• Published 3rd Jan 2013
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The Signal - Lord Destrustor

Spike does his best to cope after a near-apocalypse.

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In the flickering darkness of a wooden basement shone a few lamps, casting a dim glow around the room. Shadows danced on the walls, as if agitated by the events about to transpire. On a central table, the largest lantern shone its light on a single white horn pointed upwards.

The small white spire stood straight upright, almost attentively, like some stoic sentinel awaiting orders. It was already performing its assigned task, though. A thin, inky needle attached to the horn frantically swayed back and forth across an advancing sheet of paper. The needle traced a discernible pattern on the surface, following the tune of the horn’s imperceptible vibration.

A pair of reptilian green eyes followed the thin red line as it descended along with the cascade of paper, slowly pooling on the floor. The small purple dragon to whom they belonged stepped forward, staring closely at the horn. A tired chuckle escaped his lips, and he whispered:


A distant and muffled moan of anguish echoed somewhere far above, snapping the dragon out of his fixation. She was crying again, or it might have been another nightmare. He’d have to go check on her.

He began heading up the stairs, but stopped after the first step. He turned away to hastily note something in a thick burgundy book before quietly rushing back upstairs.

Day 108
Found The Signal. Tracking is possible.

Author's Note:

Sequel in the works.
When and if I ever get a cover image for it. First chapter already written, this here will be the prologue.

Edit: Hey, here it is.

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Oh, boy, here I go again.
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They say only fools never change their minds. They're wrong, and this is proof of that.

Wow thanks :rainbowwild:


..Wait, that's not enough of a comment here. :facehoof:

It's really great seeing that you decided on giving this a continuation. I'll admit that I've come back here some times, and, even if not always rereading the entire fic, I've reread parts that I really like.

So, maybe, 'Yes!' feels like a fitting comment here. :twilightblush:

And, uh, I think I've broken FIMFiction. First I didn't get any notification about your reply. And second, well, every comment refresh adds more "replies" to your comment.

AAAAhhhh! That is one scary image.
Strangely, it doesn't do that on my end. In fact, my previous comment is displayed as having no replies at all. Maybe I'm the one who broke something?

This is the greatest day, of all time! Real happy right now. :pinkiehappy:

This totally reminds me of The Marker from the Dead Space series, which turn everyone into rampaging beasts, but in this case only Unicorns.

Soon, once I've whipped the writing elves to my satisfaction.
Their chubby little hands don't seem to pump out enough words when they aren't dripping with blood.

Oh look, I seem to be in a strange mood today.

I guess I'll edit a link somewhere when I decide to throw it out to you ravenous wolves.

Awesome story! I shall be following! :rainbowwild:

Yeah I kinda tried to make it a somewhat mysterious plot point, but I may have strayed too far and into outright nebulous territory.

I'd have to really research it, but I assume since he's clearly plantigrade (meaning he walks on the soles and heels of his feet (like us)), that those are indeed feet.

4759138 okay!

*Knocks Clay out*

4850525 Thanks for the boop. Your reply made me read this fic again. It's still great.

As I've read the sequel up to the most current chapter, I won't say anything regarding your theories. I'm terrible at not spoiling stuff, sorry.
Let's just say that the sequel is good as well.

That said, the scenes in this fic are powerful. By now I've seen enough MLP-related "high-octane nightmare fuel" pictures to add even more depth and imagery to Spike's nightmare. The end result; Friggin' disturbing.

Something that amazes me is when the unicorns try to overpower The Signal by sheer will. I mean, the heartfelt moment where Twilight actually manages several lines of speech, trying to show her gratefulness towards Spike, is great. It's pretty much my favorite scene in this fic, because it shows how strong the bond between Twi' and Spike is.

While I'm at it, saw some capitalization-thingies,
Fluttershy had to go in the everfree
Why in tartarus would she do that?
And a word too much,
With so fewer mouths to feed,

Can't add more likes nor fav'es, so, have another comment!

Holy hay, that was disturbing. And I loved every second of it! I hope the sequel is just as intense/emotional as this one.



Delightfully dark!
T (FN)

Comment posted by Moonreaper666 deleted Dec 26th, 2014

2908618 Is this a parody of a certain horror movie?

I agree, that's chilling. I hope Spike gets a bit tougher in the future, depending on how far away it is, maybe even get his wings, they'd be a great help.

Wouldn't a "parody" imply some amount of comedy?
He might have tough scales, but he's still squishy inside. To protect him from blunt force trauma, his skin would have to be so stiff that he wouldn't be able to move.
Also, there's an even more explicit reason why the crystals don't hurt him, but that's kind of a big spoiler. It's somewhere in the sequel, if you care to read it.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

Wow. This is so shit. How did you mess up such an interesting concept?!
It amazes me how much you've improved since this story. From (what I perceive as) hammy, very inconsistently toned I AM GOING TO KILL YOU lines and a very one-dimensional look at what, right now, amounts to only a slightly more complex zombie apocalypse; to the life, undeath, self-deceit and paranoia of Twilight Dead/Light Sparkle.

There's a lot that could have been done with this concept that wasn't explored. It would have been more interesting if you didn't limit yourself to one perspective - if you'd made character voices (specifically those of the infected) consistent, if you'd NOT included Trixie and her stupidly villainous (as opposed to tragic, emotion-inducing) nature, if you'd made it actually plausible that Spike would be faced with these dilemmas NOW instead of around the twenty day mark, etc. My suspension of disbelief has been blown.

I think it's a great concept that should be written about, possibly even by you in your current state - but not in this form.

Oh man, an actually negative, constructive comment?
Do you have any idea, ANY IDEA how long I've been waiting for this!?!?
Thank you!
Hehe... I can't actually find any real objection to your points. To be honest I've always kinda considered this as more of an exercise in verbosity than anything else. So yes, it may very well be shit.
Thanks for your feedback. I'll be sure to look at this in a different light now.

Good thing I checked, somehow I forgot to add this to my favourites list.

Well, that was one hell of a read. Too bad that the sequel is apparently already cancelled. And you got so far into it, too.

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