his patrol boat...

Two of the generals, a brown earth pony and a tan pegasus, generals Patter and West Point, trotted out of the camp and onto the small stage in front of the soldiers. Any idle chatter in the group stopped instantly. General West Point trotted out to one side of the stage, just a little bit to the right of the screen. General Patter trotted to the opposite side of the screen and nodded to somepony in the back. Ironclad heard a small click, and the screen lit up with a slightly fuzzy photograph of the beast as it lumbered away from Manehattan. It was the first time Ironclad had actually seen the creature, a towering, pitch-black leviathan with jagged white spines jutting out of its back and tail. General West Point said,

"Ladies and gentlecolts, this" -West Point pointed at the picture on the screen- "is the creature responsible for the attacks on Manehattan and Hollow Shades, code named 'Godzilla'. At this time, it is heading straight for Canterlot. It will take Godzilla five days, including today, to reach the city at its current pace. Under normal circumstances, the Princesses would deal with a threat like this. Unfortunately, they're mediating negotiations between two warring states in Zebrica. The 'heroes of Equestria', as the media likes to call them, are split between the Crystal Empire, the badlands, and Canterlot. They will not be able to assemble before Godzilla reaches the capital. Discord is assisting the rescue teams sift through the ruins in Manehattan and Hollow Shades, and will also be unable to intercept Godzilla in time. Therefore," -West Point nodded at the pony behind Ironclad's group, and the picture slid to the right, replaced by a map covered with arrows, blocks, and a red line- "we are all that stands between Godzilla and Canterlot. When Godzilla reaches this valley," -West Point pointed at a spot on the red line- " at 1800 hours, we attack.

"Welcome to Operation Anguirus."


1600 HOURS

Red fumbled with Seri's notebook, having nearly dropped it at her statement. When he was certain he wasn't going to drop it, he asked,

"What do you mean, 'it's not enough to stop Godzilla'? And why are you calling it 'Godzilla'?"

"I mean that as it is currently designed, and from what I can tell about Gojira, the megaspell will not be able to kill it. As for the second question, I said 'Gojira', not 'Godzilla'. And in my country there is an ancient legend about a monster that rose from the depths to destroy an arrogant pony's empire. This creature roughly fits the description of the beast in the story, so I named it after the legend: 'Gojira'." Seri started working on the megaspell again, using her magic to float the tools in place and make adjustments to the bomb's insides. Red put her notebook down on the workbench, and said,

"In your country?"


"Oh..." Red looked around, the conversation ending in an uncomfortable silence. Seri's eye glanced at him, before she said,

"Are you going to help me or not?"

Red jumped a little, and said,

"Y-yes. Yes I am...I've got some notes around here..." Red trotted over to the table near the tent's entrance, grabbed the folder he had, and returned to the workbench. He put the folder down on the workbench, placing it on the mostly empty side. Seri looked at the large folder, pausing her work, and said,

"Those are your notes?"


"May I?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Seri pulled the folder closer to her, opened it, and then floated several of the documents inside it in the air around her. She examined them as they floated by her head, her eye narrowing in concentration. Red took the opportunity to check the inside of the megaspell device. The bits and pieces inside it looked...different from how he remembered the design. In addition to the small wires, containers, and the timer, there was an odd, unfinished thing that looked like a tube with a large bulb in the middle of it. Curious, he moved closer to get a better look at the thing. The bulb looked like it had a crease in its center, and now Red could see there were some small tanks attached to the pole.

"Do. Not. Touch. That."

Red's head shot up to see the eyepatch-wearing unicorn looking at him from her position on the opposite side of the workbench. The folder had all the documents back in it, and was floating by Seri's head. Her expression was a mixture of concern, anger, and terror. Red glanced down at the bomb's innards, confused. He looked back up at Seri.

"Why, what is it?"

Seri placed the folder on the workbench. She leaned over the bomb, her eye narrowing at Red.

"It's why I can't complete the megaspell without your help. And right now, that's all you need to know."

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