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Dragons are a lot of things. Strong. Brave. Confident.

Smolder has all of these qualities in spades. For example, she needed strength, bravery, and confidence to ask the object of her crush to visit her in the Dragon Lands.

She just didn't expect Ocellus to be such a good dragon too, or why that would be such a problem.

Edited by my dear friends FamousLastWords, Not Enough Coffee, Ice Star, Semillon, Muggonny, and MissytheAngle

Cover art by Raikohillust!

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When I agreed to be sent to Equestria I didn't read the fine print. I'm the wrong age, the wrong gender, and lost in the wilderness.

Chinese Translation: https://fimtale.com/t/9306

Can't vouch for its accuracy since I don't speak Chinese but it's being translated by a human who goes by DreamsSetFree.

Hi to all my Chinese readers!

New Cover art commissioned from Lunar Froxy.

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Shooting stars and meteors are nothing unusual, but not long after moving to Ponyville Twilight Sparkle noticed more and more of them, along with other strange celestial phenomenon, and has taken to watching them each night. As she watches them through her telescope one such night, she takes notice of something that will forever change Equestria's understanding of the universe, and leave them to ask that question so often asked.

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Twilight loves Rainbow and plans to confess to her; however, she is harshly rejected. When the Princess of Friendship's love make her catch a terrible disease, it's up to Rainbow Dash to save her from dying from a broken heart!

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In an alternative universe of Equestria, we follow four friends as they become infamous heroes.

Though, it would be helpful if their version of Equestria wasn't limited in the magic department so that only the most powerful beings had true magic...

And again, this wouldn't be too much of a problem, but without a large supply of magic the barrier between worlds... well... weakens.

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After the Storm King's army was disbanded Tempest decides to stay in Ponyville for a few weeks to prove she can be a valued citizen of Equestria.

She expects to be bored. She expects civilian life to be hard to adjust to.

She doesn't expect Rainbow Dash to approach her, asking for combat training. And she certainly doesn't expect to start to like the cocky Pegasus.

But opening your heart to friendship means opening it to some other things as well.

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You are anonymous. You live in a rather large house and have more bits than the average pony. You're middle rich class. But with nopony to share it with. But when you discover one of your most beloved companions is without a home and loving parents, you know what you have to do.

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Adopted by a dragon couple instead of by the Sparkle family, Spike's life was set to take a very different course indeed...

Follow him now through love, laughter, and loss as he learns his way around the realms of Avalar. And oh yes, tries not to drive his adoptive parents up the wall... too much anyways.

Did I forget to mention said adoptive parents are Spyro and Cynder? Oh yes, this is a thing now.

(Spyro the Dragon is the property of Activision. I own nothing. Partially inspired by Welcome my Little One)

Featured on 7/13/19

Now featured on 4/21/20 as well. And on 4/24/20 as well! Jeez! ...and on 5/23/20 as well. Huh. Featured one last time on 7/24/20.

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This story is a sequel to A Theoretical Episode: Illusive Exclusion

In the previous and very first extension of the Tikbalang race, two of the Mane Six solved a friendship problem that involved a race of horses that walked on two legs and do wondrous things. Time has passed since the first extension, and Brave Flower is given a task that is of interest for a certain Alicorn princess that loves to learn.

In this story, Brave Flower writes a little book that tells of the past. But not in a nonfictional manner, not really at least. More or less like a dramatic reenactment. The facts are indeed true, its just extended excessively. Brave Flower is sure that she won't mind.

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Rainbow Dash has invited you over for a lazy night at her house. How will she spill her secrets to you tonight?

Introducing: a 2nd-person story with only Rainbow Dash's lines to you for a truly immersive experience.

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