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Der Den Dem, Die Die Der, Das Das Dem, Die Die Den


Twilight suddenly awakens on the shore of an ocean, her last memory leaving no indication as to how she got there. Will she regain her memories and get back to Equestria or will this place claim her life?

Cover art made by: Nightmare Darkness

Crossover with MineZ

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 12 )

Sooo.... what’s this a crossover of?


Minez, its a zombie survival game with lore.

Now, I don't want to be "that guy", but don't most stories have lore? What makes this game any different?

Nothing really, but when people hear "zombie survival game" they tend to get prejudiced.

So... Um, not to be That Guy, but how is the next thing coming along? I really liked this one so far, even more so, once I saw that this was added to the Necromacy group.

Pretty good, I plan on posting the second chapter today.

I'll be looking forward to it, then.

Comment posted by ferret deleted Mar 21st, 2018

happy ending ?

sorry i have deppresion problems and i cant stand to read stories in which my fav pony is killed...... permantly

I'm sorry, but I don't want to spoil anything

could you pm me at least i swear i wont spoil anything

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