• Published 8th Jul 2012
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The Best Night Ever! [repeat] - AstroStar

It's time to film 'The Best Night Ever' again, and it's up to Pinkie Pie to make sure the rerun airs smoothly. Unfortunately, her friend's patience is quickly running out.

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Waiting At The Gala

‘…So because of what happened at Carousel Boutique, we had to cancel the rest of the episode. The girls are at the library right now. Twilight’s feeling a little better, but Pinkie’s really down right now. I don’t know what she’s gonna do about the rest of the story, or the rest of the summer actually. We’ll let you know if anything changes.


Spike took a deep breath and blew his magic fire on the letter, sending it straight to Princess Celestia. His task complete, the purple dragon leaned back on the exterior wall of Carousel Boutique and exhaled slowly, finally able to reflect on the events that had transpired inside just a few moments ago. While the others were long gone from the scene, Spike stayed behind in order to write the letter as quick as possible. With the letter done, Spike got ready to rejoin the emotionally shattered Twilight at the Library. He then passed by the chorus of ponies who now with no gala song to sing, were keeping themselves entertained with other numbers. Spike estimated that they were currently on their fifth or so number.

“Kick your hooves up!” One of the ponies shouted.

The rest of the chorus followed the instruction, kicking their hooves up in time while singing.

“Kick your hooves up, step in time!
Kick your hooves up, step in time!
Never need a reason, never need a rhyme!
Kick your hooves up, step in time!”

“They’ll be going at that for a few more hours.” Spike chuckled. He then noticed that the impromptu musical performance had attracted an audience of curious bystanders, like Lyra, Bon Bon, the mayor, Carrot Top. Another one of these bystanders, specifically the wall-eyed Derpy Hooves, waved Spike over.

“Hey Spike! What’s going on with those ponies? Weren’t they supposed to go to the gala by now?”

“Change of plans, Derpy,” Spike explained. “Long story short, we had to cancel the story. I guess the chorus got bored and started singing some other songs instead.”

Lyra, who was starting to dance along, chimed in. “I have to say that I like their choices of music. But what in the hay did ‘Jai Ho’ mean?”

“Beats me,” Spike shrugged, remembering the catchy yet confusing song. Since when did the chorus knew how to speak a different language anyway?

“Anyway, I just sent a letter to the Princess to tell her and the others in Canterlot that we’re not coming.”

“I can only imagine what those ponies are going through at the gala,” Derpy laughed. “They’re probably bored to death right now.”


“PARTY ROCK!!!” Octavia shouted. On her current cider fueled-frenzy, she had obtained a distinct pair of purple sunglasses. She adjusted the glasses a bit, then she spun a new record onto the stereo system. A techno beat quickly filled the halls of the gala, letting all the ponies loose into a round of dancing and cheering.

It was hard to believe that just a short while previously, the gala was still the same stuffy affair that it had always been. Despite anypony’s objections, they maintained the drab party for when Twilight and her friends arrive. However this time, there was no sight or sound of the six party-wreckers. Everypony was forced to wait until they did arrive however, maintaining the same boring ritual as always. Growing more and more impatient, some ponies decided to pass the time with a cup of cider.

A few rounds later, and the party was on. The commotion got so great that it drew in other Canterlot ponies into the Gala who weren’t even supposed to be in the episode and soon, everypony was having a blast. Many were dancing. Some were still drinking. Others, however, were sitting away from the dance scene, playing some games from the castle’s game collection. Some ponies were playing Pictionary. Others were playing Clue (or Cluedo as it is known in Manechester). One of these game groups saw Soarin, Spitfire, Pony Joe, Vinyl Scratch and Prince Blueblood playing Monopoly.

“Ok my turn,” Soarin said. He picked up the pair of dice and gave them a good luck blow before he rolled them onto the game board. He rolled a 9. He groaned as he noticed the space he landed on. “Mareiterranean Avenue.”

“…Which I own, by the way!” Spitfire pointed out gleefully. “That’ll be 250 bits for that hotel, thank you very much.”

Soarin grumbled as he gave his fellow Wonderbolt the play money. She gave the paper a savory sniff.

“Ah, the sweet smell of victory,” the smug Spitfire smirked.

“You know, the game isn’t over yet Spitfire,” said an annoyed Soarin.

“It’s only a matter of time, darling.” Spitfire simple answered with a fake posh accent. Soarin narrowed his eyes, trying very hard not to pour his cider all over her head.

