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I am into history, whether it be on warfare or maritime disasters. Also a Titanic enthusiast excited for Titanic Honor and Glory.


In the twilight hours of the siege of Berlin, humanity makes a last stand by not bearing arms, but bearing instruments.

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Have you consider adding links to them, I mean for the music? Just to let the reader visualize the music with this? And I’m merely asking out of pure curiosity.

Hm... Thank you for the idea.... I shall act upon it right away!

I came expecting cringe, and got a serious and unique take on the subject. Hats off to you.

That was... pleasant. A celebration of humanity.

There are spelling errors, but nothing to rip you from the piece.

Much better writing than your first chapter of The Last Tiger, though I would say you're still overusing ellipses — periods can offer a sense of finality no other punctuation can replicate. From my experience, the period is by far the most powerful and impactful way to end most sentences.

I aimed to please with this story. I am glad it delivered.

I thank you for the compliment. I did try to lower on the ellipses but I guess old habits do die hard.

I wrote an earlier TCB story that was more or less a crack-pot fanfiction with some serious and comedic aspects in it. With this one, I wanted to have a serious take of the whole genre that did not end with the simple "a small resistance toppled an empire" cliche that a lot of serious stories using the TCB aspect tend to use. With this... well, as I said, I used multiple aspects from ideas that I had earlier to historical aspects in the era. The news anchors for instance, they were real. The generals as well, they were accurate to their postings at the time. Who knows, maybe the TCB genre will make a comeback though. Those stories were always good.

I hope it makes a comeback. I love the setting.

The main problem I have with this, Celestia and Luna are immortals meaning they can’t die by mortal means that includes bullets. Hell the ponies themselves have proven they are durable enough to withstand explosions big enough to level a mountain, I'm pretty sure it would take a lot more than a 50 cal to the head to kill the goddesses who are much more durable and stronger.
Other than that it's a good story.

It was for the sake of story telling but I do understand. Originally, I planned for the Reichstag to well... Be blown up but I relented namely due to the fact that I could not bring such an end to Karajan. Hence forth why I opted for the other route.

Ah ok that makes sense, again still a good story keep up the good work mate!

Was the "climax" scene inspired by Inglorious Basterds?


Celestia and Luna are immortals meaning they can’t die by mortal means that includes bullets.

You're assuming A therefore W, but there's no direct correlation. The fact Celestia and Luna are 1000's of years old doesn't mean they're immortal, they could just be long lived. And even if they couldn't age they could still be killed. There are many types of "immortality".

ponies themselves have proven they are durable enough to withstand explosions big enough to level a mountain

Where are you even getting that? Pass me some of what you're smoking. :rainbowlaugh:

Inglorious Bastards never came to mind when I was writing this funnily enough. I wrote that seen out without realizing the similarity to that.

Yet they should have had enough experience to not to wander into enemy territory without some protective measures. Doubly so, not to sit onto specially prepared seats where trap can be easily prepared.

You don't blow up Reichstag. You put a flag on it.
Or, you blow up your own Reichstag, so that the enemy cannot put his flag on it (didn't happen).

Arrogance and Pride come before the fall.

Luna had fallen once already, and Celestia had a whopping 1000 year of political experience. With such background, Pride and Arrogance have come long ago and had more than enough time to leave.

It could've left but even after Luna returned, mistakes were made.

This was an amazing story.

Dammit you've done it again! All I have to say is bravo maestro! 👏👏👏

I honestly loved writing this story out as I could be extremely serious and involve one of the things I love the most, music.

This was the most beautiful blend of classical music and warfare writing I have ever read. I looked up the pieces of music you provided in the story and could see it all come to life.

Karajan in the picture:raritystarry::pinkiehappy:

This shit doesn't make any sense. Is this one of those stories where thematics are prioritized over actual logic

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