• Published 12th Jul 2019
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Dear Princess Celestia - An Intricate Disguise

Every year, I write to the princess. I think she's amazing. I want to be just like her. I wonder if she'll ever reply.

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It's Like Writing to Santa if Santa was the Queen

Dear Princess Celestia,

Hi! I'm Anon. I'm seven and I love drawing and I think that you're a really cool princess! I drew a picture of you! I'm gonna send it with this letter, I hope you like it!

They taught us all about you at school today. Of course, everypony grows up knowing who you are. But when I learned more about you I thought you were amazing! I really want to meet you one day and maybe have an ice cream with you and see what a real castle looks like. I heard you love ice cream but maybe that's not really true.

I also heard you have a sister who helps you with the moon. I didn't know about her! I have a sister too, I love her lots and lots. Having sisters is cool!

My sister doesn't help me with the moon but she helps me learn things and be good and behave for mommy and daddy. And she cooks dinner for me! She says she knows how to be a grown-up already and do everything right but she's only eleven.

I think she's a better grown-up than mommy sometimes but I

Sorry for scribbling on my letter. I hope it still looks nice.

I have to go now, but I love you and think you're awesome and I hope you send me a letter! Our teacher said only the lucky fillies get a reply fast, but everyone does one day. I can't wait!

Lots of love,


Author's Note:

Ps. Here's the picture! I hope you like it.