“And here I thought Rainbow Dash was bad winner,” Pony Joe wondered to himself. He turned his attention to the DJ unicorn, her trademark shades absent thanks to Octavia. “By the way, are you even supposed to be in the gala story, Vinyl?”

“Not really,” she shrugged. “I just heard that there was a rocking party going on, so I simply showed up. I also brought the stereo, although I never thought Octy had it in her to DJ like this.”

“Well at least some ponies are able to enjoy themselves tonight,” Soarin grumbled.

“Hey, at least you’re doing better than Blueblood,” Vinyl Scratch shrugged.

“Shut up you!” the elitist stallion shouted. The game hadn’t been kind to him at all. Bad rolls and bad chance cards left him down to his last few bits.

“Hey, Blueblood. You’re the richest pony here. How is it that you completely suck at this game?” Joe asked.

"I’m just… strategizing!" Blueblood stammered out. “Yeah, that’s it! Strategizing! You have to spend money in order to make money in business after all.”

“Just roll the dice,” Vinyl groaned.

Without hesitation, Blueblood grabbed the dice and rolled them onto the board. The roll landed him at Boardwalk, and its 2 houses that Spitfire had placed on the property.

“Uh oh, that’s gonna cost you! And I guess that’ll also wipe you out,” Spitfire smirked.

Blueblood looked as his paltry game purse. He wouldn’t have enough to cover what he owed the orange Wonderbolt.

“Well?” asked Spitfire, her hoof outstretched and expecting some playbits.

“I’m thinking!” Blueblood said.

Joe facehoofed. “What’s there to think about? You’re gonna lose after this. Just give her the bits and be done with it!”

Blueblood frowned. He knew that the situation was hopeless and that he was about to lose the game, but Blueblood was a stallion who never lost at anything, never mind a silly board game. Nevertheless, his reputation was on the line here. He couldn’t simply submit defeat, even if it was at the hooves of a Wonderbolt. He formulated a plan to try to turn his bleak situation around.

“Hey Spitfire? I have a business proposition that you would like to consider. Since I obviously don’t have the bits required for this transaction, how about instead I offer you some… services in lieu of payment.”

“What are you talking about?” asked the skeptical Spitfire.

Blueblood leaned in and whispered into Spitfire’s ear. After a few whispers, Spitfire’s expression twisted into pure rage. She didn’t let the unicorn stallion finish his proposal before she hoofed him square in his muzzle. The punch launched Blueblood backwards onto the floor, unconscious.

“Forget it, you creep!” Spitfire shouted.

The other players sat shocked at the sudden burst of violence. Soarin carefully approached his fuming teammate.

“So… what the hay was that about?”

Spitfire leaned in and whispered into his ear. After a few seconds, Soarin’s eyes went wide in shock. He turned his head to the beaten Blueblood. After taking a good look at him, he approached the unconscious Prince and hoofed him square in his muzzle.

“Seriously, the nerve of some guys,” Soarin muttered.

“Um… is everything all right?”

The group was suddenly joined by two mares, a light pink earth pony with a multicolor mane and a purple Pegasus with a pink and violet mane.

“We saw the punch. We just wanted to make sure that everything was all right,” said the pegasus.

Spitfire rubbed her sore hoof. “Don’t worry about us, we’re all ok. Just taking care of some business.”

The earth pony blinked in confusion. “At any rate, we were wondering if anyone knows who has ‘Twister’. My friends and I would like to play, but we can’t find the game.”

The ponies started to shake their heads, not knowing where the game in question was located. Vinyl Scratch, however, remember seeing the sun goddess take the game up into her private chambers.

“You know, I think Princess Celestia is using it right now,” Vinyl said.

The two ponies’ expression saddened. They looked as if a great tragedy had just be fallen them.

“Oh no! We can't possibly play the game if someone else is using it. What are we going to do?” the earth pony lamented.

The pegasus shed a tear, seemingly inconsolable.

“This is absolutely horrible!” she sniffed. “How are we ever going to have fun with our friends now?”

The ‘Monopoly’ group looked at each other, part confusion and part disbelief. It wasn’t the world’s worst problem, but yet these two were acting like somepony had died. Pony Joe spoke up, not quite sure how to break the obvious solution to them.

“You know.. .you could always just… ask them?” he shrugged.

The pegasus and the earth pony looked at each other in surprise. Their expression suddenly brightened.

“That’s a great idea! We’ll ask them! Hooray!” the earth pony smiled.

The pegasus shook Pony Joe’s hooves. “Thank you so much! You saved the day!”

“Er.. don’t mention it,” Joe replied.

