• Published 12th Jul 2019
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Dear Princess Celestia - An Intricate Disguise

Every year, I write to the princess. I think she's amazing. I want to be just like her. I wonder if she'll ever reply.

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Celestia studied the third page spread of a little-known Fillydelphian tabloid for the fiftieth time that day. It'd been first noticed by a maid whose sister was a subscriber to the paper, and whispers of the controversial and outright astounding artwork had travelled through the castle until only two hours later, Celestia sat with a copy in her lap.

The art could've meant a million different things, surely, but it had no accompaniment. No story to go along with it, no commentary, no artist biography, and the submitter was labelled as 'Anonymous'. To Celestia, it spoke of many things. Longing, pain, respect, a transitional period in a pony's life...

It labelled the fact that any pony could go through these things, even one such as Celestia, but beneath the surface, Celestia felt there was more to the choice than simply reinforcing the piece's statement. This almost felt like an ode, an accompaniment to an emotion, a thought that the artist held deeply within themselves, one that was as nebulous and fascinating as anything Celestia could imagine.

The artist either had a brilliant mind, a tortured past, or both, and Celestia was determined to find out which.

It wasn't long before she turned to one of her guards, who had all been pensively waiting around her for her to show any real reaction to the piece she'd been staring at all this time. Eventually, her lips curled into a smile. "Please contact the head of the newspaper company. Tell them that I should like to meet the artist soon."

A nod, and a guard headed away. Celestia kept her face straight, but inside, she was oddly nervous. Whoever this pony was, it almost felt as if they could see straight through her, what with how accurately they portrayed the emotions Celestia had been so familiar with before, down to each facet, every contour.

The idea of meeting this pony was intimidating. This was assuming they even wanted to meet, but she had to try. She'd feel she'd missed a wonderful opportunity if she didn't.

Later that night, Celestia penned a letter to Twilight Sparkle, speaking at length about her nerves regarding the matter, asking what she might do to quell them, and posing various questions about the concept of immortality and rulership to one of the only ponies that might be able to give her a fresh perspective.

Of course, she never sent it. But the act of writing it out was more than enough.

Author's Note:

This is a weird one. I dunno. Inspiration struck very suddenly. Maybe people like it, maybe not. Let me know your thoughts if you have any.

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This was very wholesome.

A clean slice of life fic? Who are you and what did you do with An Intricate Disguise?

Welp... that was both depressing and wholesome, I guess that's life.

Will their be another one following this

I like this Intricate Disguise better than the clopfic Intricate Disguise.

All sourced from Derpibooru. I'll be throwing links in the description shortly.

You know, on the one hand I'd really like to see Celestia meet Anon, but on the other I think it may be better to leave it up to the reader's imagination. Anon's reaction to Celestia seeking her out. Their talk about Anon's past, particularly with her writing to Celestia. I'm a bit torn on it.

This as very emotional story for me to read. Some of the situations were similar to my own when I was younger.

And I really agree with you. Sometimes, just writing out how you feel helps communicate, at least to yourself, how you feel and in some cases what you should do.

I liked that you wrote this at various times in this filly's life, reflecting her tone, feels and level of understanding of her situation and her maturity. It great to see her growing up and coming into her own.

Nicely done, ID!

This was very sweet, and very wholesome.

Now I'm just waiting for their meet-up and Celestia to wear a red wool sweater, and say, at some point, "I like you just the way you are".

Awww. This had way more substance than expected. Very wholesome.

Man, this was definitely something new to read, but you know, I honestly loved it from start to finish, it was short and wholesome, and I like how you did it.

Loved it, Aids, keep it up my dude! :heart:

Is it bad that I want her to actually meet the artist?

Fantastic story. Put a smile on my face. So thanks for that. ^^

Absolutely brilliant. Bravo.

I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom...

Its been a while since I've had a good cry... Thanks. I needed it.


Surprised that this story lacks a ‘sad’ tag.

Nice read.

Oh god my feels

I know right? Haven’t even read this yet and I’m already getting Stan vibes off of this fic.

