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Lord Destrustor

In a field of sunflowers pointed at the sun, one is instead pointed at you.


Two very different beings come to terms with their feelings, a passion is born.
Their love will last for ages.

Hey Someone did a live reading of this, for some reason I can't comprehend.

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Comments ( 63 )

What R U doin

Oh, what the heck? Fav'd & liked.

I have been waiting for this forever.

The Romeo & Juliet of our time has finally arrived.

*reads the first few paragraphs*
...why am i reading this? :rainbowlaugh:

Inspired by the Pony in a Box panel at Midwestria, yes?

Well, this was different. Glad, to see Tom found someone that truly cared for him and just wasn't under some spell. Bloomberg will certainly make him happy and Tom will be his rock to cry on. :facehoof:

This is the greatest story that I've ever read.

Right in the feels man. 6/5 would read again.

This story is amazing. And it's amazingness will no doubt soon be the death of those puppies. :fluttercry:


This ship is so strange, but I like it. WHY DO I LIKE IT?!?!

Also, can you make more of this? Please? This is like RariJack but better.

The greatest love story ever written...I'm not even joking.

There really should be a Tom tag.

This was so.... :fluttercry: beautiful :applecry:

I usually ship Tom with Rarity (she needs someone solid in her life), but now I have to wonder.... :unsuresweetie:

No, why?
>>Everyone else
Ha! Wow, this is ridiculous! Thank you all so much!

2306195 They suggested that in one episode of "the Tom and Bloomberg Show" Tom and Bloomberg have a child. Much shipping ensued.

Fun fact: I originally wrote "make-out session" Instead of "game of connect-four", but I felt it would have made the story warrant a "teen" rating. So I changed it for the first thing that came to mind just before submitting this for moderation.

This was hilarious and very cleverly written! I laughed all the way through. :rainbowlaugh:
This really deserves more attention. Sorry about the puppies, though.

Fun fact: I originally wrote "make-out session" Instead of "game of connect-four"

This was a very good choice even if it wasn't about the rating. "make-out session" would have significantly changed the overall tone of the story.

i just didn't know ... cool

Yes. Just.. YES. :pinkiehappy:

Also, my new OTP is Gilda x Connect-4. Or maybe they'll have a love-triangle with the Cider Squeezy 6000?

still a better love story than Twilight

Alright gentlemen, that's enough internet for one day.

Dafuq am I even doing with my life anymore?

If this thing ever gets featured, ten thousand puppies will die of shame. They will put their little paws over their eyes to uselessly shield them from my idiocy, whimper once, and then drop. We will all be responsible.

Hey, don't worry about that. I wrote a clop about Rarity, a human, and Tom the Rock getting it on with it being featured. I'd love for something like this to be featured.

Great story, loved it! Even if one puts the subject matter to one side the text is very well written with excellent flow and pace. Well done! The fact that it reads like a genuinely believable tale shows the high quality of the work.


omglolz u shiped da rok wif da tree lololo u so funni :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

Return to thy dwellings, brain of the Lord Destructor.
Thou art inebriated.

This is the greatest love story I have ever read. It made me tear up countless times.:fluttercry:

Tears of laughter, I hope?

I'm in the weird part of FIMfiction......

Gay shipping between a boulder and a tree in meta setting? :applejackconfused: Wow, just wow. :rainbowderp:

Kill the puppies. I liked it.

That-that was beautiful. The love, just so much love. Bravo, Bravo!

I'm in the middle of compiling a shipping chart, and I just want to point out that with this fic Tom/Bloomberg has 5 shipfics written about them. It's starting to be a thing.

What? There are four others who did this?
I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
I'd almost like to see those fics.

Shameless self promotion did you good! This story is awesome

I wasn't expecting this to be as good as it was.
I mean, come on, it's a tree and a stone.

But, you made it into a, albeit strange, good fic. Reading this I was smiling at how well-written and thought-through some of the lines were (or seemed to be at least, dunno). In something like every third segment, I was thinking; 'This is probably my favorite line of this fic'.
The one I ended up on finding as favorite was:

But how could his feelings ever be reciprocated? He, an insultingly simple aggregate of quartz, feldspar and biotite, with trace amounts of iron and silica, was pining for a disquietingly complex assemblage of carbon-based cellulose compounds? It was unheard of!


I return to what I said in the beginning of this comment, 'It's a tree and a stone'. And yet you made it into that.

Have a like and fav, I laughed a good bit, and it was very well worded beeing something so random, haha.

Hah! you actually made me read this again, and it was as much fun as writing it in the first place.
The "boulder to lean on" pun was my favorite line, truthfully. I chuckle at it every time.
Comments, likes and faves? Truly you spoil me today! Thanks!

3031036 Heh, I'm reading through your stories that I haven't read yet. I was kinda tired and bored, so I decided to read something random. Finding the Celestia-Human-Minigun-something-I'm-still-not-sure-fic, and going from there;
Celestia Minigun-thingy -> This one -> Prince Blueblood and gas -> The Queen (In the middle of it now).

We'll see if you get another comment or not, heh, though, the theme changed a bit with the last fic.
Oh well, returning to reading.

Congratulations! This bizarre, well-crafted story has good enough (probably flawless) grammar, and has subsequently been added into the Good Grammar Directory, a comprehensive directory of grammatically correct stories on FIMFiction.

How the hell did you just make me have feels for a boulder and a tree..... :pinkiesad2: :trixieshiftright:

Because such pure love burns brighter than the brightest star, and no mere mortal can witness it unscathed.

We need to get this featured. This is amazing.

I'm going to do a reading of this in the near future... O.O

Oh, so it's going to be a competition then?


This... is pure and perfect trollficness.


We should totally team up and take over the world! :pinkiecrazy:

Don't hate yourself too much, mister Destrustor. It had to happen. Really, this story is a fixed point in time. It can't possibly not exist. Your actions were beyond your control in writing it. The flux of weird had to be quantified and contained in some form, and were it not this, it could have been something far worse.

You did the right thing. :twilightsmile:

Bloody hell, I'm feeling things for a rock and a tree. What is this even? :heart::derpyderp1:

I love this kind of comment so much.

Bloomberg and Tom? Still a better love story than Twillight.

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