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This story is a sequel to Canterlot Has Fallen

Time marches forward in Equestria, and yet the allure of "what if?" remains. Twilight wonders about the "what ifs" as she tries to guide Equestria to a bright and prosperous future. Cadance wonders about the "what ifs" as she sees her daughter growing.

The power of "what if" tempts once again, but are the little ponies really ready for the answers?

Pre-read & Edited by: Illustrious Q & El Oso
Cover art by: SpokenMind93

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Past Sins! Thank you all so much for letting me and my stories be part of the community!

Chapters (6)

What if Starlight Glimmer saw through the Mane 6's ruse? After all, she had dealt with such plots before, and she's absolutely confident that she can reach out to the yellow mare that her friends are using for their insidious means.

(Author's note: this is my attempt at a more subtle, realistic kind of mind control/hypnosis. Tell me how it is in the comments! All criticism helps me get better. Also, I intended this as a one-shot, but I set this story to incomplete in case I may want to continue it.)

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When her daughter has to do a report on her family history for school, Applejack of Dream Valley recalls a long life and many adventures a humble little earth pony had lived though. From apple bucker to fashion designer, from saloon filly in Apploosa to picnic prepare in a very different Ponyville, this mare has done more in ten lifetimes than an Alicorn has done in one eternal one. Experience the history of the past thousand years of ponydom, from the mare who lived through it all! (covers MLP generations 1, Tales, 3, and 4!)

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This story is a sequel to Stardust

Everyone knows the story of Hearths Warming Eve. They know the tales of the three pony tribes and how their strife brought the Windigoes upon them, and how the Fires of Friendship saved them from their frozen fates. For countless generations the tale has been told, but how has it changed over those years?

Or is any of it true in the first place?

Only one pony knows, and Celestia would prefer that the past stay forgotten.

(Based on a 'What If' line of thought that was born from the Stardust storyline. While some familiarity with Stardust and Mente Materia doesn't hurt, this story can be enjoyed on its own)
(Coverart available soon from the amazing FoxInShadow!)
(Many thanks to Arzoo, BradTheBrony, Vandenbz, and Setokaiva for prereading!)
(Complete with it's own TVTropes page as part of the Stardust continuity)
(Character tags will be added as chapters are added!)
(Possible spoilers in the comments! BEWARE!)

Chapters (12)

What is it like not knowing who you are? To be different from everyone?

When a foal is accidentally sent flying with the changelings, it is up to Chrysalis to care and raise the lost filly, though keeping her from learning about her own kind would prove more difficult than it seems. After living her whole life with changelings, this little filly's life is turned upside down when she takes her first steps outside the hive. Old tensions are revealed, and this little filly is going to learn that changelings don't have it easy. But what can filly like her do? All the answers wait for her in Equestria, where she will meet new faces and see new places.

Special thanks to Poets Dream for proofreading.

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"Twilight and her friends are invited to the Grand Galloping Gala." Pinkie sighed. 'We have to do that story again?' she thought. "Ugh, I don't know how much longer I can take these summer repeats! Well better get this over and done with. It sure is a better option than... the alternative."

Pinkie Pie is in charge of the show, and it's her responsibility to make sure every episode goes off without a hitch. However, performing an endless cycle of repeats over the summer has left everypony very frustrated. Despite that, it is up to Pinkie to guide her friends through the repeat, less they face the unthinkable if things go wrong.

The first story of my "Tales From Behind the Scenes" series! Read the other parts here:
1. The Best Night Ever! (repeat)
2. Magical Mystery Drama
3. Lyra's Big Idea
4. The Crusader Crisis

Chapters (6)

Twilight Sparkle has been living in Ponyville for almost a year now, and the long-awaited Grand Galloping Gala is just a few days away. But three strangers have come to Ponyville, bringing with them the promise of great change.

One is the enigmatic Raven, who reveals little of herself beyond vague generalisations but who appears to have some history with Twilight and her friends, even if none of them can ever recall meeting her before.
Making much more of a bang, literally, are Prince Lightning Dawn and his sister Krysta; together they bring astonishing revelations about the history of Equestria, while Lightning also brings a stick lodged in his posterior. But Twilight can see something underneath his often unappealing manner, and as he bends towards her she begins to wonder just what it is she might be feeling towards this stranger from the stars.

Can Twilight open Lightning's eyes to a whole new world, and whole new way of living beyond the grim austere demands of duty and necessity? Or will Lightning's nature drive away not only Twilight but also his best hope of salvation?

Unbeknownst to either of them the fates of worlds and stars and even an entire galaxy are bound to these two, the virtuous princess and the half-made knight; and their journey has just begun.

Chapters (17)

Princess Fluttershy, Princess of Kindness and sole ruler of Equestria, has a visit she must make. A visit to an old friend, and an even older enemy. A visit that will leave her questioning the very meaning of Kindness itself.

Review by Present Perfect here!

An entry in FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Soverigns II contest. The prompt was "Fluttershy: The Princess Herself."
Preread by Chinchillax, Cosmic Cowboy, and Matt.
Peaked at #2 on the featured box!

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Orphaned as a filly, a young pegasus named Kaviyayu is raised by an adoptive Earth pony family in a secluded, peaceful village. When a strange unicorn drops by the village, Kaviyayu and the other foals are captivated by her tales of the world, as well as her various spells and illusions for their amusement. But there's something about the way she doesn't speak of her own family... how she never removes her traveller's cloak... how she seems to take a very strong interest in Kaviyayu...

Who is this mysterious mare, what does she seek, and just what is so special about that pendant she wears?

This is the tale of how a seemingly ordinary filly rose to become both a princess and a beacon of love to ponies all over Equestria. Based on the back-story of Princess Cadance, as given by G. M. Berrow's pony novella, Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell. Also loosely inspired by symphonic metal band Nightwish's sixth studio album, Dark Passion Play.

Cover art by the lovely Ayemel.

Now with its own musical accompaniment courtesy of The L-Train!

Pre-reading by Noble Thought, Prak, The Albinocorn, ThatOneWriter, JustAnotherTimeLord, vren55, Majin Syeekoh, Foals Errand, Comet Burst, and Chris. Edited by ChromeMyriad, Titanium Dragon, Noble Thought, Prak, NightWolf289, PresentPerfect, and Chris.

Now featured by:
Fimfiction.net (Feature Box, 01/01/15)
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Recommended by the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group!

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She didn't have a name anymore, she was only referred to as U-1746, the pin number on her uniform.

Your name didn't matter in the war, only how you performed. If you did well enough, you'd have a name that ponies would remember when Equestria won... if Equestria won.

She would make that her goal. She would matter. Her name is Rarity, and this is her story.

Proofread by Lightwavers.
Edited by Dreams of Ponies.
This story takes place during the Great Crystal War AU.
Cover art by Featherfell on Deviantart.
Now with an audio reading!
An entry in the Barcast's Second Writing Contest.

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