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Everyone has gotten a call from one of these people claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Support or the IRS or whatever the scam is. If you haven't, consider yourself lucky. The calls are annoying, but if you play your cards right, you can make it a pretty fun little call. The question is, how would Luna react to one of these scam calls?

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Or run WINE and watch them go spare?

Id love to be able to run XP on PCTask 5, but theres still no platform I know of powerful enough yet due to code abuse.

Lets see, this laptop has worse specs than the Pi 4 and yet comes with Win 10, and the Pi 4 is a fraction the power of a top end smartphone.

So why can I access the net faster on the emulated 30 year old machine on that phone than the phone?

Sorry, just hate that remote access is active by default due to it making life easier for factory technicians, and has no security by default.

If you have to enable security and encryption, it isnt secure. The most secure system is one where you dont know its there.:derpytongue2:

I used to do my scambaiting on an Acer Aspire R15. Needless to say, it was hard to run a lot of necessary programs PLUS a discord call bot together with the mere 8 gigs of RAM that thing possess.



sorry, I just remember back in the 90s on the true net, running browser, email, chat, and torrents. On a machine with so little resources, your TV remote control is more powerful. Well, Sky remote. I really wish Id used the available neuralnet software back then for not just analyzing data, but analyzing what neural nets did, so that after this, the next 25 years, we could have neural nets that were 25 years more advanced, with todays processing power. Instead of apparently just throwing a million tmes the processing power at the same code, just bigger. :trixieshiftright:

Seen someone go through this. They took over the computer and made things worse.

It is not a pleasant experience for the victims of these types of scams. Some have lost millions to Nigerian Bank Scams as well. Be thankful for those that fight against these scamming assholes. It makes things easy because a lot of them use Windows 7 (which includes the Syskey feature which is no longer used in Windows 10).

Right before her tantrum...

Luna: Sir, if you do not unlock my computer, I, as Diarch of Equestria, shall have no choice but to declare this an act of terrorism. You have 30 seconds.
Scammer: What?
Luna: 20 seconds.
Scammer: You bluff.
Luna: I, Princess Luna of Equestria, proclaim that you are a terrorist, and thus shall be hunted to the ends of the planet. THIS, I COMMAND!
-Luna's phone was destroyed by the force of her Canterlot voice-

Lmao. I was tempted to throw in the RCV but I figured that the phone wouldn't be able to handle it so I opted for a more subtle, smash everything in a near Angry German Kid fashion ( if you get that old ass YouTube reference).

I hate scammers.

Don't we all. It is still funny to get back at those assholes though.

I had that "virus alert" a few times, but only once did a laptop get locked by one of these scammers a few years ago.

As pissed as I was about that, having it locked and useless wasn't that big a deal on the whole. The laptop I used back then was acting slow and freezing too much, so I was already thinking of getting a new one anyway.

Well, at least something good came out of that experience. Word if advice, as shitty as Windows 10 can be at times, don't use Windows 7 because of the syskey feature. If you are gonna use Windows 7 just for the pop-up, use a virtual machine... Trust me, it is a lot better than having your actual PC locked.

I once interacted with such a scammer. When they asked for money, I explained to them that I was a bumrag hobo and was using a laptop from the dump. When they lacked my laptop, I phoned a hacker hobo pal of mine and had two hundred thousand dollars taken from the scammer. I got none of the money, but I did get the dude's name. Yeah, I'm talking about you, Daniel Shoemaker who lives in Montana!
Anyway, will there be a second or sequel to this, where Luna extracts her revenge?

Oh... That is in the works heheheheheh. I love fucking with those scammers.


Luna channeling someone?

The Hasbroverse is properly connected. ;)

I did a fanfic reading of your story for Friday the 13th this year! Enjoy! Youtube Reading

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