The earth pony began to gallop away. “Let’s go ask the princess right now!”

“Hey! Wait for me!” the Pegasus shouted to her friend as she flew away to catch up.

The group simply sat stunned as they watched the visitors leave, not quite believing what they had just seen.

Vinyl scratched the top of her head. “Does anypony else have a sudden urge to buy socks now, or is it just me?”

Without letting the discussion go any further, the ponies returned to their game.


In a separate room away from the party, Princess Celestia was tied up in a round of Twister, along with her sister Princess Luna, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. Helping them out on the spinner was Celestia’s main adviser and the spirit of chaos, Discord.

“Right front hoof blue!” the draconequus shouted.

At that command, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, and Shining Armor all struggled to get the correct limb on the color spot on the ‘Twister’ game mat. With the game was a couple dozen moves in, the four players were now one single pile of tangled ponies. While trying to get her hoof on the right spot, Cadence yelped as she felt something poking on her inner thigh.

“Hey! Watch where you’re pointing that horn, honey!” the pink alicorn shouted.

“That wasn’t my horn,” Shining Armor said.

“Actually, that was my horn. Sorry about that,” Celestia sheepishly said.

Cadence’s pink coat turned bright red in embarrassment.

Discord chuckled. “Ok, let’s try to keep this game PG here. Let’s not let this thing go into real anarchy.”

“You would like to see that, wouldn’t you?” Luna stated plainly.

Discord frowned. “Need I remind you that I got over the whole ‘spread eternal chaos’ thing?”

It was true that just like in the show, he had once escaped and tried to spread eternal chaos across Equestria. And also just like in the show, he was defeated by Twilight and her friends. Since then, he had to be released again and again for the repeats of the ‘Return of Harmony’ arc, only to be defeated again and again. Moreover, the ‘chaos’ he was spreading was the exact same chaos every single time. It turned out to be a vicious cycle for him; get released, spread a bit of chaos, get turned to stone, remain as stone, get released, spread the same exact chaos, get turned to stone, etc…

On the ninth or so repeat, Discord simply gave up his goal of eternal chaos and surrendered to Celestia. After a long talk, she agreed to let him roam free outside his story and he abandoned all plans of conquest and domination, opting instead to become an adviser to the royal sisters. He still dutifully played his part when the time came to redo the ‘Return of Harmony’, including being turned into stone. Thankfully, Celestia releases him as soon as the story was over. Despite being reformed, Discord still maintained a mischievous side and occasionally played small pranks on everypony, but all in fun. Unfortunately, Luna still held a slight grudge at the moment.

“By the way, we still haven’t forgiven you for putting that dye in our shampoo. Our mane was sparkling green for three days!”

Discord rubbed the sides of his head. “Why must you insist on using the Royal ‘We’, Luna?”

“I wasn’t. Cadence borrowed the shampoo too.”

The news surprised Discord. He let out a nervous chuckle.

“Um, sorry about that Cadence.”

“Apologize later. Can we please get back to the game?” Cadence grunted, struggling not to topple over. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold this!”

The spirit of chaos gave the spinner another turn. “Right back hoof green!” He shouted.

While the players tried to reposition themselves, a sudden burst of magic appeared in front of Celestia’s face, materializing into a scroll. Celestia shrieked in surprise, causing the players to collapse onto the game mat.

“Ouch! What was the meaning of that, sister?” Luna shouted, slowly rising back up.

“I’m sorry, but it looks like we’ve got a letter,” Celestia said. She untied the scroll’s ribbon and began to read it.

Cadence leaned over to try to get a better view of the scroll. “Who is it from?”

“It looks like it’s from Spike. Hold on a second…” Celestia read through the letter. She froze for a moment as she took in the letter’s details. She slowly rolled the scroll back up.

“Cadence? Shining Armor? Go tell everypony that the episode’s been called off and the gala is cancelled.” Celestia ordered.

The news took Discord by surprise. “The episode’s off? What the heck happened?”

“Did Pinkie change stories? Did the network get preempted?” Luna speculated.

Celestia sighed. “Actually, Twilight had a nervous breakdown.”

Luna and Discord stood shocked at the news. Cadence gasped, covering her mouth in pure shock. Shining Armor body grew cold as the news registered.

“What happened to her?!?” he shouted.

Celestia proceeded to explain what had transpired in Ponyville, as detailed in the letter.

“Wow, poor Twilight,” Luna said, taking in all the details of the situation.

“It was only a matter of time before somepony cracked. But to have that happen while the cameras were rolling,” Discord sadly stated.

