• Published 2nd Jul 2014
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Godzilla in Equestria - Algernon97

The king of the monsters goes on a rampage across Equestria.

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Nestled inside a deep scar on the seafloor, he slumbered. If it weren't for the occasional shift or twitch, the leviathan could be mistaken for a rock formation, the jagged plates on his back pointing up towards the surface. His tail, in a reflexive motion, swatted at any creature foolish enough to approach him.

As for what exactly he was, that was difficult to say. An evolutionary fluke? A relic from some bygone era? Part of a series of super-predators, only waking when nature was imbalanced? It doesn't matter. He existed, and he was quite content with that. He had existed for a long time, albeit much of that time was spent in his hibernation. And as long as he slept, he was harmless, aside from the rare earthquake caused when he shifted to a better position. Of course, something had to wake him up sooner or later...


1500 HOURS

Red Sky was decidedly not enjoying the view as he leaned over the railing and allowed his stomach to empty its contents for the fifth time in seven hours. The grey earth pony, having regained control over his stomach, turned back from the rail and, after cleaning his snout with a hoof, made his way back to the metal door he had thrown open on his sprint to the railing. Closing it behind him, Red made his way back to a small room that he had called home for the past week. When he trotted in, he found a light green pegasus mare with an unkempt brown mane still laughing at him. Red Sky sighed.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up Buzzy," He said.

"I'm sorry, it's just, jus- your face, Red, it looks so silly every time!" Pollen 'Buzzy' Bee stammered, trying, and failing, to stop laughing at her roommate's misfortune. Red couldn't quite remember why he was such good friends with her.

"I mean really, how the ha-hay have you not gotten your 'sea legs' yet?" She continued.

Red waited until she had calmed down before he tried saying anything else.

"I'm glad you find my suffering so hilarious, Buzzy, but can we try to continue with what I was telling you before I was-" Red coughed into his fore hoof "-interrupted?"

Buzzy, still wearing a grin, said, "Sure. But do you want a barf bag just to be safe?"

Red glared at her, before trotting over to a diagram hanging from the wall. The blue sheet represented Red's greatest achievement: A 'submarine', those rare, underwater ships that could, potentially, discover all the secrets that the oceans held. And this was one he had designed himself, capable of going to depths nopony had ever dreamed of. That was why the Mir was above the Great Oceanic Trench at this very moment. And, unfortunately for him, Buzzy was going to be the pilot. It was that or run the risk of getting seasick in the sub's cramped control compartment.

"Now, you should know everything about the sub's basic operation, but I haven't gone over the emergency protocols yet."

Buzzy gave an exasperated sigh.

"I know you're bored by this point Buzzy, but I will not have you fly my baby around and not know every single thing about her. Now then,"- Red pointed at a small weight attached to the bottom of the sub- "this is the escape ballast. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to surface faster than normal, simply pull this lever," -Red pointed to a lever next to the pilot's seat before letting his hoof fall back to the ground - "and the escape ballast will detach from the sub and allow you to return to the surface at a far faster speed."

"Okay, got it...There isn't going to be a test on this, right?" Buzzy asked.

"If by test you mean memory recall in the field, then yes, there's a test. Now, I think they should just about have the sub ready. C'mon, let's go see how much you remember," Red said as he trotted out of the room and down the narrow hallway, with Buzzy soon following him.


While Buzzy was climbing into the egg-shaped vessel hanging from a crane with the help of the Mir's crew, Red Sky was once again bent over the rails, puking his guts out. He turned back, walking over to the bulky machine that, apparently, could transmit his voice down to Buzzy in the sub, and vice versa. Personally, he regretted having to include it in his design, since it only made the sub bigger than it needed to be. Unfortunately, it would be highly impractical, not to mention time-wasting, to use dragons and their special fire spells in this situation, so he was stuck with the huge transmitter.

Once Buzzy was inside and the crew had sealed the hatch, Red gave the signal and the sub was released into the water, where it slowly sank out of sight. Red flicked a large switch on the transmitter, and heard static and crackling sounds as the machine warmed up. When the noise became a low hum, he leaned close to his microphone, pushing the 'send' button as he did so, and said,

"Everything okay down there, Buzzy? Over." He released the button the second he finished talking like he was told to do.

"Yeah, your little dreamboat's working like a charm, over." She replied, using the little code the technician had told them to use, with 'over' meaning a pony had finished talking and was waiting for a response.

"How far from the trench do you think you are?"

"Honestly, this thing's dropping pretty quick. By the way, did I really need to be lying down for this?"

"Yes, and don't worry about the speed of descent. It ought to slow down once you reach the trench."

"Right. I'll let you know when I get there, out."

And that was it. Buzzy was on her way to the bottom of the Great Oceanic Trench, while Red was stuck up on the ship with nothing to do but watch the transmitter. Well, that and throw up, but he didn't particularly like doing that.

It was almost fifteen minutes before Buzzy's voice came through the transmitter,

"Hey Red, I'm entering the trench now, over."

Red moved back over to his microphone and pushed the button down before speaking.

"Well, Buzzy, I think congratulations are in order. I'm pretty sure you just beat every single diving record in existence. What's the trench like?" Red was looking down at the table his microphone was on, wondering what sort of party the crew'd have for Buzzy's new record.

"Great, now I'm supposed to say something for the history books, aren't I? Well, I guess I'd like to thank my mom, my dad, and all the good folks in Cloudsdale, or something like that. Oh, and the trench looks strange."

"Define 'strange'."

"Well, Red, the whole place is empty. I don't think there's a single fish living in this thing." Red flicked his eyes up at that. Surely Buzzy was mistaken, all the research he had done showed that some deep-water fish had to live in the trench. Maybe she just couldn't see out of the tiny windows.

"Are you sure about that Buzzy? Or can you just not see anything?"

"Red, if I wasn't sure I wouldn't have said there was nothing down here. So yeah, there's nothing down here. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. Wait... Wait a minute."- Buzzy's distorted voice took on a concerned note- "Uh, Red, I just landed on something, and it ain't the bottom of the trench."

"What do you mean it isn't the bottom of the trench?" Red forced himself to stay calm. Panic in this situation would not lead to anything good.

"I mean whatever I landed on is starting to mo- oh my Celestia! I'm pulling the release lever! Red, get the crew on the crane ready right no-" A brief moment of static, then nothing.

"Buzzy? Buzzy, please respond, over." Red started to shiver, and his eyes grew wide.

"Buzzy, respond, over!"

That was when he heard it. A deep rumbling behind him, growing louder with each passing second. While the crew of the Mir panicked around him, Red Sky turned to see something bigger than anything he could ever imagine violently surface uncomfortably close to the ship. And before he would turn to run for the lifeboat, before he would see a ship of steel snap like a toothpick and before he would struggle to survive in the ocean, he saw something that he would never forget until the day he died. Red Sky saw the square head of a titanic creature, with eyes glowing like fire, its back glowing blue, and its jaws firmly locked around the crushed remnants of an egg-shaped submarine...

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