Dear Princess Celestia

by An Intricate Disguise


Celestia studied the third page spread of a little-known Fillydelphian tabloid for the fiftieth time that day. It'd been first noticed by a maid whose sister was a subscriber to the paper, and whispers of the controversial and outright astounding artwork had travelled through the castle until only two hours later, Celestia sat with a copy in her lap.

The art could've meant a million different things, surely, but it had no accompaniment. No story to go along with it, no commentary, no artist biography, and the submitter was labelled as 'Anonymous'. To Celestia, it spoke of many things. Longing, pain, respect, a transitional period in a pony's life...

It labelled the fact that any pony could go through these things, even one such as Celestia, but beneath the surface, Celestia felt there was more to the choice than simply reinforcing the piece's statement. This almost felt like an ode, an accompaniment to an emotion, a thought that the artist held deeply within themselves, one that was as nebulous and fascinating as anything Celestia could imagine.

The artist either had a brilliant mind, a tortured past, or both, and Celestia was determined to find out which.

It wasn't long before she turned to one of her guards, who had all been pensively waiting around her for her to show any real reaction to the piece she'd been staring at all this time. Eventually, her lips curled into a smile. "Please contact the head of the newspaper company. Tell them that I should like to meet the artist soon."

A nod, and a guard headed away. Celestia kept her face straight, but inside, she was oddly nervous. Whoever this pony was, it almost felt as if they could see straight through her, what with how accurately they portrayed the emotions Celestia had been so familiar with before, down to each facet, every contour.

The idea of meeting this pony was intimidating. This was assuming they even wanted to meet, but she had to try. She'd feel she'd missed a wonderful opportunity if she didn't.

Later that night, Celestia penned a letter to Twilight Sparkle, speaking at length about her nerves regarding the matter, asking what she might do to quell them, and posing various questions about the concept of immortality and rulership to one of the only ponies that might be able to give her a fresh perspective.

Of course, she never sent it. But the act of writing it out was more than enough.