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So long and thanks for all the fics!


Most heroes aren't born; they are forged in the fires of tragedy and quenched in a pool of vengeance.
Witness the beginning of the Sharkmare's legend, and ride the wave of excitement as she battles her greatest foe.

(The gritty reboot of the legendary Sharktavia franchise, part of the Sharktaviaverse)

Pre-read by Derpator, that sexy beast.
Cover art by Lord Destrustor.

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This story is a sequel to Dead/Light

Twilight's life definitely took a strange turn when she died. Of course, this won't stop her from living it to the fullest, whatever that entails.
Equestria will never be the same.

After the first, chapters will alternate between serious ( - ) and silly ( ~ ), because I didn't want the story to be limited to just one. Most will be standalone, and in no kind of chronological order; expect little correlation between chapters and occasional verb tense changes from one to the next.

This story should be considered in perpetual hiatus, as it will rarely be the focus of my attention. Do not expect regular updates.

Rated teen just to be sure. Cover art made by this butt.

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A normal day was all it took.
A simple failed prototype, a missed experiment.
There was an explosion, and I woke up. I don't really know what happened between those two events, but I'm fairly certain I shouldn't have awoken in a small, dark box.

I'm scared.

Cover art by the amazing Avatar of Madness!

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Memecon 2017.

A man attends the prestigious celebration of the Internet while cosplaying as the infamous doge.
Predictably, he gets sent to Equestria for no conceivable reason. Because of course.
This is what happens next.

My response to the LoHAV thing.

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This story is a sequel to The Signal

The Signal turned Equestria upside-down.
The Signal made savage murderers out of every unicorn in Equestria.
The Signal lingers still, preventing any hope of curing its influence.

Spike has found the Signal. He knows how to get to its source.

And he will shut it down, whatever it may be.

You might want to read the prequel first; this is not stand-alone.
Mad props to NAME Revoked for the cover image.

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Two very different beings come to terms with their feelings, a passion is born.
Their love will last for ages.

Hey Someone did a live reading of this, for some reason I can't comprehend.

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In the wake of an incident with some uncouth human, Prince Blueblood is bothered by a troubling conundrum.

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The world is dangerous. It is not safe, not as safe as it used to be.
But this is why you are here. This is who you are, what you are.
You must protect the ponies.

You will protect.

A reading was made by the very talented (and very tired) TheExhaustedBrony!

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How do you care for someone who can only try to harm you? How much do you let yourself change when all you want is for things to go back to the way they were? Where is the line between devotion and obsession? What do you do when your closest friend becomes a monster?

Spike doesn't know.
But he tries.

Now with a sequel.

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