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Male "not-so-brony" from Ukraine. I will occasionally proofread and I can always use some help with writing lewd stuff!


First story, yay! · 8:43am Dec 19th, 2016

Before today, I’ve been mainly helping other authors with what little ideas or help I could give them. I proofread and edited quite a few stories, but "Web of Fatal Pleasures" is first story I was able to post on my own account. I would like to take a moment to once again thank Ink Weaver and Mawly-Maws for helping me make this a reality.

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2459560 I found it last night and stayed up reading such a deleted story about Twi stuck in a 15 minute loop, lewd story but the end words from the author decided to do a Twilight (Ha) Zone thought experiment(?) type sentence that just bent my mind. Now everything is just Boomhauer for me, for a while. img.ifcdn.com/images/ef3f0ef7dfa2ae1418cbc461340367b2a66394dd12d12c0f30aa1f9b2c595cf5_1.jpg

God damn Boomhauer. <3

Heh, I don't even recall what this conversation was about any longer D:
And yeah, I've seen that site too, even used it to get a couple of stories in the past... My fetish-wise fics still remain the same though - nothing in the last few years came even close of them.

Eyyy! Still alive! How fun!

As a heads up this site allows you to see stories long since taken down from here, and that could be a good many honestly. https://fimfetch.net/ Just do an advanced search for categories and hit the "include or only removed" tab and all fun and games.

It really depends. I might if the suggestion really interests me... I am always eager to hear new ideas. Keep in mind though that my time and interest in writing are extremely limited and therefore chances I do a collaboration or especially a solo story are low at best.

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