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2 Year's have passed since that dreaded Anon a Miss incident and Sunset and her friends are now college sophomores and their friendship has been growing stronger and stronger . Sunset now 19 find's herself ready to meet up and confront her old mentor and some choice word's will be said, but luckily our flame haired girl doesn't have to go through the whole ordeal alone. Let's see how this reunion play's out shall we?

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A solo Anon-A-Miss story.

Diamond Tiara is ambitious. She's also the editor of the School Newspaper. The biggest story to hit is the Anon-A-Miss scandal. When evidence falls into Diamond Tiara's lap, it would be the start of something great as a partnership is born.

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This story is a sequel to Exposing Anon-A-Miss

After Anon-A-Miss, Apple Bloom is depressed and lonely. She's separated from her friends and has lost the trust and respect of her big sister.

Then she receives a note from her most hated enemy.

But there might be a silver lining.

We shall see.

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Taking place a week after the girls chat with Twilight, Apple bloom and her friends run into some old enemies while on their way to the movie theater who are quick to remind them of their sinful act that they pulled last christmas and the consequences that it left behind for not only them but everyone else especially Sunset Shimmer. How will this play out for the four friends? Lets find out shall we?

The finale of my 2 part Anon a Mystery side series showing Bloom and her friends back home safe and sound with their new friend Silver Spoon by their side.

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Taking place 4 months after the Anon a Miss incident, Twilight Sparkle starts to get worried as she hadn't heard from Sunset ever since she cut ties with the Rainbooms and had gone solo. But when she suddenly gets a message from Sunset after the camp Everfree trip telling her that she's having a fun time with the Rainbooms , Twilight at first thinks she's forgiven them but soon after becomes suspicious, so she goes trough the portal to have a chat with the humanized version of her friends, but what they are about to tell her what they did to Sunset during their trip will send our princess into a downright spiral of shock and confusion.

(Also this does not take place during Dainn's Anon A Miss story, this is my own universe.)

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Taking place a few days after the Camp Everfee trip, Flash Sentry gets suspicious after he notices that Sunset's been unusually happy and not as cold or distant as she was these past few months. With no mention of her forgiving those who hurt her last christmas, he goes to the one person who can answer his all important question............ "What happened to Sunset?"

The first part of my Anon a Mystery side series showing how Sunset and flash started dating again.

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A whole year has passed since the incident at camp everfree and one girl has had her mind on the one "person" her friend's asked her about............Anon a Miss. This word has been clouding her mind ever since Camp Everfree and now she wants answer's to the all important question who is Anon a Miss? A person, some sort of magical a creature who somehow got into their world, or some sort of legend from the human world? One thing's for sure she will get her answers one way or another.

The official sequel to Anon a Mystery is finally here:pinkiehappy:

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This story is a sequel to After Anon-A-Miss: Rainbow Crashed

Sunset was not Anon-A-Miss. Applejack had lied to herself, convincing herself she was. When the truth came out and the real culprits were revealed, she could only feel guilt for not believing Sunset. Instead, she believed in the lies she told herself.

Based on Dainn's 'Anon-A-Miss'

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In the EQG Holiday Special, Sunset figured out that Anon-a-Miss was actually Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom.
But what if things happened differently?
What if Sunset never figured out who Anon-a-Miss really was?
What if her friends refused to listen after her little chat with Twilight?
For those who haven't seen it, the comic can be read here:

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This story is a sequel to Anon-a-Miss

It's been almost half a year since the events that took place on Mystable.
Most of the students at CHS have learned from the incident, vowing to do whatever it takes to atone.
Meanwhile, there are others who refuse to let go, still consumed by thoughts of revenge.

Apart from these two groups, there is one student in particular who was changed entirely.

Preread by Hattafan2593 and Cerealkiller78

Disclaimer for readers who enjoyed the previous story:

The original was multiple chapters long, whereas this is only a one-shot.
And as such, this story won't carry as much weight as the original.
The purpose of this story is to give an idea of "What happened next".

Disclaimer for new people:

If you haven't read the previous story that this is a continuation of then you're going to be confused.

* Jan 27th, first feature. Thanks everyone!

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