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Well for now

Wow it was very long but, I think heavy killed gray mann!

Thanks for the favorite on A Spark Between Them.

The story will be posted, now, on my current profile, as opposed to my old one.

I can no longer access the old one. Thus, I have to make a new one.

But, expect more in the next couple of weeks.


Also, it has been rewritten slightly, so as to better fit canon (this actually has helped the story both comically and dramatically) so that it would better justify being re-posted.

hey heavy! *hugs sasha and accidentaly covers her in lava* :twilightblush: sorry..... PLEASEDONTKILLME!

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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Heavy weapons guy.

I am Heavy weapons guy, and this is my profile.She weighs 150 ponies and loads over 200 custom cartridge stories in all 10,000 profiles per minute. It cost 400,000 bits to run this profile, for 12 seconds. HAH, Oh my gosh who commented on my profile, WHO COMMENTED ON MY PROFILE? Some people think they can out-comment me, maybe, maybe I've yet meet one that can outsmart pony.

My gun, Sasha!

Oh and DONT TOUCH HER. Or you'll end up like one of the Pyros over here!

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