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After putting on the Element of Magic, Sunset Shimmer was shown just how much of a monster she really is. But that wasn't all the Elements did to her.

Sunset has now been forced to serve penance by answering any question truthfully and by doing anything asked of her, whether she wants to or not.

And she really doesn't want to.

Until all of the hatred in her heart is gone, Sunset is at the whim of her peers, unbeknownst to them of course. Can her new "friends" help her down the road to redemption?

If not, there's always that other Twilight Sparkle she keeps running into.

Current editor: Nomad_Sigma
Guest editors: Cerulean Voice, Flint Sparks, Starlight Nova, and Sholan
Extra thanks to Icarus_Gizmo, JustAnotherTimeLord, and HenryAnthonyCourtler

Cover art customized by Amber Spark!

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Posted on EQD June 25, 2014
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During a thunderstorm, Derpy comforts Dinky by telling her the story behind the legendary pony causing it.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Gemmed Satyr

The third episode of the Gems Trilogy. Rated Teen for sexual implications, minor violence, and some dark themes.

It’s been three months since the events of The Sweetest Gem and The Gemmed Satyr, and everypony is in emotional turmoil.

Can Fluttershy stomach up the courage to take her relationship with Rarity to the next level? When Rainbow Dash finds out a dark secret about Applejack’s boyfriend Caramel, can she hold a promise not to tell her friend, or will her conscience make her do the right thing?

Does Sweetie Belle really have good reason to worry about her and Spike's future together? And just why has Pinkie Pie been so keen to hang out with Twilight lately, and what does she mean by the "prophecies" coming true'?

But their problems are only beginning. Trouble is brewing in Equestria. Strange things are happening all over the land: one of the royal sisters has mysteriously disappeared, a familiar evil is about to rise again, and the fate of all the hearts in Equestria will lie in these six ponies’ own troubled hearts as they search for a mystical place talked about only in myth.

Chapters (27)

Pinkie Pie has an existential crisis while painting her room. This self-parody is dedicated to Professor Piggy, who once told me that I could write a story about Pinkie watching paint dry and weave it into an incredible psychological journey. Let's see if he was right.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

Dramatic reading by MicTheMicrophoneZero.

Cover art by chaosdrop.

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It's not easy for anypony when they can see that two of their best friends are perfect for each other. Some would just give up and hope that the two eventually worked it out but not Pinkie Pie. She's going to get these two together no matter what and she's no stranger to playing matchmaker.

This is a just a funny little Flutterdash one shot fic that I wrote ages ago and published on Deviantart. I recently reworked the idea and added a bit more just to flesh it out some. Sorry if it's not up to my usual standard but it was written a while ago. If you notice any grammar or spelling mistakes please tell me.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Sweetest Gem

The second episode of The Gems Trilogy. Rated Teen for strong language and sexual implications.

Rarity becomes desperate to find her special somepony once and for all as an air of romance in Ponyville continually surrounds her. But little does she know that her own best friend has been secretly harboring a crush on her for a very long time.

This story is told from the perspectives of both Rarity and Fluttershy, and will alternate between their POV's by chapter, with occasional third-party narration and multi-POV chapters to extend the story further.

Chapters (24)

Update: The story is edited into a proper read without many of the horrors I originally put into it. Enjoy the ride!

Deciding he could be given another chance, Luna and Celestia come to an agreement to release the Chaotic God from his rocky imprisonment, locking his powers with a powerful spell. Magicless and with a chance at redemption, Discord's ways seem less chaotic than ever.

He does cause a lot of chaos though, to the faithful student of Celestia, who had eagerly taken over the task of watching over and teaching Discord by giving him a home under her own roof, in the process hoping to learn more about his species, powers and motives but surprisingly learning much more about both himself and her head... Which puts her in pretty amusing situations most of the time.

An adventure of a silly one sided (???) love and a look into the heart of Twilight Sparkle.

Chapters (27)

Following the events of "In Search of the Sun", Discord has returned, seeking citizenship in Equestria. However, he has entered a rather strange condition in the contract...

It is highly advised that you read "In Search of the Sun" first!

If you missed it, here's the skinny: Celestia gets sick, Twilight and the elements (+ Spike) have to travel with Discord to get a cure, ????, Celestia gets better, Discord is set free, and everypony lives happily ever blah blah blah! You're now up to speed, but you're still missing a lot of dynamic!

edit: This story is now has a follow-up, the slice-of-life/comedy fic A Normal Day!

Chapters (3)

Fluttershy hasn't been herself lately and Rainbow Dash is overwhelmed with stress. The two decide that a vacation might be the best way for them to clear their minds. Over time they discover the source of their problems, and more importantly, each other. Alongside them are their trusty animal companions- Angel; the arrogant jerk with a heart of gold and Tank; a zen-like tortoise.
Edited by FlutterDash7

Chapters (21)

The first episode of The Gems Trilogy.

Sweetie Belle attempts to deal with the realization that she's developed a crush on Spike. Meanwhile, Spike's own feelings are in flux.

Chapters (12)