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The Green Lanterns, guardians of all life in the galaxy. Hal Jorden, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart are some of the most well known Green Lanterns to this day. But there are many Lanterns out there, each with their own story to tell. This is the story of a dragon who gained the power of a Lantern and how he grew from a simple housekeeper to a hero that would one day fight the greatest of evils. But green is not the only color that is in Equestria at this time. For just as there will be the brighest of days...there must also be the blackest of nights.

Due to the many different stories and different ways the powers can be interpreted, I will be doing my favorite versions of the powers.


Chapters (28)

Spike & Big Mac have gotten pretty close over the years, bonding while the girls were off saving the world. They finally admit their feelings for one another, as soon as Spike comes of age, but they hit a snag in their relationship. A BIG one. Will their relationship survive the unexpected changes? What will the girls think of all this?

Current cover art is by Clopper-Dude
Chapters edited by TheAlmightySqueeb

Sequel is out now, Wedding Bells and Egg Shells

Chapters (14)

Once again, King Sombra has returned from the depths of defeat. Unfortunately for him he's been stripped of all his powers and been put under the charge of Spike the dragon. To complicate matters, Sombra discovers he and Spike are both part of something that started in a time before the alicorns, Discord, or even ponies in general.

Join the unlikely pair as they share in a series of trials and adventures that will put both of them to the test, and inevitably draw them closer together.

The story takes place fifteen years after the Tirek incident, making each character significantly older than in the show's current timeline.

A M/M story that's been rattling around in my head for some time now.

*Update* 12/4/2015 new cover art.

Chapters (66)

Cadence is killed in an attack by Queen Chrysalis as an act of revenge for the failed invasion, Shining kills her in retaliation but the lonely life soon gets to him. Shining has become distant from everypony & pays attention to only his work ruling as king of the Crystal Empire. After 3 years of separating himself from Equestria a hero of the Crystal Empire returns to save him from himself & just maybe show him how to love again.

Chapters (19)

Spike Drake has started attending Canterlot Academy as part of a Co-Ed experiment. With him being the only guy in an entire academy filled with hot and sexy girls, will his teenage hormones drive him crazy, or will the boy-starved student body eat him alive?

Chapters (36)

A devastating thing that should never happen between friends, and yet the Mane Six find themselves having to go through it, sometimes even all by their lonesome. Worst yet, Rarity is blaming herself over what happened. How could one mistake cause so much heartache? And yet she finds that she's not the only one having a hard time coping with what has happened to their family.

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to I Can Count On You

Ember, Lord of all Dragons, has been presented with a problem that has forced her to seek the help of her best and closest friend.

Now that Spike has arrived all she needs to tell him is her problem. An ancient law, one that no Dragon Lord can object against, has come into effect.

What's that problem? She is to be bonded with the winner of a special tournament as life-mates.

Additional tag: Action.

*If you are feeling generous you can buy me a Ko-Fi!!

*This fic will deal with a lot of fighting, but it shall not be gore related, and the blood will be kept to a minimum.*

**This is my first attempt at writing something based almost purely on fighting/combat in a tournament-like scenario.**

Artwork by Traupa.

Chapters (10)

3 years ago, Princess Ember became Dragon Lord thanks to Spike. Her reign was satisfying, but it soon became too much for her to handle alone, and thanks to an old lost rule discovered, Ember found the key to all of her problems........Spike, becoming her consort to all of the Dragon Lands. Will the 2 of them be able to handle the new tasks and challenges that lie ahead of them?

This story takes place after 3 years from the episode "Gauntlet of Fire". Whatever events happen after the episode that deal with Spike and/or Ember will have no context whatsoever in this story.

Other tag is for the dragons, Garble, Ember, etc.

Chapters (8)

Bigger cover image!

When Equestria and the entire Universe is at risk of being erased from existence, Twilight Sparkle will have to go out and recruit ten members for a team to compete in the Tournament of Power for a chance to survive!

Chapters (4)

Life was pretty routine for Spike: Wake up, eat some food, keep Twilight and Starlight in check, go back to bed. It was a simple life, if not a bit predictable.

All that changes when Celestia calls on him to defeat an evil force that threatens to tear Equestria to pieces. What's more, the only way to defeat this force is to travel over a thousand years into the past and prevent it from existing in the first place.

Things just got a bit more complicated for the dragon.

Check the theme song performed for this fic: If Only I Had Time by Among the Herd!

Edited by Soaring and Jack of a Few Trades
Preread by: Ice Star

Artwork commissioned by Alumx

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