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Tristan may not seem like it, but he's a pretty serious guy. He may joke around a lot, but when push comes to shove, he isn't afraid to stand up for his friends. That's usually why people always invite him to their gaming parties... but when a portal opens up on his way to work and he's thrust into Equestria, where his gaming skills mean nothing, will he want to leave... or stay?

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I really like this story, I have just one suggestion-- put page breaks/ a line between dialogue, normal dialogue too. Other than that, it's great!

Well, look at you! Writing stories again I see? Well done Vague...Well done :pinkiecrazy:

"Yes since ass means horse..

... ass means donkey...

Thank you.. thank you. Been meaning to do this for a while now :D but had been putting it off.

I'd actually done that whenever I edited, but for some reason it doesn't always show up, but I'll keep at it til it works out.

Well, in this there are... a LOT of chapters, and it has two sequels already, just got to edit them a little and I'll be posting them up.

LOL never seen my name in a story before, how did you come up with that? :D:rainbowhuh:

Why hello there good sir! :moustache:

hah well I've always loved the name Tristan :3
And hey! looks like you have a fanfic about you lol

is there going to be a sequel? :twilightsmile:

Well to be honest there are already two sequels... I'd already put them up on my account on Fanfiction.net (Same name as this one)

But I won't be posting them up here until i finish editing all the chapters in this one.:scootangel:

I'll explain what i do with each of the chapters in this if you'd like me too.

why is celestia's magic blue? hers is golden
luna's is blue.

im gonna guess a month?
and moar!

Ah man I wish I knew French!:twilightangry2: I really want to know what they said. It's killing me!:raritydespair::raritycry:

Blaze: My friends, I love you a lot.
Twilight: We love you too.

Well aimer means 'to like' so i may have made an error.. not entirely sure.:twilightoops::derpytongue2:

Nice story can't wait for the next chapter

The amount of shit about to hit the fan will probably knock it over....:applecry:

Motherf*cker what am assh*le

:flutterrage: extreme boner dick move, :pinkiehappy: shit jus got real :eeyup:

And the plot thickens

lol schizophrenia for the win

Loving your story so far keep it up :D

another very good chapter. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Story Approver

Hmm, thought for awhile you were going harem with this. Just kinda browsing through, it's got a lot of errors and room for you to grow as a writer, but nothing a quick look through the writing guide already up in the FAQs section wouldn't point out for ya.

Story Approver

Oh god, OCs to ship with everyone. Shipping syndrome. It's bad. Anywho, moving on along.

Vague and Dashie sitting in a tree F-U-C-K-I-N-G! Had to do it. Sorry Vague! :pinkiehappy:

His name is Tristan, and he's from California?

His full name is now Tristan 'Timothy' Taylor!

Aaaaaand turned into a pony.


Well I guess this story has more antagonists, and a group of them. :pinkiecrazy: This should be interesting...

I like This Story, Time to Stalk it

I don't wanna spoil anything but how long will the rest of this story be?:duck:

Let's see... I honestly can't say, and I think it's better that way :moustache: makes it kinda mysterious.

another good chapter, can't wait for the next one. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

HEY LOOK IT'S ME! :pinkiehappy: HI MOM I'M IN A BOOK!

Hum... just so you know, your French is wrong. It should be:
"Mes amis, je vous aime tous beaucoup."
and then "Nous t'aimons aussi."

Aww crap. Thanks, was going off a not so good memory...:facehoof:

Turned into a pony... Whelp, good bye :ajbemused:

Dun dun dunnnnn

Hobs. My pet Tiger.


3500473 If you were to tell me that he turns back into a human within the next 2-3 chapters, I might give it a chance.
But the author gave no warning that he would turn into a pony in the description, so I disliked it when I found out. Had he informed me of it, I would simply ignore it.

That awkward moment when you only roughly know Spanish.

3500473 Sorry, but ponification without warning? Also I have never liked the idea of humans turning into ponies. Always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Now if he could switch between the two forms, that'd be interesting, but otherwise this isn't my kinda story.

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