Very sweet and sad, and nicely written. I only wish you could have given her character a real name, or taken it away altogether. This story deserves better.

I cried in awe of this.

This was a very serious story.

But I liked it.

Aw, I wanna see Tia meet Anon and give her a great big hug.

This was a beautiful closing touch to the story of the pony, Anon, who looked to Celestia for hope and guidance while trying to survive her (say that cause of cover art) childhood; showing how things can come full circle. Now Anon has unknowingly struck a cord w/ Celestia and she is feeling anxious and hopeful to meet the pony who seems to understand her internal struggles.

I don't know how you were able to pack in so much deep, philosophical content and span the life of a character in so few words but it was quite the experience reading this. You have given me no choice in the matter. I absolutely must, and will, add this to my Favorites library. The last thing I can say is: "Thank you for writing this!"

I heard the news today, oh boy... about a lucky mare whose life had changed.
And though her tale was rather sad... well I just had to smile, because all of the while...
Her optimistic attitude just couldn't help but make me glad.
I love to turrrrrrn yoooooou onnnn.
Sorry not sorry.

Now, this is truly epic.

A good cry was had in the readong of this. For a moment it seemed to be one lf sadness bit evetually lead to a happy cry. Thank you for writing this.

i felt a kind of happy sobby. or a sobby kind of happy

I'd like a sequel to where they just meet and talk and chill and drink tea.

But I also understand if it's better left as is.

Huh.... i feel all fluffy and warm inside now...

For the life of me I can't imagine why this story isn't labelled "dark", because of all the stories I've seen with it that really shouldn't have bothered, this one has the main character articulate that the ideal mother is one that doesn't exist as anything other than idea, and the less said about fathers the better. It ends on Celestia confirming that she has no idea who this person is, (though that could just be the anon idiocy,) implying that she either never received a single letter even after anon was grown up enough to have sent them on her own, meaning she'd had hope bewten out of her by that point, or Celestia never read them if she did.

I kinda feel this should have the 'sad' tag for a lot of the content.

Loved it! Wonderful touch with the progression of art. The way she rationalized the abusive parents struck rather close to home. But it was nice. Very bitter-sweet.

So Anon will finally meet Celestia. I don't know how I feel about that.

This is way better than the porn you always write.

The premise of 'writing letters and never sending them' sounds really... human. A waste of time and energy that doesn't amount to anything. And it's not even anon doing it, either.

Kinda wonder if she proved incapable of sending a letter even as a grown-up, or Celestia just doesn't read trash mail. Former seems more likely.

I havet read the story yet but everything about this story screems sad fic and yet there isn't a sad tag strange

...God above. I know this has probably been said already somewhere, but this is so much better than any of the Anon Stories out there, mainly because the character isn't wish fulfillment and feels more like a... character. Just an OC without a name who needs a little help and guidance and Celestia being Equestria's ultimate mom is the one he or she looks to.

Also, a clean SoL fic? Who are you and what have you done with Intricate?

Not my favourite version of Equestria (too close to current and past Earth, when it comes to individual/group psychology), but well-written story.

Although this story was short, it was surprisingly uplifting but at the same time very much somber in tone. I had that initial gut punch early on when anon talked about her family throwing the letter(s?) in the fireplace. It was a very smooth twist from the original happy vibe the story started with. The first chapter was cleverly deceptive with it's more pleasant atmosphere which quickly changed to a more depressing mood.

However, Anon continued to stay optimistic that things would work out. Or maybe hopeful would be the better word? Regardless, they continued to persevere through their hardships and went on to make friends and nurture their talents. And they even managed to become somewhat famous. Enough so that even Celestia was able to find out about them with her schedule and tasks.

Dear Princess Celestia was a very enjoyable read that I am grateful to have been recommended. Thank you very much for writing and sharing such a touching story. IT is one of the better short stories I've had the pleasure of reading in quite awhile.

I'd really like to see the two of them finally meet in person. Hopefully I'm not the only one.

Are you okay?

You feel soppy.


Sequel please? :fluttershysad:

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