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So long and thanks for all the fics!


You know these stories where somebody suddenly wakes up with a creepy, unknown voice in their head? Well that's what's happening to me, except I'm that strange voice, and I'm not stuck in somebody, I'm stuck in somePONY.
How did I get here? And how will I ever find a way to go back without so much as a body to call my own?

Now with 100% more cover art thanks to the splendiferously awesome Exelzior! Go read his stuff instead of mine! Do it!

Rated teen for foul-mouthed protagonist. Expect bad words.

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Sorry, but the voice in heads already belong to me.

inb4 Train Wreck Explorers.

This isn't half bad!:pinkiegasp: Most stories I read that are like this involve the mane 6 or the opposite way around with a pony voice in a human head. But... this one is pretty impressive that has a good first impression. Nice work and I hope that this continues.

What's that on your fic there? Oh, right. It's potential. and oh, boy, is there a lot of it.

AAaarrrghhhhgjdsdPosting stuff makes me so nervous I could just throw up all over the keyboardwjfgyudsukvsduy.

On an unrelated note: I thought about making Dave say something like "what if we're both the products of the imagination of some twit who thought this would make a good story?" in his angry existential rant, but I decided it would have been a little too meta.

HA! Good story! I really enjoyed it much like the first one. The series, in my opinion, most definitly has a chance. Its good, creative, and funny all at the same time! I hope to see more of your work.

Don't be so nervous, it's a creative plot with some good writing to back it up. (Albeit a little rough round the edges, but overall is good.)

"-What is The Door Pinkie Pie?
-The Door Pinkie Pie is everything.
-All that once was and all that will be!
-The Door Pinkie Pie controls time and space, love and death! The Door Pinkie Pie can see into your mind!
-The Door Pinkie Pie can see into your SOUL!
-Really? The Door Pinkie Pie can do all that?
-Heh, no.

There is no city called “humanville” where I’m from, because that would sound dumb.

1430288 Did you know in Missouri there's a city called Humansville? No kidding

.....so what was the guys job before he got all second person?
By the way I was half hoping you would be in a mare just to see what the heck would happen aw well good story though....PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER PART FOR THE SIGNAL ONE AS WELL AS THIS I WILL GIVE YOU MANY CUPCAKES AND COOKIES:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

I'm so sorry this took so long. This is inexcusable.

Reasons why this took so long, A.K.A my lame excuses:
-First I got distracted by writing this, then this, immediately after which I wrote this,
-Then my computer melted and I kinda stopped writing for a while,
-Then I said "screw it" and wrote this and this on the computer I share with my brother,
-And then like, two other one-shots I've yet to publish, and another story I'm holding on to for now.
-Throughout it all, I kept nagging myself (Wow that sounds dirty) to go and continue this, trying to continue this, and failing to do so,
-Also, Minecraft. So much Minecraft, like, seriously guys, you wouldn't even believe.

I guess it could be attributed to writer's block, if I hadn't written over 30 000+ words in other, unrelated stories in the meantime. I guess I just had a specific block about this one, where I had no idea where to go in this chapter and didn't like any of the ideas I came up with to try to fill it out. I guess it boils down to the fact that this chapter is pretty much filler transition, where I'm torn between dropping the important hints and letting them have the time I know they need to germinate properly, and just saying "Eh, let's just skip forward a bit".

All in all, I hate don't like this chapter all that much, and I hate how I couldn't make myself make it work as much as I'd want to. Also, this chapter was meant to end at the end of the in-story day, but I decided to split it (again) since this seems like a really good place to do so, and I think 3k words is acceptable for a chapter.

TL;DR: I'm lazy, writing is hard, and I'm easily distr- ooh a butterfly!
Sorry again for taking so frakking long for this. I'll try to be more productive in the future.

You deserve that feature. Thank you. Thank you for the awesome-tastic story.
I adore how you're writing this. The emotion is captured brilliantly. And it's captivating and believable at the same time. Gwahhh. Thankies!!!


Writers tend to write inane detail that nopony and nobody would care about, cause ya know, they wanna be artsy.
But with the voice in head thingy... you're forced (or compelled) to write detail that's integral to the plot and manages to stay relevant. Cause the voice in head, needs to react. That's the whole point.

You're doing a *struggles for words* splender-riff-cally-awesome-tastic-ry job. :pinkiehappy: Squee. I'm so happy to find an author as detail oriented and aware as you. You're doing a great job with balance. And it helps tremendously that the banter is lighthearted and addicting to read.

2531096 oh wow congrats on the feature box. this is deffinately a read later story, ill be sure to do just that sometime.


You deserve that feature.

*opens new tab.
*checks home page.
*Is in feature box.
*heart attack.

Oh hey I got better.
This is incredible! Little old me in the feature box? What fresh hell is this? I'm all giddy now. Wooh!

Huge thanks to every one! I still struggle to believe this!

