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Stories about ponies are stories about people. Every challenge is an opportunity to change. My Patrons let me keep writing, at: https://www.patreon.com/RealStarscribe


Twilight Sparkle wakes up one day feeling strange. Everything is gigantic, her tail is wrong, and she can't help but notice all the unusual smells. Her hopes that it might be one of Discord's strange pranks are quickly dashed, as she discovers the effect is more widespread than she initially guessed. Twilight Sparkle is an Espeon now.

But will Equestria survive it?

Written on a bizarre whim because the world needs more eevees. Then Sparktail supported me on https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3226653 to keep going, the absolute mad lad. He and Two Bit did the wordfixing. Zutcha did the eevee cutes.

Updates daily until complete.

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Eevee is best un-boosted Pokemon. Twilight is best pony. Combination is like Reeses Peanut Butter cups. Yum.

Yes!! I’ve been waiting to read this. I love the eevees and from my favorite writer. Can’t wait for more!

What are the odds: Two different transformation stories in one day X3

Interesting. For some reason, I especially like that she's aware of the psychological changes, even as she participates in them.

Oh lord, I feel sorry for Twilight but at the same time I can’t stop laughing at this beautiful master piece.

Like 10089577, I too am enjoying the dichotomy between Twilight's awareness of having psychological alterations, and her giving in to them.

This seems like a very interesting basis for a story, I'm quite intrigued, and am eager to see where you go with it.

Twiggles' now a catpone. Catponing shall ensue :pinkiecrazy:

That cover is adorable!

You forgot to tag this as a Pokémon crossover.

This needs to be tagged as a Pokemon crossover

Also this idea sounds adorable.

I'm thinking the other mane six are Eeveelutions too. let me guess.
Applejack Flareon
Rainbow Dash Jolteon
Rarity Vaporeon
Pinkie Sylveon
and Fluttershy Laefeon.
I can only hope Umbreon and Glaceon make an aperience, maybe as Luna and Celestia.
I also hope the CMC have been turned into a trio of identical Eevees.

That is very cool.

well if went that way I would say espeon being Celestia and Umbreon being luna would fit more but twilight does fit espeon, so maybe have cadence being Glaceon

Twilight will probably need some fish or berries lol

Hmm. I would've pegged her as a Galarian Ponyta or Rapidash - I mean, colorful Psychic or part-Psychic equine with a horn?

Ah yes, the story that got me to contribute to Starscribe's Patreon because I couldn't wait to see what happened based on the free preview. We're in for quite a trip. In this case, the demonstration that even an archmage's willpower is nothing compared to the fact that cats are bastards. Looking forward to seeing everyone's reactions.

In my Shield game, Sparkle is what I named my Galarian Rapidash.

Another day, another Pokepony story to add to the reading list...

Welp, I think rarity and fluttershy will love this new twilight :D, wondering if they will fight to have her XD.

Interesting fact all my espeons are named Twight Sparkle

I'll give this a shot, despite having absolutely no idea what the plot may involve. Funnily enough, if a major crisis occurs, the elements of harmony bear a striking resemblance to Extreme Evoboost:

This is a nice setup for the start of a story. If this was not Discord's doing, he would undoubtedly have a grand time ahead.

When this story was first announced, way back in June last year, I posted this prediction in Starscribe's Discord:

Twilight: Espeon
Starlight: Umbreon
Pinkie: Sylveon
Rainbow: Jolteon
Fluttershy: Leafeon
Rarity: Glaceon
Applejack: Vaporeon
Spike: Flareon

Starscribe said I had mostly gotten it correct. I've never read the story posted on Patreon to read ahead. Let's see just how close I've gotten!

I’m surprised no one’s brought up Sunset as Umbreon. It’s in the jacket, guys! Just change the accent colors around a little and you could sell the thing as the sort of weird “Umbreon-inspired jacket” Hot Topic would eat up.


I love this! I look forward to more of it

Well alright, this is a thing and a half, looking forward to whatever shenanigans she gets up to.

Well at least Twilight still has telekeneis so she's not helpless.

Duties of the Elements of Harmony vs. a herd of elementally empowered cats. This is going to be interesting.

And suddenly a laser pointer becomes a weapon of mass distraction that absolutely should be kept out of evil hooves.

why have you done this

10089789 Same for me.
10090459 The image doesn't work.

Why is Jolteon on the cover? If the Eeveelutions represent the Mane 6, there should be a Glaceon instead. I don’t remember any named Jolteon in this.

There was a response, a strange building of pressure behind her eyes—then the mirror shattered. She stumbled backward as though by a reactionary force, sliding along the crystal floor until she came to an undignified stop against the far wall.

Oops! 7 years of bad luck for you. :twilightoops:

Well one thing's for sure, Discord is going to love this. Twilight's finally figured out how to loosen up and enjoy life! He always hoped this day might come, he just had to keep setting a good example!

maybe just get fluttershy to see if she can speak with twilight or understand twilight in her new form

Looks like there isn't enough room in that skull for silly things like rational neurotic unicorn thoughts when superintelligent cat-thing-brain is in charge.

Oh no! Twilight became worse than the CMC

Nah, she's just a cat. Sure, she's the goddess of her domain and above the worries of mortals, but she wouldn't go around causing explosions for exploding's sake. That's just bad form.

I'm getting a vague feeling that the rest of the Mane 6 are different forms of Eevees.

I already know cats aren’t fireproof

The way she said that worries me. :raritydespair:

“Sure thing!” Twilight called, without even the slightest intention of waiting like she suggested. As soon as she was sure her friend was gone, Twilight crept up to the door, unlocked it from the other side, and strode through.

Twilight was starting to have cat's attitude. Spike would have a hard time in the incoming days.

I always imagine Fluttershy as a Gourgeist. Lefeon or Vaporeon works too. (Vaporeon invisibility in water thing)

Pinkie would definitely be a Sylveon. (The evolution powered by joy? No brainer.)

Rainbow could be a Vaporeon or a Jolteon. (Pegasi manipulate both water and energy.)

Rarity would make a good Glaceon or Umbreon. (Glaceon is fairly prissy, Umbreon would be more dark and mysterious... plus black goes with any color.)

Applejack is a Flareon, relative to her temper. Lefeon if you want to be more earth pony centric.

I mean, at least she's not having a panic attack?

You're capturing the feel of a cat very well here, or at least how we lowly humans usually imagine cats would think/act. Definitely enjoying the shenanigans so far.


This is looking good so far.:pinkiehappy: I like how her physic powers let her sense every thing around her like that.:pinkiesmile: It will certainly make things interesting.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

And then right after we discover Fluttershy can translate, Fluttershy turns into an Eeveelution and can't translate any more! :pinkiegasp:

what staggeringly perfect cover art

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