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Humans currently poses an entire intergalactic empire, the aid of their brilliant technologies, and the fundamentals of dark energy have allowed them to succeed to a type three civilisation.
A human named Jack decides to buy a planet called “Harmony” on the intergalactic market. This planet holds residence to dozens of sapient species who all are primitive lifeforms.
He decides to transform into one of the native species, with his intention to cause as much havoc/chaos as possible. At the time of his arrival, most of the world hadn’t seen conflict for well over 1000 years. He plans to change this, by encouraging new ideologies, starting a technological blackpowder arms race, and ultimately causing wars.

He may look evil to the natives, though according to the intergalactic government, he is implementing nothing illegal. His planet means his rules.

May or may not include Aryanne Hoofler and Communists

This story is set in Early Season Two, a few episodes after “Return of Harmony”. This is an alternate universe and thus Equestrian girls don't exist, humans are basically just a myth.

Prereader: crimson velvet
Constructive criticism is welcome.

Chapters (29)

This story is a sequel to Dear Princess Sunbutt

When Anon takes the liberty to inject his particular brand of humor into Twilight's friendship lessons, Celestia feels the need to respond, more often than not.

A somewhat unofficial sisterfic to 2Merr's Dear Princess Sunbutt

There may not be a response to every letter, and letters 1-11 were taken from my comments in said sister-story.

Please support 2Merr's story too if you like this one. This is written with encouragement of the original author.

(Note: Picture used without permission from Derpibooru. Upon request it will be promptly removed.)

EDIT: Apparently someone's done a reading of this and its sisterfic over on Youtube! Why does nopony tell me these things.

Chapters (138)

Anon takes over Spike’s job of transcribing Twilight’s friendship reports. He does exactly what you’d expect.

Sister fic containing Celestia’s replies - To: Anon, From HRH Sunbutt written by Snow

Chapters (165)

Inspired by the song Bismarck by the amazing band Sabaton!

When the Allies sunk the great battleship Bismarck, they thought it would be gone for good, left at the bottom of the Atlantic to rust as the Second World War raged on. What they didn't know was that the ship never made it to the ocean floor. Instead, the hulking battle machine was transported to someplace entirely unknown to mankind, with its sole survivor taken along for the ride.

The Gryphon Empire had been expanding its borders for centuries, gaining power and influence over the majority of the planet while at the same time stretching themselves ever thinner. Now, with food shortages threatening to tear the Empire apart, they look towards the only hope of salvation they have, Equestria.

Yet the pride of a predatory race would never allow for them to stoop to begging or trading for what they need. In their very blood there is a cry for war that cannot be denied if they are to save all that they have built. However, only a fool would dare go against the magical might of the pony nations, even taking into account the abysmal state of their military. Yet all of that changes when the hulk of a massive war vessel appears on the shores of their homeland, with a very strange pony the only being aboard.

Will Equestria fall under the power of one of mankind's most infamous warships? How will our lone human-turned-pony react to being in both a new body and world? You'll just have to take a look inside and see for yourself.

Thank you to my new Editors Grau and Helping Hoof for their help in making this an even better book for all of you to enjoy.

Chapters (4)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Sunset Shimmer, the former pupil of Princess Celestia, entered the mirror hoping to find a place where she could plot her revenge and prepare to enact it.
Instead she finds herself face down in a swamp, cold and alone, lost to the machinations of the dark, that is until she comes face to face with a being almost as ancient as her old mentor, and maybe just as wise.

I will try to keep this updated Weekly-Bi Weekly
Spoilers in the comments
Original Art by Bakki
Featured 5/30/2019
Now With A Discord Channel!

Chapters (9)

Sunset Shimmer, personal student of Princess Celestia, had a falling out with said teacher. Escaping through the mirror, she found herself in a world ruled by war, where dragons rule the sky, and demons lurk in the dark beyond.

Intent on returning home, yet prideful enough to not want to have nothing to show for it, join Sunset as she climbs the ranks of the Kirin Tor and sets out to be the most accomplished magus of her generation.

Updates will be monthly as of 13 January 2020 (Tentatively)
Image taken from the Legion Trailer, Harbinger: Khadgar
Oh my god, This got featured on 27/9/2019!!!! Thank you guys!
Posting Schedule Here

Chapters (23)

This story is a sequel to The Garden of Ideology

Nut, an unflappably polite young professional, is joined by Potato Blossom, his ward and pupil. Together, they have returned to Vanhoover, the place where Nut calls home. The city is a strange place for Potato Blossom, a filly shunned by her isolated, insular community.

Though he is an evolutionary biologist, or desires to be, Nut is charged by his professors to document Potato Blossom's integration into complex society. She becomes his project for university, a project that will have far-reaching influences upon his academic and scholarly future.

Plucked off of the farm, Potato Blossom must adapt, overcome, thrive, and survive in a city utterly hostile to her needs, wants, and desires. Vanhoover is cold, in both the literal and figurative sense, indifferent, and it seems as though the rains never cease.

Potato Blossom's survival means Nut's evolution into something greater... but what, exactly?

A tale sprouted in the Weedverse.

Chapters (28)

Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's precocious student, wants to know why it can't be teatime all the time. Princess Celestia's response comes in the form of a story, The Tale of the Dark Empress of Teatime.

In this tale, Sunny Sunshine goes to pay the Dark Empress of Teatime a visit, and comes home a different pony.

Technically an entry in the Weedverse, but stands alone and takes place in pre-history.

Chapters (9)

Balefire, the offspring of a Earth pony stallion and a Zebra mare, ends up befriending the monster under his bed.
The newly named monster Zip decides that she's observed this colt suffering for to long, proceeds to take matters into her own claws. She doesn't like his so called 'Pa' either abandoning the foal for long periods of time or when he is around verbally and emotionally abusing him. So one night she's had enough and makes off with him.

Who knows what this friendship will bring?

First story of hopefully many into a new universe i'm working on.

Chapters (2)

After the Changeling Lands, under Queen Chrysalis, invaded Olenia, Equestria rallied to defend its neighbor. The war lasted three years, and saw ups and downs, loss, victory and defeat for both sides. However, in the end, the two allies overcame the changeling hordes. Chrysalis fled, and a treaty was signed by a lesser queen willing to take her place.

The trouble is, many changelings still consider themselves to be Chrysalis' subjects... and refuse to allow their nation to be occupied, or changed, without a fight...


Gore is for occasional mention of, or scenes with, major wounds and means of death, though its not constant or focused on throughout the story. Violence is for the combat scenes. Dark is for, well, it's soldiers fighting guerrilla changelings, and those changelings largely support an evil ideology.

Written for Equestria at War, including the 2019 writeoff. The reason I am not part of that group is because HOI4 currently isn't working for me, mods or no, and as such I cannot even play EAW or experience what it is like except from watching other people on Youtube.

Note that I don't endorse hate. I'm not for war crimes or for the evil feelings caused by combat. However, both these things happen, especially in an insurgency where most of the population supports the insurrection and regularly espouse hate, disgust, or contempt toward the occupying forces. I don't endorse or promote it, but it does, sadly, exist.

Chapters (1)
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