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I am into history, whether it be on warfare or maritime disasters. Also a Titanic enthusiast excited for Titanic Honor and Glory.


The White Star Line remains today one of the most remembered shipping companies, for all the right and wrong reasons. Most notably, the sinking of the Titanic. What would happen if the Titanic sank but was transported to Equestria and no one knew that happened until it arrived in Manehattan two days later?

A re-done version of the original story.

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Keep up the good work

Funny that I was about to write my own Titanic fic when you published this.

You know what we often forget about the sister the Olympic because she was a the sister of the Titanic but and had survived odds like ramming a U-Boat

Why did Luna sense Titanic and not 9/11?

are you going to cancel this one next?

I welcome this redux!

I'm looking forward for this

This is pretty good & you should continue it. I wonder how the human passengers & crew of the Titanic will react to seeing brightly colored talking ponies. There was actually a story written in 1898 by Morgan Robertson about a luxury liner that was very similar to the Titanic & like the Titanic, it hits an iceberg & sinks in April in the North Atlantic Ocean on its way from England to New York & many of the passengers & crew die. In the story, the ship was called "The Titan".

Here's the link to the article about it.

When you think about how great the similarities are & that Robertson wrote it 14 years before the Titanic tragedy, it's really creepy. Almost as though he was predicting the Titanic disaster with his novel.

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Considering how people were back in the early 20th century, none of the humans would react well at all.


Old Reliable Olympic. A shame she was scrapped in 1935 and she even steamed herself there. I've actually got a few items from this ship.

Currently I'm waiting for someone to do a story about 1873 White Star Line SS Atlantic and its grounding. It was the worst accident up till Titanics sinking.

Oh yes. The RMS Olympic. Put her class (i.e. the Olympic class—Olympic, Titanic, and Gigantic err, Britannic) on her shoulders and carried them. Converted to a troop carrier for WWI, rammed and sank a U-Boat, and then served White Star (or whoever owned her post-war. Her first sister sinking on her maiden voyage and her second sinking in the first half of the Great War were individually catastrophes for White Star, and put together in such short succession made for a ruinous disaster the company never recovered from) faithfully and well until she was sent to the cutters in the 30s.

For the author: is this a rewrite of another Titanic/MLP crossover?

As a Titanic fanatic...I can't wait for more.

Edward John Smith woke up as if he had been awoken from the grave. He nearly expected to be in heaven, but after he looked around, he merely saw that he was in his Captain's Quarters. The finely furnished room was lit by the sunlight peering out of the window.
Sunlight, is this heaven? Or was is a dream. he thought as he began to dress himself.

I always found Captain Smith's story to be especially sad: this was going to be his swan song on the sea, and he spent his final hours knowing at least 1,000 people were going to die.

they all had major accidents its just Titanic was the only one to do it at peacetime, Britanic hit a sea mine (not really her fault) and Olympic got lucky, though maybe they just built her right and should have stopped

Kind of odd they're dismissing it as a dream, wouldn't most of the 1st class passengers be missing? and all the lifeboats? And presumably a large number of crew who died overboard?

from whats implied, its feels more like everyone even survivors would be back onboard. Not just the one who would die. All 2,240 instead of just the 1500 that confirmed died.

pritty much everyone who was on the ship before it sank is still on it with it in equastia

Very nice start. Things might of turned out very different if they has launched her on time rather than delayed it due to the Olympic needing repairs after colliding with the Hawke

igiari, from the old story and this rewrite. It's all passengers, even the ones who survived and got out onto lifeboats.

LOL there's some horror there waking up on a ship that broke in half in front of you

There needs to be more mlp fanfics about historical events

Boy I’m glad to see you back mate! :twilightsmile:

How are you? Hope life’s being treating you well this last 2 years or so :)

I’m already seeing major improvements over the original fic. though I did found this small mistake on paragraph 4:

Though he decided to play off what he thought had happened the night before as a dream, it was oddly quite from what he could hear outside of his Quarters. Normally the bridge and officer quarters would be full of activity, especially at this time of the morning. Today though, all that remained was complete and utter silence silence.

Unless you meant silent silence, I think a there’s an extra silence there XD

But as I said before, this is definitely an improvement over the original, with more “meat on its bone” when it comes to descriptions, character interactions/reactions and dialogue. Although in general is much better.

I think I made this suggestion in the OG version of the fic but you might wanna add links to the Wikipedia page or a biography of the historical characters. Or maybe just the photographs of the historical characters (if any exist). Is just a recommendation to connected the fic with the historical event more easily.

Suggestions and observations aside, I hope you continue since even though it was a bit wanky at times, I still enjoy the OG version of the fic, and I really wanted to get more of it, specially now that you are working on an improved version.

Also, welcome back to FiMFiction after your 2 year break :twilightsmile:

Just finished reading the old story again, and it looks like you're not changing much, just cleaning it up a little bit, which I can honestly understand. A little more detail and tweaking never hurt anyone.

Nice to know you haven't fully abandoned this story! I really wanna see where this goes. Let's see how Equestria handles the Titanic- this time!

Sunlight, is this heaven? Or was is a dream. he thought as he began to dress himself.

Is this intended as a separate paragraph?

dream. he

Capitalize the "h" in this case, as the first word of the sentence.

While this story could use further editing, I am stll looking forwards to see where this adventure is going off to.

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