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This story is a sequel to The Gemmed Satyr

The third episode of the Gems Trilogy. Rated Teen for sexual implications, minor violence, and some dark themes.

It’s been three months since the events of The Sweetest Gem and The Gemmed Satyr, and everypony is in emotional turmoil.

Can Fluttershy stomach up the courage to take her relationship with Rarity to the next level? When Rainbow Dash finds out a dark secret about Applejack’s boyfriend Caramel, can she hold a promise not to tell her friend, or will her conscience make her do the right thing?

Does Sweetie Belle really have good reason to worry about her and Spike's future together? And just why has Pinkie Pie been so keen to hang out with Twilight lately, and what does she mean by the "prophecies" coming true'?

But their problems are only beginning. Trouble is brewing in Equestria. Strange things are happening all over the land: one of the royal sisters has mysteriously disappeared, a familiar evil is about to rise again, and the fate of all the hearts in Equestria will lie in these six ponies’ own troubled hearts as they search for a mystical place talked about only in myth.

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:rainbowlaugh: Spike's a bastard but we love him and Pinkie Pie is amazing in this, you done very well, something seems wrong though, this is about to get so much darker, I'm 100% for this though:yay:

And so it starts...the final installment of the Gems trilogy. This will probably be quite a long and bumping ride, so we better fasten our seat belts.

Ah, shit.......poor Sweetie, and was Carmel cheating on AJ? That BASTARD!!!:twilightangry2: Wonder what Celestia has planned for the six, what God/Goddess they have to face now:facehoof: I sense darkness coming forth, ansd I love every second:pinkiehappy: 100% down for this. Poor Shy, Rarity leading her on as such, what a bitch.

Great start! I look forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I wasn't expecting it to get approved that fast either. :rainbowderp:

Commence read.

Now to get through another great installment.

Already problems abound.

It's from a film called Patton, actually.

2174084 Oh. Well, I'm going to go to the doctors now. My foot seems to be lodged in my mouth. Not before I google Patton cause if it's the same Patton I'm thinking of it's either going to be about the M46 Patton, or the M48 Patton. Or General Patton. Either way, this could be interesting.

Edit: How did I manage to reply to myself....?

It begins... :pinkiecrazy:

Ah, letter-writing shenanigans! Never gets old! :rainbowlaugh:

I made an account to say how much I :pinkiecrazy: this story. It's, like, the best fanfiction trilogy in history!

Well here we are, off on another journey that is the Gems trilogy. Hopefully this will fill up part of the show's hiatus.

I saw Pumpkin Cake but where's her twin bro?

so we've got AJ and Caramel (not for long), Sweetie Belle and Spike (young love), and Rarity and Fluttershy, with hinted Appledash and Twipie. Along with some Discord involvement and a letter to the Princess. We've got romance! We've got the main villain! We've got their god ruler getting involved! This'll be one hell of a ride and I can't wait for it to get started!

Well time to dive in to what I hope will be an amazing sequel. After reading your past work my expectations are high, I hope you won't disappoint me. :eeyup:

And trouble's brewing right off the bat. Well I guess I can't say that escalated quickly since this is only the begining, or can I? :pinkiegasp:/:trixieshiftright:

Well that wasn't a very smart think to say. But hey it's not like our heroines knew Sweetie Belle was nearby or anything of the sort. :twilightoops:

I'm not 100% sure if Caramel is really cheating on Applejack, it could be that Cheery Jubilee and him are related or perhaps Caramel is one of Jubilee's workers and he has to move back to Dodge Junction or maybe Jubilee has come to claim Applejack since she techincally never left her job in the Cherry Orchard. :eeyup:

Also I smell at least for right now some TwiPie in the making. :pinkiehappy::heart::twilightoops:

So far so good. Don't screw this up.

"When are you going to take out your pedestal? it looks creepy out there..."

Good job, lad!
Probably in a daycare or something.

People who manage to make childhood romances last have skills. I remember my first girlfriend. Bitch only wanted me for my cookie. I hope Sweetie Belle works hard at this.

nopony hurts applejack and gets away with it! i never liked caramel i sure like the spikebelle and flarity i see some hints of twipie do i not? and maybe appledash i hope so. twipie and appledash are my OTP..:pinkiehappy:

Damn it, you figured out my twist ending.

The plot thickens!

:trollestia: Are you calling me fat?

N-no I would never....

:trollestia: Do you like bananas?

Poor Sweetie. :raritycry:

Wow, very smooth, guys. Right in front of Sweetie Belle.