I was close to getting featured on my first chapter alone. Even though, I congratulate you on actually getting featured. And yes, I know the feeling because I got up on the popular stories box. Like to #9 I think. Still, congrats!

An interesting concept.:pinkiesmile:
Who has cursed our protagonist?
...or is it a veil of lies covering this realm of the mind?:pinkiecrazy:
Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

Wow! This is a pretty good story, and this is what I would of been reacting if I was stuck in somepony's brain.

I like this, because Silver Springs continuous refusal to accept the situation gave him some character, but more importantly to me, dodged completely one big issue I've seen too constantly.
Acceptance of the crazy shit going on at the moment with the blink of an eye.
Here we are 4 chapters later, and we're finally seeing Silver Spring give Dave any credibility, after some well put final windings.
No more ignoring that element to be able to enjoy good stories!

Major Kudos to you dear Author! :pinkiehappy:

dude you deserve that feature
it really makes the characters seem more real rather than ''oh hey I'm a voice in your head hmm'kay'' and nothing happens

I don't know how to put this awesomeness in words...
Maybe BWAHAHAHAHAHA!:rainbowlaugh:

Or Maybe :rainbowderp: This is a pretty surprising turn judging from the stories I have seen. Refreshing with excellent (non embellished) character depth, no glaring grammatical errors, no mary-stu and certainly a new refreshing view of the genre.:trixieshiftright:

Well. Good luck with the rest of the story I am a little anxious to see how it progresses!:trollestia:

Also do keep including Lyra a bit if you would. Not to say I am suggesting you make her a major character in this story but (please) she is best pony so she deserves some screen time.

Oh didn't see the feature, Amazing job mate, you deserve it.

-- ...ocolate is good. Hay did I pay that bill? Wow that pebble is so blue. Meh. Oh that wind is nice. I wonder how big you could grow pumpkins. A pumpkin boat would be so cool. ...Eh, It’d start to smell after a while. But not if you eat it before it spoils. Mmmm... pumpkin pie. Hay it’s that guy I worked on this project with in school that one time. What was his name again? Ah what’s that buzz around my ear!? Is it a bee? I hate bees. Oh it’s gone now, phew. I wonder if I could tie a flyswatter to the end of my tail for better defense against bees. Haha! Then I could go and eat all the honey! Hm I wonder if you could make a pie filled with nothing but honey. Why does honey make bread go all crispy? I bet it’s some bee curse to...

oh God, im dying right now
amazing fic

Woohoo! Really enjoying this! What a great, new, refreshing perspective! I'm definitely going to follow this story with great interest!

this story amuses me. it is quite original :moustache:

I like it. I like it A LOT.



this is brilliant! please write more soon!

Author's Note:
Blughghtutehguhfuhj I suck.

*Gets featured*
Seems legit.

Hi, did you intend on finishing this sometime, or are you perhaps just preoccupied with other things? Regardless, I really enjoyed reading this.

Yeah, I do intend to keep writing this silly tale.
I'm just fighting a small case of overwhelmingly crippling lazyness, and a bit of a problem of not having my own computer and having to wait for my brother to unglue himself from this one for maybe a few hours at a time, and hoping these hours actually match the times where 1) I'm not sleeping or working or otherwise busy and 2) I have the inspiration for this.
Man, even my excuses suck.

2787219 I'm all too familiar with the crippling laziness and complete lack of interest in anything. Ah well, good luck in acquiring a new computer and some motivation too - I look forward to it :3


This story holds very interesting potential. Especially the bleedthrough of human traits. Meat might suddenly not be repulsive to the pony, he might favor a bipedal stance, have a more aggressive personality, and (depending on what your stance is on matriarchy or not in your headcanon) you could have a very "unstallion-like" (aka human male) behavior emerge.

Lots of interesting potential. Looking forward to the next installment.

They're still going to face massive dissonance problems for a while. Trust me.

That was an interesting premise.
I like it.

Agreeing with what someone said earlier, the approach you've made Silver Springs take - meaning blames, suspicion and general panic - seems very reasonable for such a scenario. It's realistic and defines his character. Instead of just jumping into; 'I'm ok with this, let's solve the problem', you made your character(s) fear and chaotically analyze the problem first, come to terms with it, and then at last going on to accept and start to solve it.

The idea itself seems pretty original, I've not read such an inverse premise yet. It's usually the other way around, uhm, as you seem to play on in the story title. But you've managed to split all the different dialogue-types clearly with the formatting-differences. It hasn't been any problem to follow who's saying (or thinking) what.

So, summarizing. This was a fun read, and I'm wondering where you'll take this when you feel ready to continue it.
Liked and faved!

In a situation like this, Luna might be useful.

I think it would be more interesting if the voice didn't say his species until later or something....

Just saying what I had in mind

That last part...I think I broke my vocal cords laughing so much :rainbowlaugh: keep it up!

Hehe, awesome! It's a very unique idea, and I certainly can't wait for more! =D

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