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I am into history, whether it be on warfare or maritime disasters. Also a Titanic enthusiast excited for Titanic Honor and Glory.


Schultz has experienced Hogan's monkey business many times before. This time though, jumping out of a plane... it has gone too far. To make matters worse, he is in a new world and Hogan's Heroes are nowhere in sight. His only saving grace is that he happened to land near the pony who makes some of the best sweets he has ever tasted. An after tasting Le Beau's food, that is saying something.

Disclaimer, I do not own any of the rights to Hogan's Heroes. This is merely a fanfiction. All credit goes to CBS for the creation of Hogan's Heroes.

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No way man, a Hogan's Heroes story in this day and age. DAMN!

I had to do it. It was on my mind for quite a long while.

HOGANS HEROES! God I'm only 18 and I know and LOVE this show.

Ah. So that's where that trans-d portal ended up.
That is the problem with portal generators. When they have an overload, they leave a terrible mess all over time and space.

What better mess than to include Sergeant Schultz and Hogan's Heroes.

What is this??????
A *nazi* in Equestria??
Possibly the best nazi to have ever lived????
Oh the poor man.

He knew nothing... yeah right Shultz knew everything. I really like this show, when comedy was funny.

Let Beau once called Schultz a Social Democrat so we know that Schultz definitely was not a Nazi.

Damn, I miss that show. I even heard John Banner, Bob Crane, Ivan Dixon,
and Richard Dawson deliver their lines when I read it...

Well, a side from a grammar and spelling check, so far so good.

Oh shit my partner loves this show!


Personally I think he was a spy for the allies. In one episode they need to get some plans from the Germans and at the end after Hogan and his crew think they failed they find the plans in their stuff. Only two people in the camp could have placed it without raising suspicion and he was one of them.

I know nothing, I see nothing, I did not even get up this morning!

"Hey, Colonel Hogan, I'm too old to parachute jump."

His plea was met with Hogan saying "Never too old Schultz."

Again, he began to plea. "Come on, please Colonel Hogan, I am too big to parachute jump."

"Now there you have a point." Hogan agreed.

Those lines right there could have been followed up with a laugh track, as they could've been lifted right from the show.

This is one of those crossovers I never knew I needed until I read it. Nice work. It does need a bit of editing to knock off the rough edges, but it's worth a follow.

A Hogan’s Hero’s crossover, excellent. Might I suggest however, that you try the free version of Grammarly to help out with your writing.


There were hints in the show that even Klink knew, or at least suspected, more than he let on on what was going on.


Those lines right there could have been followed up with a laugh track, as they could've been lifted right from the show.

They were taken right from the show, the very episode that this intro happens during.

This is the 2nd Hogan's Heroes crossover I have seen, the other one being "No Pony Escapes Stalag 13" which was the mane 6 winding up in Stalag 13, I just hope this one is as good.

I know nussink, NUSSINK!

I have a Hogan's Heroes story group I made a while back. It's....empty. I'd love to have this story in it.

The Hogan's Heroes/My Little Pony crossover I never knew I needed! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm gonna keep this on my watch list, I love Hogan's heroes and this sounds like it's gonna be fun, especially with Schultz involved! :rainbowlaugh:

My dad loves Hogans heroes!!

Oh my God...

This is bloody perfect.

Tried searching for that story. I see nothing, I hear nothing, I got nothing.
Could you post a link?

I'm old enough that I used to watch this show back when it was on the air. Loved it, but haven't seen it for over 40 years (syndication -it's even older than that)

I'm not going to post the errors here (IMO, not of general interest)
I'll simply say "You can get a proofreader here:"
https://www.fimfiction.net/group/27/]The Proofreader Group


Ah, yes. Even in Germany they loved that show, since all the characters were dubbed with hilarious regional German dialects and accents.

I read, I track, I like....carry on.

I never watched the full series, so I don't know this episode. But I can tell you right now the moment I saw this on the feature page (which was a moment ago), I broke into the biggest grin ever! So you have yourself another reader once I find the time, may I not die of laughter and may the force be with you in providing us with a good read that won't go on hiatus. :rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile::raritywink::moustache:

I hear the Swabian accent is funny yet hard to understand, is this true?

Take a favorite and a like, I never knew I needed this until I saw it.

I grew up on this...

For so long I thought I was alone...

I had begun to think "I know nothing" had lost all meaning...


This world needs a lot more people like Schultz.

For anyone who is wondering, this is how it all starts.

Alrighty everyone, just a little snippet. This is still the Rommel guy that you all know. I just had to change my username and avatar and such due to the controversy it was causing. I would like to thank the person that notfied me of this very much. Anyways, this should not change anything for the progress of the story.

Yep, that is the one. Everytime I watch that clip, I laugh but feel bad for Schultz when he is thrown out of the plane.

This is something I never expected to see.

Controversy? For using Erwin Rommel’s name as a handle? Seriously? :flutterrage:
…I take it that some frothing‐at‐the‐mouth SJW assumed it was a dog whistle? :ajbemused::ajsleepy:
FFS, Rommel was one of the few famous German figures of WWII who was not only not condemned but actually universally lauded by all participants of the war. Almost everything that mainstream historians have ever said of him paints him in a good light.

(whips out crystal ball) I see many wacky shenanigans in their future...

that's true :D "Ih seh nix, Ih hör nix und Ih weiß oh von goa nix" :D

ouh please, Schultz never was a Nazi, he was member of the Luftwaffe or maybe even the Heer, most german soldiers weren't Nazis, maybe you mix this up with the Waffen-SS?

At least he was a very good Soldier, his Ghost Division was famous and he was killed by the Nazis because he was involved with the Staufenberg Assassination... you know the movie with Tom Cruise? Project Valkyrie?

I will send you what I sent to the other guy talking about the Rommel controversy in dms.

It's just so rare to see anything related to Hogan's Heroes, period. Hogan's Heroes crossovers are rare enough as it is, and to see one on the main page is unheard of.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Ahaha, glad you like it. I never expected this to get so popular tbh.

Hah! The only way this is getting abandoned is if I cause another controversy.



Don't know. The only German I speak is

And a bit of

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