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Golden Script

"Love is friendship set to music." -Joseph Campbell


a man named Dillon Rogers had a terrible life, he decides the best option is to kill himself, with no friends, family, or reasons to live why not? he's stopped by a small filly and throws himself into a world of hurt, only he now has a reason to live.

co-op effort between me and Jcn840.

cover picture by Salted Pingas

please read all the way through before judging, I start out a little... bad, for lack of a better word. but as I go, I learn how to write decent material. so please, give me the benefit of the doubt when reading.


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i re-wrote it.:pinkiehappy: can you skim this one and tell me whats wrong with it?:fluttershysad:


good idea:applejackunsure:, didnt think of that:derpytongue2:, your the best:pinkiehappy:.

thanks bro:pinkiehappy:

wow:rainbowderp:, that was easyer than i thought it would be. :rainbowderp:

i put in the girlfriend thing in, can you basicaly proof read it, see if anything conflicts or if i missed something?:derpytongue2:


20. Extremely wangsty teenager who hates their life, family, society, and everything else. Bonus points if the teenager either: a) falls in love with Fluttershy, b) wants to live in Equestria forever and disregards planet Earth for good, c) wangst how Earth is a shitty planet full of war, chaos, economic disparity, etc., d) all of the above.


2180003 wangst. I don't even know where this *thing* came from. I think he meant want.

a) youll just have to find out *coughyes*
Fluttershy: yes!:yay: *if thats all right with you*
b) wadda you think? (hates earth. equestria=new start):derpytongue2:
c) dont we all?:ajsmug:
d) *cough*:ajbemused:

thank you :twilightsmile:


c) dont we all?

Nope. Every time I start thinking stuff like that, I usually go on youtube and start watching documentaries about Liberia. While eating. :twilightblush:

This is murica our motto is fuck logic Ya boy....

Maybe she should ask about his parents or how advanced there world is

Make her ask if he wants to fuck.:twilightsmile:

:twilightoops: dont worry twilight, i wont make you do that.
twilight: oh, thank goodness
Dillon: WTF. ok i already pulled that prank on her and she got pissed. admitedly if she asked why would i decline, well she is a pony, and a virgin, but shes kinda sexy, i guess. and remember, if she askes, this conversation never happened.

me: we'll just have to see what happens.:ajsmug: *coughlater*

Oh, also make HIM ask if they have heat cycles.:trollestia:

twilight: um, no comment.

does everything you guys have to ask sex related?!?!?:rainbowhuh:

One more! Make her ask him about how the weather system on earth is different than the one in Equestria! I can ask non-sex questions when I want.

:ajbemused: thank you for finaly asking a non-sex related question.

i didnt actually think about that though, and thanks for that too.:pinkiehappy:

Three words. Let's. Do. Oral. :pinkiecrazy:

:twilightoops:nopony can make you do oral twi, thier just harmless trolls
twilight: i know but they still scare me.
me: oh come here you *hugs*
twilight: uh, whats that? *points at crotch*
me: oh nothing, i just um... put a banana in my pants thats all. i eat them warm, yeah im wierd.
twilight: oh, i like warm bananas too. ya wanna share it?
me: um, no this ones mine alone. sorry, the next one we can share, ok
twilight: fine.:twilightangry2:

As my dad once said, "Stop ruining my argument with facts."

I was actually liking your story up until I read this chapter. Seeing your main character insult Rarity's work like that and putting on an English accent while doing it? Just ... unacceptable. I can't handle seeing him being so rude like that. It feels out of character

firstly: i take it your a rarity fan:raritystarry:
secondly: he insults her to get on her good side (confusing but true):rainbowhuh:
thirdly: the 'out of character' part is important in the distant future, im glad you caught that.:pinkiehappy:


I'm not a Rarity fan

My problem with this chapter is that you had your main character, Dillion, growing up with "snobs" as parents. Dillion hated his parents for their snobbish attitude; he says that they always acted like they were the only ones that mattered, blamed other people for their mistakes and stepping on other people. But here, in this chapter, he acts like a snob though. He stamps on Rarity's work for personal gain, just so he could get a job with her and that he wouldn't be a "weirdo with fashion knowledge". I feel that this behaviour goes back on everything that's been built up since the first chapter.

:ajsleepy:*sigh* ok, i can see how there would be confusion, i have him be nicer in the next chapter and he does this to help rarity, not step on her for personal gain. im sorry for the confusion but the next chapter should clear everything up, ill post it now just for you.:pinkiehappy:

"I had never known anyone to won so much clothing."
That needs to be fixed.:twilightsheepish:

yeah, i guess your right,:applejackunsure:


Thanks! And to be honest, this was the only problem I found with your story; everything else was great.

Dillion needs to have a musical number.

Why would the they need two bassists? :rainbowhuh:

who is the second bassist?:rainbowhuh:

GOT WHAT?!?!:rainbowhuh:

2203125 Octavia. It's not a cello. It's too big to be one.

it says in many places, official or not, that octavia playes the cello. so im gonna go with that. plus whos to say that she had to play a bass because something happened to make that happen. dik, but she plays the cello in this story. deal with it.

whats wrong with the grammer?:rainbowhuh: and if youre in so much pain from it, ignore it. thats what i do.:derpytongue2:


Dear gawd, I am so sorry.
And as the others said, it's not THAT bad, but in all honesty.. It's still kinda bad. You do have a proofreader, right?

I don't get all the hate for this story.
I think it's pretty solid, minus a few mistakes, but those are unavoidable.

read on, i explane everything and he accepts it...:pinkiesmile:

got a problem?:rainbowkiss:

hey thanks bro, i appriceate your support.

and like i have said before, if anypony spots mistakes just point them out and ill fix them.:pinkiehappy:

Not really. I was just asking a question in a polite manner.

:derpyderp1:oh well in that case, no i kinda dont.:derpytongue2:

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