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One night, Princess Celestia was gazing at the moon, remembering the incident that happened less that a thousand years ago when a bright blue light suddenly appears before her. Once the light dies down, a small blue creature and seven mysterious gems that have an incredible amount of power remained. Seeing how young the creature is, she decides to care for it for a while only to see it as one of her own. After seeing how fast it could move she decides to name him Sonic.

Please note this is my very first story so please hold back on the hate.

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Sunset has always wondered who her father is. Her mother, Princess Celestia, described him as kind, but can get very angry when woken up not on his own terms. When the Anon-A-Miss incident rolls around years later, she finally gets her chance to meet him - the Mighty Firebird. He will stop at nothing until those who have tormented his daughter have been punished severely.

The Suicide/Self Harm tag is for when Sunset nearly tries to end it all.

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After being betrayed by her friends during the Anon a Miss incident the darkness threatens to swallow up Sunset, but there are those who want to offer a helping hand and guide her in another direction. Will she take those offered hands, or will she let herself fall to the darkness forever?

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After waking up in Equestria, Arrow finds himself no longer a human but a rowlet. He doesn’t remember much of his human life, but he came up with the alias ‘Arrow’ after recalling rowlet’s evolutionary line ends with a decidueye, which is an archer of sorts. Arrow quickly finds out that he had somehow injured himself, so he goes off looking for help.

Nearby, a recently reformed Luna walks the garden near midnight as she stumbles across the injured owl. She takes him in and nurses him back to health before adopting him as her pet. Unbeknownst to her, Arrow is far more intelligent that her sister’s Phoenix.

7/16 - Wow, featured on the first day!
7/17 - managed to snag the third spot over night.
7/18 - slowly climbed to second place

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Some time has passed since the end of the Friendship Games, and Twilight Sparkle is still adjusting, but it's nothing that Sunset can't help her with. However, something seems off when Twilight starts to have dreams. Dreams of a library with infinite books, and of a masked warrior who fought against monsters.

It is soon revealed that these were not dreams but premonitions, the power of the Earth has give birth to the creations known as Gaia Memories, and in order stop those who would use their power to hurt others, Sunset and Twilight will have to work together to stop it. With knowledge in hand, Twilight will equip Sunset with the tools needed to fight this menace, Sunset Shimmer will become Kamen Rider Unicorn!

"Time to restore harmony!"


This is a crossover of the Japanese Tokukatsu type TV series, Kamen Rider W

Apparently it has a TV Tropes page, go figure. Thanks whoever did it!

New cover art is fan art from pyropyre

And here's the theme song, Brave Phoenix

Made this to help with reading: Kamen Rider Unicorn Reading Order

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Mirai Clock has had a pretty normal life for the past 17 years. But when his grandfather has passed away, he found himself with extraordinary abilities. Now he must use these abilities to fight off the evil kaijin and find the other chosen riders ...

While also going to school for the first time and making friends

(Kamen Rider x Mlp: Eqg crossover)

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Taking place a week after the royal wedding of Canterlot, Twilight has a nightmare which leads her to believe that the Changeling threat is still at large and anyone around her could be in disguise. Her personal worries get even worse when she gets haunted by a scarring incident caused by her brother and her friends the night before the wedding and believes that no one can help her. But when Twilight breaks down and suffers from emotional trauma, will her friends be able to realize the importance and value of true friendship through their foolish mistakes? Or have they not learned a thing at all this whole time?

Please contribute to this fanfic's TV Tropes page here.

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While fighting Bowser in his castle, the Mario Brothers get send to another dimension by Kamek's powerful spell with the aid of power stars collected by the koopa troop.

Meanwhile, Princess Twilight returns to the human world to visit her Canterlot High friends. But when she received a welcome, the bros gets teleported in the same world.

With no hope of returning home, Mario and Luigi may have to settle in the human world as their new home and maybe become new students of Canterlot High.


( Takes place between MLP EG:RR and MLP EG: FG )

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls belongs to Hasbro
Super Mario belongs to Nintendo

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 4

Twilight Sparkle, her brothers, and their friends have just dealt with Tirek, saved the breezies and grown a castle out of a small treasure chest.

The Ponyville betting pool has never had bets this wild before on what the Sparkles will do next.

Still for once they would very much like a break from all the nonsense for a while. Of course the universe has other plans.

With unstable unicorns, a tree that gives missions, dating demi gods, another suitor chasing Rahs, Song Fishies return, wanted criminals, Yaks, Discord, Friendship summits, new shops, reworking spells, crossdressing, cutie- marks, time travel, concerts, feuding families, an invasion, and the edgiest unicorn mare you have ever seen, the Sparkles and their friends find there there truly is no rest for the wicked.

[ As usual I post my Slightly dirty tag here as while there is no clop or smut, it's hinted and and conversations tend to get a little filthy, also Cadence.]

Useing Ko-Fi to accept donations to get Fan art for the story. What art I have so far is also linked HERE!

TGaP now has a TV Tropes Page thanks to matt+s0101745, You can find that HERE.

Cover art by marking

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Sunset is having a rough time at CHS. Anon-a-miss is worst then ever and has destroyed Sunsets life as she knows it. Thinking that it would be better for her to just disappear, she plans on taking her own life. As she awaits her death she is found by Luna and Celestia. Well they be able to pull Sunset back from the edge before it's too late?

The cover was designed by Leo Luce To whom I appreciate the work he did

I also thank Moon for editing this story

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