And somehow I expected Caramel's "dark secret" to be a bit more than either a misunderstanding or an excuse to make way for AppleDash. But I keep my fingers crossed for some twists in the road. Or at least some juicy drama. :twilightsmile:

Definitely looking forward to more TwiPie. While the other pairings I'm indifferent about, it's fun to read them the way you write it. Even the Flutter/Rarity scene was hilarious. (Have to admit I thought Rarity was talking about the ice cream and I was wondering why Fluttershy was reacting so strongly. :rainbowlaugh:) Anyway, what I did want to point out was that while having a bunch of ships in a story can be refreshing, the constant change in POV gets old quick.

I haven't read the prequels, but I'm looking forward to more. *Faved and up-voted.* :pinkiesmile:

Don't worry, the transition between POV's will be more smooth throughout the rest of the story. This will be the only chapter clustering together all the characters like that.

I'm just trying to get all the exposition across so we can move on with the story and get to the real meaty parts as quickly as possible.

I should have read this before, not after, watching the latest Friendship is Witchcraft episode :rainbowlaugh: I can't take anything seriously anymore!! :raritydespair:

Nice start!

“…but it’s definitely not the sweetest gem here.”

Me: Awwwww

As It happens

Extra capitalization.


:pinkiecrazy:Do you like cupcakes?


:pinkiecrazy:So you are a mmmmmmbeeeyatch that loves mmmmmmmcupcakes.

:trollestia:Yes I do like them, but what does it have to do with...

:pinkiecrazy:You know where you can find cupcakes? In the bakeryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaatch!!!


:pinkiecrazy:Tasty cupcakes!


"Do you like rainbows, Scootaloo?"

Wallace and Gromit, love you too. Don't stop writing :heart:

:scootangel:Yes I do. They look so cool and awesome.

:rainbowdetermined2:Do you want to know how we make them?

:scootangel:Ooooooooh Yeeeeeees!!!!

:rainbowdetermined2:Well let me take you to the Rainbow Factory Scoots. I'm sure you'll stay there forever.


:rainbowdetermined2:I meant I think you wouldn't want to leave too soon.

:scootangel:Oh, ok. Well let's go then.

:rainbowdetermined2:*humms to herself* I the Rainbow Factory where your fears and horrors come true. In the Rainbow Factory where not
a single soul gets through.
I'll even show you how they are made up close and you can be part of the process if you want to.

:scootangel:Really?! Oh that'd be so awesome!

:rainbowdetermined2:Hehe. Yes it will be.

On another note: Hey hey hey. Stay outta my shed. :yay:


Should've they bring the Elements of Harmony just in case? After all they are dealing with Discord.

YES!!!!! You referenced half of Q's best scene ( only missing his band). Awesome chapter. One thing did bug me a bit; did you purposely put Celestia telling Discord to not interfere with the powers of Discord? If yes, then was that referencing the Continoeum and that more draconequus are at this place?

Okay. We know what Discord was doing for the last three months (playing matchmaker.) What I want to know is why? I have a feeling it will have to do with thier (in)ability to find the Gems of Passion. They won't be a cohesive unit, if there's strife between them.
And what is after Luna. I have a bad feeling about that.

is this before the crystal empire? because the crystal heart sounds similar to trotzamore...

No, that was just a mistake on my end. That's certainly an interesting theory, though. Now you've got me picturing a female Discord showing up saying, "And just what are you doing with that mule? ... I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT THE DONKEY." :rainbowlaugh:

I was tempted to reference the scene further by having Discord say to Celestia: "You weren't like that before the crown."

Yes, this story is set before The Crystal Empire. No relation to the Crystal Heart though.

...Though now that you mention it, that COULD be the Empire's link to the field of Trotzamore. :twilightoops:


2184726 HAHAHA, NEVER!!!!!!


She gave an elongated sigh. “No, Braveheart. I was just talking to my student. Twilight, this is Braveheart, he’s the head palace guard. Second-in-command around her after your brother.” He waved at her, but Twilight just glanced between them uneasily. “I’ll be with you in a second.”

Around her? I see a "Yo mama so fat" joke in there.

And here's one just so you guys can get a few lols outta dis srrs biznis.

Yo mama's so fat Naruto doesn't believe it.

Waiting for moar now.

Does Discord know about the thirteen gemstones of Passion? If Discord has been free for three months, wouldn't he have already acquired them? :unsuresweetie:
Ciao darling :raritywink:

The only major consistence word error I see is that you spelt 'foul' and 'fowl'.

fowl intentions.

A fowl is a bird, I believe you meant to say 'foul'

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