“I should have been there for her,” Shining Armor lamented. “Why wasn’t I there for her?”

Cadence nuzzled her husband. “Don’t beat yourself up over this, honey. We were on our honeymoon. We didn’t know what was going on.”

“I know, Cadence,” Shining Armor sighed. “Um, Celestia? Did Spike mention what the girls are planning to do with the rest of the episode?”

Celestia shook her head. “Not at the moment. He’ll let us know as soon as they think of something.”

Discord threw his arms up in defeat. “Well, it’s been a good run. Better get ready for the inevitable.”

“Don’t say that, Discord!” Luna shouted.

“Oh come on, Luna. You know as well as I do what about to happen. We’re going to stop transmitting. The fans get angry. They stop watching. The show ends, and we get forgotten. And you know what will happen to us then, right?”

"Actually, I don't know," Shining Armor admitted. "What will happen exactly?"

Celestia closed her eyes. She knew exactly what would happen. “Equestria… will disappear.”

“WHAT?!?” The newlywed couple shouted in unison. Nopony had ever told them about this.

Discord nodded. “Exactly. We’ll all just poof right out of existence. Just like the last time.”

“Last time? What do you mean ‘last time’?” Cadence asked.

Celestia began to explain. “Well, there used to exist another world before this world came into existence. In that world was another Ponyville, completely different than the one we know today. In particular, there was a group of seven ponies who loved to frolic and play together. They didn’t go on grand adventures, they didn’t have to save the world. They just played games and had fun with each other. And just like us, they did stories for the fans too.”

Shining Armor began to have a sneaking suspicion on how the story was going to end. "The fans didn't watch those ponies, did they?"

Discord continued the story. “They never really connected to them. After a while, they stopped watching. The ponies were forgotten, and then the next thing you know, poof! They all disappear. Our own world was created soon thereafter.”

Shining Armor held his head down sadly as he heard the story. Cadence began to cry, mourning the loss of the ponies from the old world.

“That’s so horrible,” Cadence sniffed. “To think that all those ponies vanished just like that.”

Princess Luna’s eyes shifted around nervously. “Well, not all of them vanished. There was one survivor.”

The news took Shining Armor by surprise. “Really? What happened to her?”

Princess Luna exhaled as she prepared to break the news to the couple. “She currently resides at Sugarcube Corner working with Mr. and Mrs. Cake. She also happens to bear the Element of Laughter.”

At once, the married couple’s jaw dropped. Only one pony fit that description. That very pink description.

“PINKIE PIE?!?” they shouted in unison.

Celestia nodded. “We don’t know how she survived, but she did. And from the beginning, she took it upon herself to manage the stories and to make the fans happy. ”

“That explains why she’s been pushing everypony so hard this summer," Shining Armor figured out. "She doesn’t want to risk leaving the fans in the dark for the whole summer.”

“Isn’t there anything we can do to help?” Cadence asked.

Celestia shook her head. “We can’t change the rules. We can’t deviate from the original prompts. In fact, we’re already in a lot of trouble as it is with this episode going the way it has so far. As much as I hate to say it, we might be doomed.”

The words hit everypony like a ton of bricks. Heads were hanging low as the reality of the situation, and the implications it has on all of Equestria, became clear. Discord too was feeling down over the prospect of all of Equestria ceasing to exist. The good guys. The bad guys. Everyone and everything.

Suddenly, a thought appeared in Discord’s head. His eyes widened in realization.

“I wouldn’t say we’re completely doomed. I think there still might be a way out of this.”

The statement took Celestia by surprise.

“What do you mean?” the sun alicorn asked.

Discord began to reveal his idea. “Well, how about we…”

It was at that moment the chamber doors burst open. Standing at the door was an earth pony and a pegasus, both of whom were staring intently on the Twister game board.

“Excuse me, but my friend and I have a question.”


Back in Ponyville, Spike was heading to rejoin the others at the library. Behind him, the chorus was singing yet another song, this time joined by a few of the bystanders who had joined in on their fun.

“Open the door, get on the floor! Everypony walk the dinosaur!” they sang.

Not wanting to question the chorus' motives any further, Spike ignored the number and continued on towards the library. Halfway there, however, he was forced to stop as a fire began to grow in his stomach, forcing its way towards his mouth. With a mighty belch, Spike burped out the fire, which materialized into a scroll. Curious as to what caused the message, Spike opened the letter and began to read it. While he was reading it, his eyes grew wide and his mouth hung open. Not bothering to roll the letter back up, Spike turned around and sprinted back to Carousel Boutique.