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It's chaos in Sonic's world as he and his friends (Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver), race to stop the nefarious Dr. Eggman, who has acquired all seven Chaos Emeralds. The doctor believes he has their mysterious powers mastered, until they overload and open a portal not too different from the one that sent Sonic and his friends to earth years ago. Only this time, they don't end up on earth. They're in a brand new world, one with solar deities, mysterious forests, majestic cities, and, most notably, friendly, adventurous, colorful ponies, which they just happen to now be. They're in Equestria.

But Dr. Eggman was sent to Equestria as well, and the race for the Chaos Emeralds is on. But the doctor isn't alone. It's up to the combined forces of Sonic's team and the Mane 6 to protect their world from perhaps the gravest threat yet.

(Note #2: This story takes place in the canon world of MLP as of episode 13 of season 5 and a somewhat freak Sonic universe comprised of the Sonic Adventure games (and a slew of other Sonic games that will be mentioned) and the Sonic X TV series.)

(Cover art by Red Thunder on Deviantart)

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After a freak accident happened while saving their worlds, a blue hedgehog and a cyan, rainbow colored mane pegasus meet and find themselves in a new dimension called Earth! In order to survive in this world, they will have to work together to find their missing friends, as well as the Chaos Emeralds and the Elements of Harmony! And with the help of two human siblings Christopher and Katherine Thorndyke, AKA the Thorndyke siblings, they are in for one hell of a ride! However, troublemakers from their worlds such as the evil genius Dr. Eggman and the mad scientist pony Steam, are also here to cause trouble for our heroes! Who will come out on top with the Emeralds and the Elements? Find out in this exciting adventure in Sonic X: Friendship is Universal!

A/N: The MLP side is an adaptation to Super Writer's fan game Curse of The Lost Kingdom. All credit for the original characters and elements from the game goes to him.

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When Sonic finds a magical mirror and goes through, he finds himself in the midst of the Equestria Girls story! Now in order to get home, He'll have to help Twilight win the fall formal crown! Except for one problem, He's now human and lost all his super speed!

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One night, Princess Celestia was gazing at the moon, remembering the incident that happened less that a thousand years ago when a bright blue light suddenly appears before her. Once the light dies down, a small blue creature and seven mysterious gems that have an incredible amount of power remained. Seeing how young the creature is, she decides to care for it for a while only to see it as one of her own. After seeing how fast it could move she decides to name him Sonic.

Please note this is my very first story so please hold back on the hate.

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Long ago in a distant land, Ivo Robotnik, the egg-shaped master of science, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a brave blue hedgehog wielding supersonic speed stepped forth to oppose him time and time again. But before the hedgehog could end the long drawn-out battle once and for all, the villain tore open a portal through time and space, and flung him into another world where magic and fantasy are everyday reality. Now the hero seeks to return to his world, and stop the mad doctor from conquering this one too. Along the way he'll meet new friends, new enemies, and just maybe something a little more. All while the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

Hang on to your seats boys and girls, cause we're breaking down the walls between dimensions.

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Cover art by BroDogz.
Sonic the Hedgehog universe, set directly after Sonic Generations.
MLP universe, set just before the end of Season 2.

Edited by, Jet Storm, Typoglyphic, Bok, and RobKuro85.

After some inspiration from from my good pal Gunflame, I'm throwing my hat into the ring for a good Sonic/MLP crossover. And I aim to give it the much needed improvement in quality that's so desperately needed with this particular crossover genre. I'll strive to make this one of the premier Sonic/MLP crossover stories on the web.

Thank you and enjoy.

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With nothing going on lately, Spike and the mane six decide to go out on a picnic near Everfree Forest. After they finish, they begin to leave before finding a small blue creature that seems to be on the verge of hunger. Feeling some sympathy for the creature, they decide to take the creature to the castle, unaware that doing this, they have made a change in their lives.

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The first rule of sending someone to another dimension against their will is to make sure it isn't done in front of their loved ones.

Apparently Infinite and Eggman never learned this rule.

A change in plans for Sonic's fate after Eggman's first attack combined with a desperate intervention from Tails sends Sonic to Equestria, where Rainbow Dash finds him after he interrupts a catnap... she wasn't exactly expecting him to start calling her "Mama."

Part of the Multiquestria series.

Now on AO3!

Questions I'm sure are going to be asked/points that are probably going to be raised, and my answers

Why Sonic Forces? You should have used [other Sonic media]!
Very simple, dear reader... I don't own any games other than Forces, I haven't watched much of Sonic X, and Sonic Boom and the 2020 movie would be hard to work in the return home arc.

This is awfully similar to the stories in Tatsurou's PWNY-Verse...
That's intentional! This is a tribute fan spin-off story thing to the PWNY-Verse... Although if you're comparing the actual writing to Tatsurou's then that's probably the biggest compliment I could receive for this :D

Are there gonna be more of these?
Assuming Tatsurou doesn't get me banned for ripping them off, then I've got a few ideas for pairings bouncing around in my head but nothing concrete just yet. But, hey, if there's an audience I'll definitely consider it!

Why'd you even write this?
1, it's the anniversary of the publishing of Fortresshy, the first PWNY-Verse story, and I really love the series and wanted to celebrate it somehow, and 2, I had a couple scenes pop up and by the time I'd finished typing them up in Google Docs I had a bit over 9,000 words that I wasn't quite willing to waste.

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